Coco Jones Shares The Self-Care Practices That Helped Her Get Over A Breakup
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Coco Jones Shares The Self-Care Practices That Helped Her Get Over A Breakup

Actress and singer Coco Jones candidly discusses how she navigated through a terrible breakup and other life hardships while inspiring those facing similar challenges.

Over the years, Jones, who has been involved in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, has achieved remarkable success professionally with the hit Peacock series Bel-Airand her debut EP What I Didn't Tell You. At the same time, the 25-year-old's romantic life remained a mystery, until now.

Recently, during an interview with Pop Sugar, Jones gave insight into her personal life as she revealed the strategy she used to regain her confidence following a breakup and how that also helped her tackle life's hardships.

Coco On The Ways She Dealt With The Breakup And Any Other Hardships

In the July conversation, the "ICU" vocalist disclosed that after experiencing a heartbreak with an unidentified partner, she realized that she had to remove all the memories the pair had shared during their time together.

One of the ways Jones got over the breakup was by writing down the good and bad things that occurred in their relationship so that she could physically see why it didn't work out.

"I had to get rid of those memories — I'm not looking at your page anymore," she told the publication while advising others to do the same thing. "Write down the good and the bad of that relationship. You can appreciate the good of it but don't romanticize what it was. There's a reason that you guys didn't work out."

Another tactic Jones used to get over the split was allowing herself to feel all the emotions she was going through without dragging her friends along by constantly complaining about the breakup.

"Allow yourself to feel upset, but don't stay there. Don't drag your friends into the complaining tornado. The pain is gonna be the pain. So feel it, but don't repeat yourself," she stated.

Further into the interview, the Let It Shine star explained why she developed these methods because of the pain she experienced from her first heartbreak and how it altered the way she viewed herself.

"I think that when me and my first boyfriend broke up, I felt really low and not confident because I associated my relationship being unsuccessful with my value," she recalled. "I'm like, okay, maybe I was the problem. But when you break up with somebody, it's really because you both are not a match. It's not just one person."

Coco On How She Regained Her Confidence

After briefly losing her confidence, Jones shared that she made it a priority to change her mindset by doing daily self-affirmations.

"I get a lot of my confidence from self-affirmations. I have this app called I Am, and I love the daily reminders to think highly of myself," she said. "I really feel like it changes my point of view on myself. I try to do that every day."

With Jones' recent admission, she has showcased that it is possible to redeem oneself even after going through something as painful as a breakup when taking the proper steps to heal.

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