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I Got A Scalp Consultation And Here's What I Learned

Scalp treatments are the latest hair care trend on the market. Brands have been pushing scalp products as an added step to achieve healthy hair. For women with natural hair, it can seem like another step to our already vigorous hair care routine. But this isn’t just any hair step. It’s one backed by science. Research shows that scalp conditions impact our hair growth through oxidative stress. The skin condition is a disturbance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body.

Oxidative stress was understood to start on our face, causing aging, but it actually begins on our scalp, causing permanent hair loss. This is just one of the many examples of how an uncared-for scalp can rapidly cause more significant issues. Our scalp, just like our skin, needs a healthy routine to keep the skin at its best.

I’m on top of my skincare routine like my life depends on it. I’m constantly investing in skincare products, putting on face masks, and regularly visiting my esthetician to ensure this face is one point. When I was approached to attend a scalp consultation, I didn’t understand the need.

I wash my hair thoroughly once a week and definitely give my scalp the good scrub it deserves. However, my hair has been extremely dry due to the dry winter months. This has caused my hair to have severe breakage. Part of me wondered if it was because my scalp was dry, and after reading the studies just discussed, I figured following through with an appointment couldn’t hurt.

​What Is A Scalp Consultation?

A scalp consultation uses a microscopic camera to look deeper into your crown. The consultation will focus on five areas: hair loss, sensitivity, density, dead skin cells, and thickness. Each section will then receive an overall score. The scores may vary depending on the care of the scalp area. Measuring these points will help you get greater insight into your scalp and hair needs. From there, your consultant will recommend products and a routine that will be kinder for your scalp. Getting a consultation is essentially getting to the root of your hair needs.


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​My Experience

I went to the Act+Acre studio and trichologist-developed scalp brand to consult with founder Helen Reavey. She kindly welcomed me into her studio as if I were entering her home. Her warm embrace was comforting since I felt vulnerable about my scalp's possible imperfections. Reavey began by asking me if I had any scalp concerns and what my hair care routine was. I had expressed to her that my hair had been experiencing a bit of dryness.

Before I could go further, she gracefully reminded me that it’s quite normal to experience dryness at this time of year. Reavey mentions, “You may want to consider changing your hair and scalp routine for the season. It could help immensely.” I hadn’t considered the idea until then, but it made sense. If you change up your skincare routine for the season, why not the way you care for your scalp and hair?

Reavey wasted no time getting to the root of the consultation. She grabbed her scalp camera and began examining my scalp, which I could see through a monitor. I began questioning if I should have cleansed more or at least put a little dry shampoo, but then what would be the point of the consultation? I watched nervously.

To my surprise, Reavey described my scalp as being in fairly good condition despite having some dryness in a few areas. I was shocked! I responded, “I’ve been using scalp scrubs; maybe that’s been helping?” Reavey then explained to me that scalp scrubs can dry out the scalp and damage the skin. “If you wouldn’t put it on your face, you shouldn’t put it on your scalp,” Reavey said. I nearly had a flash of every scalp scrub article I had written, but before I could think further, it was time for my recommendations.

​Recommended Plan of Action

Reavey showed me my scores, which were nearly perfect despite all of my anxiety. She recommended that I wash my hair bi-weekly and, in between, do a co-wash. I had meant to implement co-washing into my routines, and this was just a perfect excuse to start.

Then she packed me a goodie bag of the following products: scalp detox (because scrubs are now canceled), hair oil, curl spray, and soft curl, all found on the brand's website. I was immensely grateful as she explained how to implement each product into my routine.

She also gave me a showerhead filter as if the other goodies weren’t amazing enough. "Filtered water can help keep the hair moisturized and promote hair growth,” Reavey said. Living in New York, I’m lucky the water isn’t as harsh here. However, spending my college years in Florida, I know other states aren’t as lucky. Florida’s water had a huge impact on the health of my skin and hair, leading to intense dryness. Despite now living in New York, I was grateful to receive a shower filter. The product I received will be available for others to purchase in the first week of February.

​Would I Recommend It?

I would absolutely recommend getting a scalp consultation regardless of whether you are having scalp issues or not. The scalp is an essential area in our body that gets neglected often but can cause significant issues if not cared for. Your scalp deserves the same tender, love, and care you would give to your skin.

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