Watch This Taurus & Capricorn Love Match Put Their Relationship To The Compatibility Test
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Watch This Taurus & Capricorn Love Match Put Their Relationship To The Compatibility Test

The latest episode of The Real vs. The Reading features Atlanta couple Joi and Timothy Thomas. Joi is a Taurus and Timothy is a Capricorn, which means they have a harmonious connection due to both of them being earth signs. They met at an Adidas store where Joi was working at the time and according to Timothy, it was love at first sight. After six months of dating, they moved in together and now have been married for three years.

“She’s different from me. She’s the complete opposite of me and that’s what attracted me to her more than anything,” Timothy said. “She’s the life of the party. She’s the life of the room and clearly, I’m the complete opposite but I think that’s why we mesh so well together.”

For The Real vs. The Reading, Dani Simone, who is from xoNecole’s Tarot Reading Lives, collected the birthdays, birth times, birthplaces, and relationship duration of the seven couples to curate her readings. Her readings covered romance, challenges, and intimacy. Each couple featured is in a variety of relationship stages: married, engaged, or dating.

Dani sees both Joi and Timothy as ambitious, about their money, very successful, and prominent. They fit the characteristics of what many would deem a power couple. According to their moon placements, Joi’s moon is in Scorpio, and Timothy’s is in Pisces, “This is a couple that can really feel at home together.”

When it came to their challenges, they disagreed on how they spend money. Timothy also noted that Joi likes to challenge him. “For the first time, I have someone that challenges everything. Every single thing,” he said. But he admitted that “in the long run it pays off well.”

Taurus Wife and Capricorn Man Are A "Power Couple" | The Real vs. The Reading

Dani’s readings saw some struggles the couple experienced due to Joi’s sun sign in Taurus and Timothy’s Venus in Aquarius. With the Aquarius energy, Timothy may come off judgmental and bossy.

In the end, the couple felt the readings were accurate except for the challenges section where they believed the readings applied to the opposite person.

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Both segments were filmed separately for authenticity.

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