New In Beauty: Too Faced x Jackie Aina Has Your Shade Covered
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New In Beauty: Too Faced x Jackie Aina Has Your Shade Covered

For months, women have been wanting details on the launch date of Too Faced x Jackie Aina's Born This Way shades.

The YouTuber and beauty expert teamed up with the brand to have its foundation range to darker shades to cater to Black women. Get excited ladies because the official launch date is June 26!

Within a year of partnership, vision planning, and hard work, Too Faced's co-founder and and chief creative officer Jerrod Blandino and Jackie have created a whopping 35 new shades. Jackie has grown a social empire since 2009, sitting pretty at 2 million subscribers and is using her platform for the dream she envisioned since the beginning of becoming a beauty influencer.

After turning 30, Aunt Jackie posted on Instagram:

"I can't think of a better day to announce the biggest project of my career to date. I've been keeping a little secret for the past few months but it's FINALLY time to announce that this year I will be working with one of my favorite brands @toofaced to help expand their Born This Way foundation line and create darker AND deeper shades for all of you. I'm so glad that all of the awareness we've created about INCLUSIVENESS is finally being heard and I get to curate these new shades from the FORMULA all the way to the shade names that will be available to all of you in the near future!!!"

The future is now, and proving that there's more than merely chocolate to describe our skin tone, the clever shades of her foundation line includes Brulee, Butter Pecan, Tiramisu and Ganache.

Not only are the Born This Way shades joining the movement for more inclusivity in the beauty industry, but they've also got your shade and pockets covered too! Before the new and improved launch, it cost $39 and it's believed to stay that affordable. Its pricing keeps up with its brand allies Colourpop at $12 and Fenty Beauty at $34.

Along with the launch of its foundation, Born This Way's concealers are also getting a makeover with 20 shades.

It's exciting to see how far the Aina and Blandino collaboration will go for total beauty domination!




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