Achieve Your Wildest Dreams With This New Moon Ritual Bath

Achieve Your Wildest Dreams With This New Moon Ritual Bath

The New Moon in Aries taking place on April 11 marks a rare opportunity to trailblaze an exciting new path for your life.


The New Moon in Aries taking place on April 11 marks a rare opportunity to trailblaze an exciting new path for your life. In Astrology, the New Moon is an excellent period for intention-setting and new beginnings. You are being called to release what's no longer serving you so that you can move on to better and greener pastures.

Since the beginning of time, many have used New Moon phases to set goals and to release what's no longer serving them so that they can move closer to their life's true purpose.

This month's New Moon takes place in Aries. Aries, the take-charge initiator of the zodiac, is amplifying the potent energy of this New Moon. Aries rules action, impulse, initiation, new beginnings, new goals, and adventure. What new adventures are you embarking on at this stage of your life?

Now more than ever is the time to set a clear path and goals for yourself. This will be the strongest opportunity that you have all year to achieve your goals - whether they are financial, romantic or otherwise. Issues that have been stewing beneath the surface may dramatically and impulsively come to a head now in order to be addressed. You may find that relationship, work or lifestyle issues become unbearable. Tune in to what your gut is telling you at this time, regarding certain dynamics in your life that you can no longer tolerate.

In the period surrounding this New Moon, you may find certain aspects of your life fading away with little effort on your part. Relationships may come to an end. You may move on from your job - voluntarily or involuntarily. You may decide and take actionable steps toward relocating to another city. You may initiate a new fitness regimen, make a new friend, or start a new freelance project. These are all occurrences that are very much in line with the energy this New Moon in Aries is bringing into our lives. Whatever passes from your life at this time no longer serves a valuable purpose for you or your future. Let them go and prepare yourself for a better and brighter new beginning.


Because this New Moon takes place in adventurous and fun-loving Aries, your ability to release negativity, achieve your dreams and to attract good fortune and positive experiences will be at its peak. Take advantage of this powerful energy with a spiritual Moon Bath.

According to ZennBoxx.com, ritual Moon Bathing is rooted in ancient Ayurvedic practice and involves tapping into the powerful energy of the moon to promote optimal physical and emotional health. Gaia.com explains, "Ritual bathing cleanses you from physical grime and negative spiritual grime, thus purifying both your body and your aura."

Taking a ritual bath during a New Moon phase is a powerful way to honor yourself, to get back in touch with your spirit, to set new goals and intentions, and to let go of what's no longer serving your higher purpose. The key to a successful moon ritual bath is through the proper use of healing crystals, herb botanicals, essential oils and salts that reflect the current themes of the moon.

With April 11's New Moon taking place in Aries, you will want to be intentional about releasing negative energy, cutting off dead relationships and embarking on a fresh, positive beginning. Including bath ingredients that carry these themes is critical in effectively tapping into the powerful energy of this month's Full Moon.

Here is a step-by-step guide for how to prepare a ritual bath that honors this month's New Moon in Aries.

Step 1: Select Appropriate Crystals

Bathe with crystals that boost positive energy and encourage initiative. Golden-hued solar-plexus crystals like citrine, tiger eye and carnelian are excellent fits here as are crystals that are highly protective and block negative energy like Black Tourmaline or Obsidian.

Step 2: Use A Variety Of Salts

Use a minimum of two salts - a blend of three sea salts is ideal. You can select from Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, or something more intensely detoxifying and exotic like Black Hawaiian Lava Salt.

Step 3: Use Essential Oils With Energy-Boosting Properties

Take a bath with citrus-y, mood-boosting essential oils like sweet orange, lemon or grapefruit.

Step 4: Add A Dash Of Herb Botanicals

Bathe with your choice of herb botanicals, like dried lemon or orange peels, invigorating peppermint or chamomile to induce feelings of peace and harmony. One cup should suffice!

Step 5: Set The Mood

  1. Make things steamy. Run the water as hot as you can take it. The heat from the water will activate the healing properties of your essential oils, salts and herb botanicals.
  2. Use natural light only. Light candles. Let the light and energy of the moon illuminate your spirit, unimpeded by fluorescent light bulbs.
  3. Stay hydrated. This bath is powerfully healing and will move a lot of energy in your body. Make sure you drink water or tea.
  4. Achieve peace of mind. Do not use your cell phone. Meditate during this time, read a spiritual book, or journal.
  5. Play soft, reflective music.

Step 6: Manifest

The final and perhaps most important step to your ritual bath is in setting an intention for the weeks to come. There are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • For courage: After everything you've been through, you're still here. Write a list of everything you have been able to accomplish and all of the challenges you've survived throughout your life.
  • For positive experiences: Write a list of new things you would like to experience in the weeks and months to come. Be as detailed as possible.
  • For setting boundaries: Write a list of deal-breakers you will no longer tolerate in relationships.
  • For happiness: Write a list of things you are grateful for today, no matter how small.
  • For motivation: Write a list of goals you would like to achieve before next April.

April 11's New Moon in Aries offers the best opportunity this year to embark on a brand new, positive beginning. Use the powerful energy of this moon phase to work toward achieving your wildest dreams.

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