Meagan Good Didn’t Pray For A Good Husband, She Prayed For Growth
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Meagan Good Didn’t Pray For A Good Husband, She Prayed For Growth

As a single woman, I have to discern the difference between wanting to be in a relationship versus actually being ready to find and be a worthy partner in a romantic relationship. While when I was younger I may have wanted someone with good d*ck who I could post on my Instagram and go on trips with, now I'm more interested in meeting a compatible teammate.

I need to know that you can not only keep up with, but add to the vision that I have for my life, and unfortunately, that's a lot harder than finding someone to f*ck on the weekends. It takes a mature woman to be more obsessed with her growth than her loneliness, and according to Meagan Good, that's exactly how she stumbled upon the God-fearing man of her dreams.

After enduring an intense breakup, Meagan came to a crossroads in her life and brought her romantic relationships to a full stop. Last month in an interview with Parade, she said:

"I had gotten out of another relationship and started praying about what was next and what I should be doing and I started being celibate and working on myself and healing."

Along with committing to celibacy and upping her meditation game, Meagan used another tool to facilitate her growth: prayer. She told ESSENCE:

"I know my prayer was not for a husband but for help. For help, for growth, to be closer to God, to know what I'm supposed to be doing specifically and in that prayer time, consistent prayer time, is when I found out that I was about to be a wife and that he was my husband before we even came together."

Although Meagan and DeVon initially met during a casual business encounter that was set up by a mutual friend, the two wouldn't go on their first date until nearly six years later, but once they did reconnect, things moved quickly:

"He asked me out for coffee and two weeks later we went out on our first date, it was 10 months later that we were engaged, a few months later we were married, and it will be seven years on June 16."

There is so much power in a prayer with intention. Instead of praying for money, pray for vision and that vision will provide the means; and Meagan Good says that instead of praying for a relationship with a man, she prayed for a relationship with God that would grant her discernment:

"Sometimes, we pray for things that we want but I think that it's really about praying for more of God and the things that we want to come to us, that are meant for us."

The couple recently shared their 7-year anniversary and their newlywed stage is still in full bloom, proving that when you combine patience and prayer, the honeymoon never really has to end.

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