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Meagan Good Opens Up About How Others Can Navigate Life After A Breakup: 'Life Is Seasons'

Meagan Good is offering advice for those dealing with a breakup, a subject close to her heart.

The actress publicly split from her ex-husband, producer, and motivational speaker, DeVon Franklin, after nearly a decade together. The former couple, who met on the set of Jumping the Broom, decided to part ways in December 2021 when Franklin filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. Good and Franklin's divorce was officially finalized the following year.

Since then, the pair have moved on. Good is dating actor Johnathan Majors. At the same time, Franklin was spotted on a date with a mystery woman earlier this year. Drawing from experience and her new role in Tyler Perry’s Divorce In The Black, the 42-year-old shares insights on navigating life after a breakup.

Meagan On Life After A Breakup

In Tyler Perry's Divorce In The Black, Good portrays the role of Ava, a woman dealing with the aftermath of her failed marriage after her husband (Cory Hardrict) leaves her, only to resurface when she has moved on.

While promoting her latest project at the American Black Film Festival, Good was asked to provide the perfect tip for those going through transitional periods in their lives. The star disclosed that breakups, though painful, serve as lessons, allowing individuals to help others by sharing their experiences and how they overcame those dark moments.

“I think the biggest thing is trusting God that if he’s allowed that, that something greater is coming and something incredible is on the way,” she said. “It’s part of your journey. It’s a part of your testimony and when your testimony has so many layers to it, it makes you more powerful. It makes you more capable, and it puts you more in a position to speak life over others.”

Further into the conversation, Good highlighted that altering one's perception when dealing with a breakup will make the journey much smoother.

“I think for yourself personally just know that life is seasons, and some seasons you think that your life is over, and honestly, it’s just beginning in a way. Where it's beginning a new act. All these things are beautiful. The biggest thing is your perception and your attitude about it,” she said.

Meagan On The Importance Of Being Thankful For The Failed Relationship

Lastly, Good mentioned that instead of mourning the loss of their relationship, whether through a breakup or death, individuals should be grateful for the opportunity to experience life with that particular person.

“God forbid you lose someone, you can say this is unfair, and this is not right, and everything under the sun. You also have the choice to say, thank God I got to have them for the season that I got to have [them],” she said. “Thank God that if this is the time that they were in this world, I got to know them. I got to experience them. I got to glean for them. I got to give to them. I got to love them, and I got to be loved by them. Everything is about attitude and perception because there’s so much that we can’t control. So we have to make our mission to live the best life to the best quality and trust God’s plan, and trust that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be. Trust that everything is really about how we perceive it because God wants the best for us.”

Tyler Perry’s Divorce In The New Black is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime on July 11.

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