A Beginner’s Guide To Anal Sex


I'll be real here–I get pleasure from a little pain. As a result of that, I can be a bit of a masochist in how I approach things of the sexual nature. I enjoy lovemaking, but rough sex has always been a personal preference.

Anal, or butt sex, kind of nestles on a line in between those two things. Where pain meets pleasure, pleasure meets pain. Anal sex isn't ordinarily a go-to for many couples, mainly because the nature of it is not the seamless penatration and frenzied motions we see porn stars encapsulate so well on film. That kind of pacing is something that has to be worked toward.

Yet, anal sex is increasingly becoming more and more of a facet in our day to day sexual experiences, whether it is an option you want to engage in during that time of the month, in lieu of period sex, or if you're just looking for something a little different than vaginal penetration or oral sex.

The anus is a very erogenous zone of the body and is very sensitive to touch, and thus offers a very pleasurable experience when stimulated. For women, anal sex can promote the stimulation of the g-spot, the clitoral legs, and the cervix due to those nerves being in close proximity to some of our bodies' most pleasurable areas. Some women who might struggle with obtaining an orgasm might find that anal provides a whole new set of sensations that lead to that illustrious vaginal orgasm (in tandem with other forms of stimulation, of course).

However, as previously mentioned, despite what you see play out on your favorite PornHub vid, entering an ass is not the same as entering a vagina.

While the vagina stretches to accommodate the penis naturally, the anus needs a lot more help to become pliable. I refer to the anus as a “ring of fire" because initially when your partner penetrates you, the hardest part is to get the head of his penis past that ring, and a lot of women get thrown off by that feeling of strong discomfort and pressure that they experience and stop altogether.

During my first couple of attempts at anal, I underestimated just how much help my ass needed to accommodate a penis, and even an average sized penis felt gargantuan knocking at that door, so I gave up on anal very easily. I didn't take into account the level of preparation you need before anal to make the ride as smooth as possible. And I mean that literally.

What To Do Before Anal Sex

Having a proper diet and good hygiene practices helps with overall cleanliness down there. I've heard some people go to the extremes of douching as a means to act as an enema, but I can honestly say that if you're eating a good diet, your body does its work enough throughout the day to keep the bowels clean. If you are planning to have anal sex, say “no" to eating at least a few hours prior to intercourse to avoid any unnecessary messiness. Strengthen your muscle control through Kegel exercises to further increase pleasure down there.

Also, consider investing in butt plugs. Some adult novelty stores sell them in a three per pack variety with the small, medium, and large options to train your anus. I had great success using them and gradually increasing in size throughout the week leading up to my first true anal sex experience. The small was about the size of the finger and of course, the large is at least the width of a penis, which made anal easier. Practice makes perfect. It's something you can invite your partner to do with you as well. I use them sometimes during vaginal sex, which makes for a new, more intense experience for the both of us as well.

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Foreplay is not a luxury; it's a necessity, and even more so one when partaking in anal. It's important that your partner makes you feel like you're in heaven on earth. He should be catering to your every whim and desire as he crosses deserts to bury his head in the water that is that valley in between your thighs. Also a sensual butt massage does wonders in opening up your body to the pleasure it is about to receive.

"Foreplay is not a luxury; it's a necessity."

During Anal Sex

Lubrication is undoubtedly THE most important part of anal sex. Again, the anus is not the vagina, so it needs a little help. In terms of lubrication, it needs a lot of help. My golden rule with lubrication and anal sex is that there is never too much. Spread it very generously on the penis, even if a condom is being used. Spread it very generously on your ass and anus, spread it very generously on your plug, and have a few practice strokes. There's no such thing as too much lube because the anus does not produce secretions like the vagina does when aroused, and those secretions are important to protect your body while producing the friction that sex creates.

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Relaxation is also incredibly important. Breathe and focus on the relaxation of the anal area opening for your partner. He must enter you as slowly as possible. Remember that ring of fire I mentioned above? My favorite way to be entered anally is in the spooning position, with his arm around me and his lips at the back of my neck. Focusing on his breathing and how delirious those kisses feel at the base of my neck (that's my spot!) help me to relax enough to let him into my body. Some women find distractions in the form of other stimulants work best for them. For example, using a vibrator or having his/her hands find your clit and play with it.

Communication is the last big thing that comes into play with anal sex. My partner knows to always start slow and to allow my ass to adjust to the size of him. He instinctively asks me, “You okay?" I moan my answer. “Can I go a little deeper?" "Can I go a little faster?" Those questions enter the room after how into it I am becomes more obvious. My hips are meeting his thrusts, my moans are echoing off our walls. In other words, hell yes, daddy. We both are on the same page when it comes to what feels good to us and that allows the experience to be all the more pleasurable.

Comfort, arousal, and pleasure should be three of your biggest priorities when engaging in anal sex. It takes time and patience to have anal. Anal sex can be quite an intense and satisfying experience for both parties involved, and is definitely something I think everyone should try at least once.

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