'All-American: Homecoming' Star Cory Hardrict Shares Why Therapy Is Important For Men
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'All-American: Homecoming' Star Cory Hardrict Shares Why Therapy Is Important For Men

In the Black community, there are various topics that individuals are reluctant to discuss, especially when it comes to men. The list usually includes mental health and therapy.

The stigma between these subjects stems from the "strong" narrative placed on Black people that can be traced back to slavery. Another reason many oppose talking about mental health and therapy is that one fears being judged or labeled as "weak" for expressing their emotions regarding a particular topic or traumatic event they have experienced.

According to the Harvard-affiliated medical center, Mclean Hospital, only 25% percent of Black people seek professional help for their mental health compared to 40% of their white counterparts. The website reports that the main factor behind these results, aside from judgment and not finding the right medical professional, is the limited access to healthcare. To date, about "10% of Black people don't have health insurance."

Actor Cory Hardrict recently opened up about these topics during an interview with The CW and why he felt it was essential to address this situation in the Black community.

Hardrict on the Coping Mechanisms Black People May Seek Because They Can’t Afford Therapy

In the conversation, Hardrict brought up that sometimes in the Black community, many suffering from mental health issues may not know because they don't recognize the signs due to the lack of resources.

The star claimed that in those moments, a handful of individuals could try to combat their mental health struggles by confiding in a friend or learning lessons from street activity.

"You deal with a lot of African Americans in a community who deal with mental illness and mental health issues, but they don't know it's that, you know what I'm saying," he said. "We have no outlet. We can't afford therapy. You can't afford a therapist... It's like a little pricy. Our therapy is what we learn from the streets, or we go out and talk to friends, you know."

The 43-year-old wrapped up his statement by saying that as unfortunate as it is that many within the Black community can't or won't receive help for their mental health, he is happy that his series All-American: Homecoming could show individuals the positive outcome of going to therapy which is to "improve" one's quality of life.

"You should have a safe place to go and to get healing or talk to someone and have your voice heard. What this show is showing you is that it's okay to ask for help and to get the help that you need so that your life can improve," Hardrict explained.

Hardrict on the Stigma Placed on Black Men and Mental Health

As the discussion shifted to the topic of Black men and mental health, Hardrict revealed that over the years, many had viewed them as "superheroes" rather than human beings with emotions.

The father of two shared that the stigma resulted from Black men masking their feelings and their ability to figure things out regardless of how difficult the situation may be.

"The Black man has always been looked at as if we're superhuman, superheroes, you know what I'm saying, and we just figure it out. That we'll just get over it. But we feel too. It all comes from a lack of love that we deal with that we mask it so much," he says.

Hardrict added that despite the stigma, he wants men to know that it is okay to talk to their friends about their struggles and not be afraid to show emotion through a hug and exchanging kind words.

"It's okay to ask your brother, 'How are you doing?' You know. 'Do you need a hug, man?' It's okay to hug your brother. We don't do that. Tell your brother you love them ‘cause that's all he really needs is to hear that,” Hardrict stated. "You know it's not like corny or weak to say you love another man. We need more of that. You know what I'm saying. It's okay to be going through things in life. Hell, we all go through it."

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