7 Sex Positions That Are Too Hot To Handle

7 Sex Positions That Are Too Hot To Handle

We're looking for bonafide dick-downs all winter long.


While many of us were excited to get a second go-round of our "Hot Girl Summer", the pandemic and the heat were the only things ablaze. Nonetheless, we survived summer and alas, Cuffing Season 2020 is closing in on us. While some of us are making last-minute recruits, the rest may already have someone on standby to keep things nice and hot during the fall and winter months. And yeah, cuddling is one way to make things uncomfortable and (if we're being real) unnecessarily hot, that's not the type of heat we had in mind. And because great minds think alike, neither did you!

We're looking for bonafide dick-downs all winter long. We're trying to figure out the best moves to keep things piping hot in the bedroom. We're bringing hot girl heat all year long! After all, we must compensate for the inability to bring the heat this summer. With that in mind, I reached out to a few Black and Brown sexperts to give you the gift of 7 'too hot to handle' sex positions. These positions are basic, making them simple to spice up and down. Keep reading to find out how each expert took a classic position and brought the flavor.


"Although we normally think of sixy-nine as a way to introduce oral sex, the position also allows for other types of penetration, such as fingering (vaginally or anally). Maybe your partner and you decide to make this a wildcard alternating with some finger play! The nine or top, has a bit more flexibility in that they are able to penetrate their partner orally, digitally, or while using a toy. Meanwhile, the six (the bottom) is able to lie there and provide oral stimulation (also interchangeable with finger-play)--playfully and willfully submitting all power to the person on top.

"The top can also add to some breath play for the person lying down while adding pressure when sitting, smothering, and sliding back and forth."

*All acts of breath/choke play should be negotiated and consensually agreed by all partners.

- Amanda Cruz Gerena, MSW, M.Ed

2.Doggy Style

"There's something really sexy about this position! It likely has to do with how domineering this position is, while also providing intimacy through physical touch. But, it also has range allowing you to make it rough and fast or sensual, slow, and intimate. This position also allows for quick and easy transitions and the addition of toys, including butt plugs, clitoral clamps, and strap-ons."

- Kendra Cabrera, MSW, MEd

3.Girl on Top

"This is the perfect position for both penetration and clitoral stimulation. A big plus being that it reduces the stress placed on the legs, allowing you to focus your energy on pelvic thrusts which help with the contact pressure between the abdomen and clitoris. Being able to slide back and forth creates a wonderful clitoral friction. Not to mention, being on top can make space for other interaction between partners such as breast play, hair pulling, erotic asphyxiation. This position is great for either vaginal-penile, vaginal-dildo."

- Amanda Cruz Gerena, MS, M.Ed

4.Splitting Bamboo

"This position is a variation of missionary that allows for deeper penetration while still providing full body contact. With one leg lifted out of the way, the partner being penetrated has full access to their clitoris. Leaving room for the addition of a toy or manual stimulation. Also, the position works for those of all penis types to thrust deeper. The splitting bamboo can easily transition into other positions, such as elevated missionary and anal missionary."

- Janielle Bryan, MPH, CHES

5.Criss-Cross Missionary

"Another variety of missionary, this position is a crowd-pleaser and not simply because it [gives] much-needed breathing room. But also because of the change in sensations created as the top shifts their body weight on top of you from this angle. Furthermore, the sloped angle creates slight clitoral friction introducing yet another sensation.

"It also allows for some kinky fun, whether you grab a pair of cuffs or some rope--your partner can tie your ankles together while they're crossed (one lying on top of the other) or parallel to one another."

"This position also leaves your hands free to manually stimulate yourself, introduce a toy, or caress your partner. If you enjoyed some of the more kinky suggestions, you might also consider having your partner immobilize your arms with the help of a spreader bar."

- Kiarra, MSW, M.ED


This position is simple enough to execute but what makes it so nice is that it gives you easy access to the gooch (for men) and the g-spot. In order to execute, you want to sit on a flat surface with your legs slightly bent while your partner stands over your head slightly crouching. You'll anchor them by grabbing their waist with one hand and gently hugging them. Use your free arm in order to caress or stroke the penis or clitoris. This position is for the pleaser in you that enjoys sitting with a smug face while your partner gets off. Now you get to do so with an all-access pass.

7.Downward Dog-Camel Ride Hybrid

"A mixture of downward dog and the camel ride. The bottom person lies on their stomach with their legs slightly bent and straddled. While the top or penis-person straddles their partner's legs, making a scissoring motion. This position is sexy and great for those who have mobility issues as there is no pressure on the knees in the way that positions such as cowgirl do."

- Sabrina B., MSW, M.Ed

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