Here Are The Least Compatible Zodiac Signs, According To Astrology
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Here Are The Least Compatible Zodiac Signs, According To Astrology

When it comes to finding the right partner, this runs deep.


Astrology can give you insight into who you connect with on different levels, and where your heart is meant to be. The basics of astrology compatibility are that air signs go well with fire signs, and earth signs go well with water signs. The elements in the zodiac are nature's way of guiding people toward what feels good for them and what doesn’t, and when looking at what would make two signs incompatible, this is a big one. You also can examine compatibility by looking at the different modalities such as fixed signs, mutable signs, and cardinal signs.

Through looking at your birth chart, you can examine not only when some important times of love will happen for you, but also with whom you will experience the most positive energy in love. Overall, when it comes to the compatibility of zodiac signs, it runs deep. There are so many determining factors of how two signs will get along, and it’s much more in-depth than Sun sign compatibility, as you also want to look at your Moon, Venus, Mars, house placements, and aspects.

However, if your Sun signs do match and go well together, you at the basis will have strong compatibility with each other. When it comes to the least compatible zodiac signs, elements and modalities come into play and the history of experiences does as well.

Read below to see the least compatible zodiac signs in astrology:


Pisces and Aries together can be a downer. Aries is the very first sign on the zodiac wheel, and Pisces is the very last. They are rarely in the same place at the same time to make the relationship work and there is an underlying energy of distance between each other. With Pisces being a mutable sign, they can really be in a relationship with anyone, however, with Aries, there is a little more hesitation and agitation here.

This relationship can lead to Aries taking too much and Pisces giving too much, and not much balance or harmony in the relationship. With these two signs being passionate and emotionally charged, this relationship is often filled with drama.


A relationship between two passionate and emotionally charged signs can be drama-filled.

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Sagittarius and Taurus incompatibility is more obvious than most matches on this list. Sagittarius wants to be on a plane, and Taurus wants to be at home. Taurus wants tangible results, and Sagittarius finds happiness in exploring the mind and different ideals. This pairing isn’t the most compatible because they both want very different things in life, not to mention they are always at a different pace.

What can work between these two is that they both enjoy leisure time and enjoying life, so this can be a good couple to have fun together and not take things too seriously. As far as love goes, however, this match is not recommended unless other factors in the birth chart are compatible.


Scorpio and Gemini together create chaos. Although they have a lot of fun together, this pairing is better off seen in a working environment, rather than a romantic one. The thing about Scorpio and Gemini is that they don’t get each other. It’s hard to understand where the other person is coming from, which often leads to miscommunication and hurt feelings between them.

Scorpio and Gemini individually are already some of the most talked about zodiac signs to be in a relationship with, and they don’t always have a good rep. Putting these two together can be fun, but overall the energy is very chaotic and challenging as a couple.


Aquarius and Cancer rarely get involved romantically together, as this pairing does better in a friendship than a relationship. Cancer can seem like too much for aloof Aquarius and Aquarius can be too in their head for Cancer’s heart-centered, emotional energy. Cancer tends to be intrigued by Aquarius, however, the relationship is usually one-sided. Cancer will often feel like they are giving their all but that it is never enough for Aquarius who may acknowledge Cancer’s efforts, but at the end of the day it’s not what Aquarius needs to feel fulfilled romantically.

One thing about an Aquarius and Cancer duo, however, is their loyalty. This is why this relationship can work as a lasting friendship, romantically, however, water and air signs are the least compatible.


Romantically, water and air signs are the least compatible.

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Capricorn and Leo have too many power struggles and ego conflicts in order to make the relationship peaceful and positive. Disagreements often arise within this partnership, and they have to work especially hard for the relationship to progress and grow. The thing about this couple is that Leo wants to be adored and cherished, and Capricorn isn’t about the theatrics.

Capricorn likes to take things slow and gradually evolve as a couple, whereas if Leo isn’t getting everything they need right away, they will feel let down and unloved. In order for this partnership to work, there needs to be compromise and honesty about what is expected within the relationship.


Now, this pairing is on the list of least compatible because they are constantly questioning where each other stands and are rarely on the same page. This isn’t a complete disaster for a relationship, but it’s definitely not the top recommended either. The thing about Libra is that they don’t really get Virgo and Virgo’s meticulous thought process. Virgo feels the same way about Libra and thinks they spend too much time on things that aren’t as important to Virgo.

Communication can be good here as they are both more mentally active signs, however, Libra tends to be someone that Virgo never seems to fully grasp. They are both nurturing individuals but in a relationship will tend to feel like they aren’t getting what they need.

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