7 Types Of Men To Avoid At All Costs

And how to spot them.


Chances are you have a favorite food, a favorite color, or a favorite restaurant. By design, our brains are programmed to gravitate towards things we like. If this is true, is it too far-fetched to believe that you have a favorite type of man, too? If you're like me, you've probably dated your fair share of a particular type of guy.

Perhaps you're attracted to a clean-cut, fresh face or maybe you like a man with a bit of an edge. There's a popular saying that, "the heart wants what the heart wants," but what if our dating preference is causing us to stay in unhealthy dating patterns?

To offer an assist, below are 7 types of men you should avoid at all costs and how to spot them before they spot you.

1. The Center of Attention



Also known as the narcissist, you won't have a problem spotting him, at all. Chances are, you'll actually hear this guy before you see him. Or maybe he's someone you've heard of from around the way. As their moniker indicates, these men love attention so they'll likely work in an industry where it's necessary to keep up appearances. Oftentimes, they aspire to be a local celebrity in your area, a club promoter or entertainer of some sort, maybe even an athlete.

Since it's normally them that's getting attention, you'll feel special when he directs his attention towards you. But don't be fooled, girlfriend. This guy thrives on attention and it'll only be a matter of time before he grows tired of sharing the spotlight with you and seeks out someone else to replenish his narcissistic supply.

2. The Ghost



At first glance, this guy will sweep you off your feet with romantic gestures and sweet messages. In the beginning, the Ghost may pour on the PDA (public displays of affection) in hopes that you'll reciprocate...um, privately, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, for most guys that ghost women, that's their mode of operation and the ultimate goal is sex. This is why they're absolute charmers in the beginning. In fact, their ultimate goal is to charm the panties right off of you.

They prefer to pour it on thick, and they can afford to do this because they don't have intentions of sticking around for too long. Ghosts tend to be repeat offenders. As I learned from personal experience, if they ghost you once, they'll ghost you again.

3. The Mama's Boy



The Mama's Boy is kind of tricky because he may come off as super in touch with his sensitive side which can be super attractive. You may find it refreshing that he has a soft side, while also being secure enough in his manhood. He may tell you how he has huge respect for women because he was raised by a single mother, grandmother, or that he is super close with his sisters. But these could be tale-tell signs that this dude is codependent on a maternal parent, ipso facto, his mama. While it may not be obvious to the untrained eye, there are certain precautions that you should heed.

For example, if your guy expects you to do certain things like cooking his dinner, doing his laundry, and running his bath, he may be viewing you in a motherly manner instead of a wife. Now, it's one thing to feel like you're catering to your man--which I have no problem doing--but it's quite another to feel like you're raising a child. Steer clear of this dude, otherwise, you'll end up being his mother. Or his maid.

4. The Liar


The truth is we all lie at some point, but not all lies are created equally. If this man's words seem too good to be true, take heed to the old adage because he probably is. A liar will often make plans and promises that he can't keep. According to an article in Psychology Today, people lie for one or two reasons: to avoid something or to gain something. At the core, lying is a way to manipulate people without using physical force.

Steer clear of The Liar by recognizing 10 common phrases that liars use most often. The number one sign that he's lying to you is that he'll be inconsistent in everything he says or does. Why? Because he can't keep up with all the lies he's told so he's constantly inventing new stories to cover his tracks.

5. The Baller



Cardi said, "Broke boys don't deserve no kitty," so then she must mean we should be dating a baller, right? Wrong. Now I'm not telling you not to date a man who's financially well off. What I will tell you is that dating a man with money comes with implications. For example, a man that has a bag may expect that you are easily impressed and that could lead to him trying to buy your attention. Another behavior that could be a problem is the idea that some guys believe in "paying the cost, to be the boss." In other words, he feels entitled to certain behaviors, such as cheating, so long as he providing for you.

Ballers are usually easy to spot because they're always showing their money. He may be overly loud, both verbally and figuratively speaking. You may recognize these guys by the loud music they play, heavy cologne, or excessive jewelry as these are all indicators of his flamboyant lifestyle.

6. The Smooth Talker



This guy is like a master angler, tossing his net to scoop up as many fish as he possibly can. How does he do it? With his charm and good looks. Don't be confused that this guy is labeled as a smooth talker. While his secret weapon lies in his words, it may not be words you're thinking of. Come-on phrases to compliment you by commenting on your looks and beauty are standard, but the smooth talker excels in his ability to make you laugh. Yes, that's right.

A 2015 study found the more times a man could make a woman laugh, the more likely she was to want to date him. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then it may be safe to say the way to a woman's heart is through laughter. Beware of the guy whose words and demeanor seem too good to be true.

7. The Control Freak



It's a man that can take the lead, for me. Yes, girlfriend, a man who knows how to take charge can be a major turn-on. But, a man who wants to control everything from where you have dinner to what you'll wear to dinner is a different story. You may be fascinated by his manly presence, initially, but be careful if confidence turns into obsessive,controlling behavior. If what once attracted you to him now makes you feel uneasy, it may be time to part ways. Has his temper gotten shorter? Does he use his "intelligence" or "concern" to manipulate you? This can be dangerous territory if he makes you think his actions are because he has your best interest at heart when really he's using it to control you. He may be "really good with money" and so he starts to manage yours. Or he convinces you he's putting you up on game about "dudes in the streets" so you don't get played.

You should steer clear of anyone who demands you no longer associate with your friends or wants to isolate you from your family. If you recognize this is happening in your relationship, seek professional help, or better yet, leave. This, seemingly innocent behavior can be problematic and lead to mental and/or physical abuse.

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