Sweet Thang: Here's How Sugar Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life

Sweet Thang: Here's How Sugar Could Be Ruining Your Sex Life

I once had a friend who told me that she would take a hot fudge sundae over sex any day…chile, I promise you that I absolutely cannot relate — and one of my favorite things in life is ice cream!

Anyway, her statement recently came back to my mind, and it got me thinking: I wonder how many people find themselves either preferring sugary stuff over sex or not having much of a drive for sex at all — and they don’t even get that it’s (eh hem) actually because sugar is causing all kinds of drama to their system to the point where their libido is directly suffering because of it.

If you think I’m doing the most by saying that, take a moment to check out 10 ways that science has proven that sugar can be a real cock blocker (pun very much so intended) when it comes to you having a truly fulfilling sex life.

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1. Too Much Sugar Drains Your Energy

If you’re someone who believes that coffee with a few sugar cubes (or sugar packs) is what gets you through the day, tell me something: how does it make you feel at night? Don’t be fooled: if there is one thing that caffeine and sugar have in common, it’s the fact that they can spike your blood sugar one minute and then totally tank it the next. Hmm, maybe that’s the real reason why you can’t muster up enough “fuel” for sex whenever you crawl into bed (if you drink more than 4-5 cups a day, that definitely could be the culprit. Real talk).

2. Too Much Sugar Stresses You Out

Sugar causes inflammation. When it comes to sex, that can be a problem because inflammation and stress are directly linked to one another, and stress is not your body’s friend on any level. In fact, sexually, cortisol (your body’s stress hormone) works to suppress your sex hormones and that can keep your libido from thriving. Goodness, wouldn’t you rather go without dessert sometimes and up your circumstances of using sex as a stress reliever or eat those donuts and have them stress you to the point of not wanting sex much at all?

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3. Too Much Sugar Can Make You Moody

Yes, there is such a thing as being a sugar addict (check out “Ever Wonder If You've Got A Low-Key Sugar Addiction?”). Some of the backstory on it is sugar has a way of stimulating your endorphins (your “feel good” hormones) when you first consume it; then, once the “high” wears off, you can end up feeling moody and irritable — until you eat some more sugar (see the cycle?). What’s really wild about all of this is that, at the same time, sugar has a way of suppressing your serotonin levels. Since it’s the chemical in your brain that helps you to sleep and since it also is essential when it comes to maintaining your sex drive…why would you want to do anything that intentionally messes with it? #uhuh

4. Too Much Sugar Lowers Testosterone Levels

Unless you just weren’t listening at all in any of your high school science classes, you probably already know that testosterone plays a huge role in the sex drive of a man (it actually helps us out too, for the record; in fact, women produce three times more of it before menopause than after). Meanwhile, sugar? It’s a testosterone hater. For instance, some studies show that consuming a lot of sugary drinks can cause testosterone levels to drop. Others even say that it can wreak havoc on PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and cause your hormone (including your sex hormone) levels to be all over the place.

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5. Too Much Sugar Feeds Yeast

Because I have a fungal sensitivity, something that I have to stay on top of is proactively avoiding yeast infections; like it or not, that means I have to watch my sugar consumption. What’s the connection? Well, since sugar can weaken my immunity and also since the “bad bacteria” that dwell along with the “good bacteria” that’s in my vagina like to feed off of sugar (which ultimately only makes a yeast infection worse), this means that too much candy can have my vagina itching and irritated — and who wants to feel that during sex (or pass a yeast infection on to their partner)?

6. Too Much Sugar Can Make You Dry

If you happen to be a diabetic, you probably already know that having high levels of sugar can also affect your natural lubrication. That’s because too much sugar, long-term, can end up damaging the blood vessels and nerves that are in your vagina — including the ones that help you to produce the lubrication that you need for sex to feel enjoyable. Not to mention that the damaged vessels and nerves can decrease stimulation, which can also dry you up. Pretty wild, right? Yeah, I know.

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7. Too Much Sugar Can Make It Harder to Orgasm

Here’s something that may surprise you. Did you know that a diabetic woman (who requires insulin) actually has an 80 percent more challenging time climaxing than women who don’t have diabetes? What it all boils down to is your neurovascular system plays a highly significant role in how aroused you get — and stay. And since high blood sugar levels can damage your nervous system…now you can see why you might want to even watch your “white foods” intake (since your body ultimately turns that into sugar, too).

8. Too Much Sugar Can Jack Your Breath Up

Listen, maybe y’all can do it, but I can’t. What is “it”? Kissing someone who has jacked-up breath (eww). And when someone eats a lot of sugar, it increases their chances of becoming that person. Why? The gist is that when you consume foods that have a lot of sugar (especially processed sugar) in them, that can cause bacteria to build up in your mouth which can ultimately lead to stank breath. And since there are studies to support that kissing ultimately makes sex better (because it causes you to feel closer to your partner) — why would you want to betray yourself of that?

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9. Too Much Sugar Can Affect How You Process Things Emotionally

One time, because I was curious, I did some research on how sugar affects the brain. There are a few ways, actually; however, what stood out to me, when it comes to sex specifically, is that it can lead to inflammation, and sugar can affect your memory and your attention span. That said, if there’s one thing that I try to promote, as often as possible, when it comes to sex, it’s being as mindful and present as possible during copulation (check out “Mental Foreplay Hacks That Ultimately Takes Intercourse To New Levels” and “How About Having A 'Mindful Orgasm' Tonight?”) — I mean, since the brain is the biggest sex organ that we have, after all.

10. Too Much Sugar Can Make It Hard for Him to Maintain an Erection

Last one. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had who are totally up in arms, and it’s because their man can’t maintain a strong erection. Why? Because his blood pressure is high. Why? Because he won’t put the sugar down. Yep. Something else that (too much) sugar has the ability to do is mess with a man’s blood circulation, and if his testosterone levels are already low — you could end up with a limp situation on your hands (pun intended and no pun intended).


Was this meant to terrify you when it comes to sex? Absolutely not. According to the American Heart Association, as long as men consume around nine teaspoons and we take in around six per day, it’s smooth sailing. The main thing to keep in mind is moderation is key — and when it comes to this country and its sugar intake, many struggle with that.

And their sex life is probably suffering because of it. Straight up.

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