The 4 Types Of F*ckboys & How To Avoid Dating Them

The 4 Types Of F*ckboys & How To Avoid Dating Them


Despite the series of wins and losses in our lives, the one thing that seems to survive each year is the existence of guys who - to state it plainly - ain't shit. F**kboys, scrubs, lames, ain't shit n-words – the names change, but the player is still the same. But, this doesn't mean that you are stuck choosing them as partners.

Like most behaviors in society, there are patterns in all things. And when it comes to scrubs, there are classic archetypes of "grown little boys" (or girls) who are overtaken by the epidemic that is being a f-boy/f-girl.

From The Ghoster to The Fake Soulmate, this read is a guide to the type of scrubs that exist, red flags, and ultimately what it will take for you to find your divine match.

The Ghoster

The Ghoster is someone who enters your life at lightning speed! You feel a very powerful sexual chemistry with this person, and likely find yourself in an instantaneous lust-filled adventure with this individual. Everything about this person from their smell, to the way they make you feel tingly inside seems perfectly aligned. The sex is bomb, and you genuinely enjoy the time spent with this person. Depending on how long you are in this non-commitment limbo, you are bound to catch feelings, and when you do - BAM! They GHOST you.

This disappearing act can happen in increments, but usually there is always the one final Houdini disappearing act where they no longer pick up the phone or text you back.

The Ghoster Red Flags

  • They travel for a living, perhaps they are a musician or business consultant. If they travel for a living, chances are, they tend to ghost. If they have a level of celebrity, or work as a bartender or in nightlife where they are constantly bombarded with sexual advances, be wary of them as well.
  • They tell you very obscure and limited things about their personal lives, past relationships, and their families. They already have an understanding that they are in flight mode, so they are not going to disclose more information than they think you need to know.
  • They are unbelievably sweet, charming, and charismatic. Nobody will stare in your eyes quite the same way than people who ghost. They are the best magicians... They can truly make you see them for something they are not.
  • They make empty promises, and skimpy excuses, but they are good at giving those puppy dog eyes that just make you melt. They will stray away from any meaningful or deep conversations revolving around commitment and relationships. They will never fully answer any deep questions you ask.

The Undercover Booty Call

In a similar way as The Ghoster, The Undercover Booty Call is someone you have an intense sexual connection with. This individual is also very charming and charismatic, but there is also an added characteristic of being a bit arrogant, overconfident, and/or moody. This person loves to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and maybe sometimes refer to you as their lady or bae in a jokingly or over-emphasized manner.

In other words, they give you a fake title to hide the fact that they truly only see you as a sexual partner, in itself, this is the largest reason that they are this kind of f-boy.

The Undercover Booty Call Red Flags

  • They don't spend money on you. Don't expect any big ticket items, or too many fancy dinners. A person who truly only sees you as a sexual partner, doesn't see any reason to spend much money on you. Often, this person will want to go dutch.
  • They run on their own time. Don't expect him to rearrange his schedule for you.
  • They are the biggest flakes! Never depend on this person being there for more than just the nasty. They are selfish and sometimes huge narcissists.
  • They are habitual liars. They will say whatever they have to take away their own accountability, and will be the first to insult you when you call them on their BS.

The Master Commitment Phobe

The Master Commitment Phobe is someone that you actually end up falling in love with, and it still confuses you long after you have broken up. This tends to be a karmic, unrequited love. They are the most manipulative out of all the f-boys because they use your genuine love for them against you. In time, this situationship feels like a real relationship. You might be finding yourself picking out his shirts, or popping their pimples, as if you were his actual girlfriend, because it feels like you are.

The gag is, he has most likely never said the words, "I love you." He might speak around it, by saying things like "I care about you a lot," "You mean so much me," "You are an amazing person" – it's all deflection. A really good one will say things like, "I'm not good at relationships," "My parents have been separated or divorced for years, I never had an example of what a loving marriage looks like," or my personal favorite, "This is how all my relationships have started."

They only show you their true selves when they need you to hold space for them, and you confuse that with them "needing" you. What they are really doing is taking from you, not exchanging anything. Like The Ghoster, they will stray away from any deep and meaningful conversations about love and commitment, and you may feel that they are very childlike in their interaction with feelings.

The Master Commitment Phobe Red Flags

  • They seem to either hide, or be ashamed about the relationship. They don't reveal that they are in a relationship with you, and their social media status likely remains at single. They will not claim you in public, but best believe, if another person tries to encroach on what they feel is their territory, they will have something to say about it.
  • They are not big on PDA, but will sex you like a rockstar behind closed doors. He is likely one of the best sexual partners you have ever had. When you two are alone, you both are on cloud nine. This is likely the only time he is emotionally available.
  • You find yourself going back to this person time and time again, even though you often feel really shity after not getting what you really want from this person. This back and forth could be over the span of years. His emotions are somewhat invested, but not at the level that yours are, so it is harder for you to cut your losses. Most of your friends know this person is not worth a damn dime, but you seem to have rose quartz-colored glasses on all the time.
  • You don't finally get the hint, until you begin to love yourself fully. The ultimate separation from this individual usually happens after they embarrass you in front of other people by disrespecting your position in their life, or choosing friends over you. They normally show you in the harshest way, that they don't really care for and treasure you.

The Fake Soulmate

Similarly to the Master Commitment Phobe, The Fake Soulmate is someone that you not only connect with on a sexual level, but also on an energetic and romantic level as well. You tend to meet this person by what seems like fate or chance. There is a big possibility that you met this person over social media, or intermediary platform. They seem like the opposite version of yourself, in a different body.

Unlike the Master Commitment Phobe, you both are seemingly on the same page from jump. It might even feel like you have found "The One" until it all hits you at once, and you realize that though he isn't the most heinous of the archetypes, he is a f-boy nonetheless.

The Fake Soulmate Red Flags

  • In the beginning, your flame with this person will run hot! You might talk on the phone like you have teenage fever for hours, or they might go out of their way to come and see you as much as possible.
  • There is an uncanny recognition of the self in this individual. You may finish each other's sentences, or use the same catch phrases all the time. There is a level of comfortability with this person that usually only happens after years of time spent together. How compatible you seem together is unreal.
  • This person will not hesitate to help you out in any way that you need help, whether that is financially, or emotionally. They will be there.
  • You can talk to this person about any topic, and debate about anything, until you're blue in the face. Everything seems perfect until you realize that this person never speaks about their own problems, and never fully lets you into their mind and heart. The fear of actually being happy with someone scares the crap out of them, and as soon as you begin to speak about commitment, they fold like a hand of cards.
  • Unlike the Master Commitment Phobe, as soon as the plate he's eating his cake off of gets too hot, he'll drop you like a dead phone call...but not until after you give the ultimatum.

It takes two to tango, and until you can understand on a very energetic, and spiritual level, why you consistently choose the wrong archetypes in love, you will continue to perpetuate this endless cycle. What is the key to ending this nightmare and finding your divine match?

First, you need to catch the red flags as soon as possible and stop the situation at hand before it's too late. People only treat you how you allow them to, so part of the remedy to choosing the wrong men, is to prevent them from accessing too much of you to begin with.

The second key, is to know your worth. When you know the value of any tangible or material thing that you own, don't you consciously treat it as if it were superior to anything else that is worth less? The same goes for your heart. Your love and affection are priceless, treat them as such.

And lastly, you must love yourself fully. If you understand that you are complete within yourself, you will realize that no other person can actually complete you. There is nothing that is missing from you. The person you choose is your complement and if you know your worth, you know that no scrub is close to your weight in gold.

By actively practicing these principles, your highest partner will be drawn to you like a magnet in no time. Be patient.

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Now that I’ve reached my late twenties, many things about how Black women approach dating and relationships have changed and many things have remained the same. For many Black women, the idea of chronic singleness is not the threat that it used to be. Wanting romance doesn’t exist in a way that threatens to undermine the other relationships we have with our friends, family, and ourselves as it once did, or at least once was presented to us. There is a version of life many of us are embracing where a man not wanting us, is not the end of what could still be fruitful and vibrant life.

There are still Black women out there however who have yet to unlearn the toxic ideals that have been projected onto us about our worthiness in relation to our intimate lives. I see it all the time online. The absolute humiliation and disrespect some Black women are willing to stomach in the name of being partnered. The hoops that some Black women are willing to jump through just to receive whatever lies beneath the bare minimum.

It's worth remembering that there are different forces at play that gather to make Black women feast off the scraps we are given. A world saturated by colorism, fatphobia, anti-Blackness, ableism, and classism will always punish Black women who demand more for themselves. Dismantling these systems also means divesting from any and everything that makes us question our worth.

Because truth be told, Black women are more than worthy of having a love that is built on mutual respect and admiration. A love that is honey sweet and radiates a light that rivals the sun. A love that is a steadying calming force that doesn’t bring confusion or anxiety. Black women deserve a love that is worthy of the prize that we are.

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