What Meagan Good's Dating History Says About Her Fearlessness In Love
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What Meagan Good's Dating History Says About Her Fearlessness In Love

In the plot twist of 2023 so far, Meagan Good has sparked dating rumors thanks to being steadily papped while on the arm of new flame actor Jonathan Majors. And one thing that we got from this week's court appearance where she walked hand in hand with her man, the Harlem star is going to stick beside him.

After a meteoric rise from starring roles in two major (no pun intended) Hollywood blockbusters this year, the actor's image in the court of public opinion took a nosedive following assault and harassment charges filed against him by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The charges stemmed from an alleged incident with his ex-girlfriend in March.

Through his legal counsel, the Marvel star, who is still slated to appear in upcoming MCU properties, has maintained his innocence with his lawyer calling the allegations "false." His lawyer Priya Chaudhry also shared with Insider that the arrest and subsequent charges are a textbook case of racism.

A court date has since been set for August.

On the heels of a very public divorce, seeing Meagan explore love in a new relationship with Jonathan has been the center of many conversations on Twitter and the like, with opinions ranging from her big "wife" energy displayed in court this week to beliefs that the relationship smells like a PR move.

But piggybacking off what Prentice Penny said in 2021 that we think is a very on-point quote for when you find yourself judging other people's choices: "Love is a choice, and it only needs to make sense to you."

Who Is Meagan Good Dating?

One thing about Meagan is she is going to love fiercely and fearlessly. She also lives her life for herself and can easily shake off others' opinions if it isn't in alignment with what she wants for herself. None of us know the ins and outs of this new relationship. And like her ex-husband DeVon Franklin shared in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club when asked if her being with Jonathan upset him, "She's happy. That's a blessing."

Seeing Meagan happy and possibly in love again made us want to take a trip down relationship memory lane of who the actress has dated in the past.

Meagan Good's Dating History

Keep reading for Meagan Good's dating history.

Meagan Good and 50 Cent (2002-2003)

Who could forget the iconic 50 Cent visual for "21 Questions" made all the more sweeter by Meagan Good's presence in it? The Cousin Skeeter alum was long since known for her looks and career moves, like starring in 50 Cent's music video further cemented her sex symbol status. After meeting on the set of said video, Meagan and 50 dated briefly but kept it lowkey because Meagan didn't want their relationship to define her success as she was making a name for herself.

Meagan explained her decision to keep the relationship under wraps a decade later in an interview with Hollywood Unlocked:

"I kept it under the radar intentionally because at that time in my career, I'd just come off of 'Biker Boyz,' I'd just done the music video, and my career was going in a really great way, and what I didn't want was my connection to him to be the catalyst in any type of success that I had."

Meagan Good and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2004)

Though it has never been confirmed or denied, much speculation has circulated in the media that the two co-stars dated between April and October of 2004 while they were filming the 2005 film Brick.

Meagan Good and Thomas Q. Jones (2007-2010)


Steve Granitz/WireImage

Between 2007 and 2010, Meagan was in a relationship with former Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Q. Jones (who is now an actor). In an interview withESSENCE, he shared how he and Meagan made their on-again-off-again relationship work:

"I look at it as something I want to do, and we take it one day at a time. I don’t look at it like it’s work. The reality is I work in New York and she works in L.A., but we are fortunate we have jobs where it’s flexible. I’m in New York for five months of the year and the other time I am wherever she is. To me, it’s what you make it. I’ve never seen myself as a celebrity, which is probably because I’m from a small town. I’m just blessed I get to do something I love to do. She’s the same way, and really humble. We may be at the mall or the movies, and people will say what are y’all doing here. We’re doing the same thing everyone else does."

Meagan Good and Soulja Boy (2008)

After a crush that seemed one-sided, Meagan did indeed briefly date rapper Soulja Boy in 2008 during one of her breaks with Thomas Q. Jones. The relationship fizzled, and according to an alleged tweet from the actress that no longer exists, things didn't end between the pair on the best terms.

Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin (2011-2021)


David Livingston/Getty Images

After a slew of relationships ending, being cheated on would become the catalyst for Meagan's healing journey. In 2010, she decided to take a vow of celibacy. She told Paradein 2019, "I had gotten out of another relationship and started praying about what was next and what I should be doing, and I started being celibate and working on myself and healing."

In addition to wanting to change some of her "destructive" ways, she told The Post in a 2016 interview about her decision, "I no longer wanted to be a girlfriend, I wanted a husband." Two years into her celibacy journey, she found one.

In a 2020 interview with the Tamron Hall Show, a then-38-year-old Meagan shared what God told her about the man she would eventually marry.

"The first thing God told me was that it was time to get out of that relationship. The second thing that God told me was that it was time to be celibate. The third thing God told me was that DeVon was my husband."

While working on the film Jumping the Broom in 2011, Meagan connected with producer and preacher DeVon Franklin. They had known each other for years but didn't truly hit it off in a romantic sense until that year. They would have a brief courtship before getting engaged in March 2012. Following the theme of a brief courtship, their engagement would end a few short months later, in June 2012, when the couple married and said, "I do."

In addition to cultivating a strong marriage of nearly a decade, the former couple wrote a very popular book together called The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love in 2017, and their love journey was an inspiration to many.

In December 2021, in an announcement that would shock many, Meagan and DeVon announced their decision to end their marriage. In a joint statement, the former couple shared, "We celebrate almost a decade of marriage together and a love that is eternal. There's no one at fault, we believe this is the next best chapter in the evolution of our love."

Similarly to the healing journey before it, Meagan chose to be an open book about her major life shift and was very vocal about processing the divorce. "Throughout life, I’ve always approached relationships as understanding that at some point, they’ll get to the place that they’re going to, and then they would be over," she revealed in a 2022 conversation with xoNecole.

She continued, "In my situation right now, it’s a little bit different because I thought that that would be the last time that I would be doing that and that I would be doing this with that person forever.”

Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors (2023-Present)

And now, we're back to where we started at the beginning of the article. Though much isn't known about her relationship with Lovecraft Country alum Jonathan Majors, the two seem pretty serious.

Despite first being papped as recently as May 2023, Meagan, 41, and Jonathan, 33, have been photographed while shopping for home decor, having dinner with her family, and now somewhat infamously holding hands at Jonathan's recent court appearance in an undeniable display as a united front, the budding relationship seems like the real deal for both actors.

The couple hasn't confirmed relationship rumors, but they are also far from denying them. Regardless of whether or not the two are falling or growing in love, we are happy to see our girl happy.

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