Celebrity Wellness Tips We’re Following This Global Wellness Day & Beyond

Celebrity Wellness Tips We’re Following This Global Wellness Day & Beyond

Saturday, June 11 is Global Wellness Day which is a day that celebrates “living well,” according to the website. The Global Wellness Day organization shared that this year’s theme is #ThinkMagenta which is said to be a reminder about positivity in a world that can sometimes be negative, especially lately. For Global Wellness Day, the organization will host a three-hour Livestream featuring keynote speakers in wellness, holistic wellness, yoga, and more.

While wellness isn’t new, a lot of people have become more conscious about taking care of their mental, physical and emotional health. From getting eight hours of sleep, going to therapy, or simply introducing one healthy food item a day, prioritizing wellness is easier than we think. There have even been a number of celebrities who have spoken about the importance of their wellness and how it has had a favorable impact on their career and life.

In honor of the holiday, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite celebrities who have shared their best wellness tips over the years.

Big Sean

Big Sean has been vocal about his mental health struggles and over the last few years, the Detroit rhymer has been focused on bettering himself and the people who follow him. During his March 2022 interview on Jay Shetty’s podcast, Sean shared how he uses meditation to help change his thinking.

“I change my meditations up frequently. I do mantra meditations sometimes and sometimes I do just guided meditations that are specifically for me. Maybe for that week, things that I, not necessarily trying to accomplish but things that I put in my consciousness,” he said. “Things that I want to approach right, but most importantly it gets me right for the day. It’s like taking a shower after you work out and you take that shower and feeling fresh. That’s what it does for my consciousness, my energy and things just flow better.”

Issa Rae

In the Women’s Health April 2019 issue, Issa Rae opened up about her fitness and admitted that she didn’t always have the mindset to take care of her body until she saw herself on TV.

"I exercise for, like, an hour each day," she said. "My neighborhood has a bunch of hills. I alternate between walking and jogging. I hate jogging – you're going in circles, but I recognize that it helps."

While she typically enjoyed listening to music on her jogs, one mishap led her to appreciate the quiet. "You know those earbuds that you put in your ears? I was running, and one fell,” she added. “It was dark outside and I couldn't find it. So I was forced to be alone with my thoughts, and I was like, 'Oh, I need to do this more often.' Those moments are the most creative."

Karamo Brown

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown opened up about how he breaks through moments of darkness in an interview with Mashable. "It's very much like...thank you for trying and doing all you could do because sometimes it's all you can do," he said. "I forgive myself for the things that maybe I thought that I should have been doing."

He added, "I think that in those moments, something that I tell people is that it's okay to say to people, 'I need you to love me a little bit louder today.'"

Laverne Cox

As a trans person and advocate for trans rights, Laverne Cox has faced adversity that began to take a toll on her mental health. The actress, who just celebrated her 50th birthday, opened up to Health about how she takes care of her mental health even with so much oppression.

“Well, one way is to unplug from the news sometimes. And I've learned that I have to lean into my joy,” she said. “One of the six skills of the Community Resiliency Model, which is a process developed through the Trauma Research Institute, is resourcing. And resourcing is just really about that thing that makes you feel good in your life. It might be a song. It might be the thought of a person. I'll think about my boyfriend cooking breakfast for me and I just light up inside.”

“We have to lean into those things that bring us joy. And the things that don't, we need to let them go to protect our mental health.”

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has multiple platforms such as her Super Soul Sunday podcast and OMagazine where she dedicates herself to bringing awareness about living better and achieving happiness and peace. In a letter to her O Magazine readers, the legendary talk show host shared how she practices self-care.

"I always give myself Sundays as a spiritual base of renewal — a day when I do absolutely nothing. I sit in my jammies or take a walk and I allow myself time to BE — capital B-E — with myself," she said.

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union has had her fair share of hardships from surviving rape to struggling with fertility and so the actress knows when and when not to be strong. The actress spoke with Forbes about women standing in their power.

“Sometimes you forget that it takes strength to center yourself, that’s not being selfish that’s being strong,” she said. “Because you cannot be strong for everyone else and be of service to everyone else when you have literally left nothing for yourself. So, be strong for yourself, advocate for yourself to center yourself. Because without that, it's hard to be superwoman.”

LeBron James

NBA superstar and recent billionaire LeBron James isn’t one of the best players in the league for any reason. The Los Angeles Lakers star shared in an interview with The Tim Ferriss Show how sleep helps him be on top of his game.

“That’s the best way for your body to physically and emotionally be able to recover and get back to 100 percent as possible,” he said. “Now, will you wake up and feel 100 percent? There are some days you don’t. So some days you feel better than others. But the more, and more, and more time that you get those eight – if you can get nine, that’s amazing.”

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