Want Clearer Skin? Have More Orgasms, Y'all.
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Want Clearer Skin? Have More Orgasms, Y'all.

My relationship with acne has been pretty…"interestingly annoying" for pretty much all of my life. While I've never had the kind that was so problematic that I needed to see a dermatologist (you know, the kind that comes with a ton of pimples, cystic acne, etc.) or anything, I am definitely someone who's had to deal with hormonal acne and since I'm also a picker, sometimes I would make those period bumps worse by constantly messing with them. Plus, I can sometimes get a few zits on my back and shoulders and again, since I don't know how to leave well enough alone, that can leave marks which makes the whole pimple thing even more frustrating. What's really ridiculous is the fact that now, even in my 40s, these things continue to be an issue. Chile. CHILE.

That's why, when I got hip to the fact that one of the best ways to clear these kinds of issues up is to have sex — including climaxing — you know I had to share what I learned. Because in spite of all of the hacks, at-home remedies and other things that I've come across over the years, if a way to keep breakouts at bay is to have orgasms, how can I not scream that from the rooftop so that some of y'all can end up with clearer skin? Chile. CHILE.

What Are Some Leading Causes of Problematic Skin?

OK, so before I get all deep into how sex can help to make problematic skin less of an issue, let's first touch on what some of the leading causes of breakouts are — I mean, besides the usual suspects like genetics, not exfoliating enough (because, at the end of the day, pimples are what happen when hair follicles get clogged with sebum, product buildup, and dead skin cells and then are triggered by bacteria) and hormonal imbalances in your system. Because the more you're able to get to the "foundational issues" of your pimples, the easier it can be to treat them.

So, what are some other leading causes of zits? Good question.

  1. Styling products that can get trapped into your pores (especially along your hairline where oil and sweat may also be a challenge).
  2. High-carbs and dairy foods. The reason why is because they both can affect your blood sugar levels and that oftentimes can contribute to breakout experiences.
  3. Not consistently cleaning your cellphone. I once read that it has somewhere around 25,127 bacteria per square inch. Eww.
  4. Super dry skin can cause pimples because it can lead to little fissures where bacteria can sneak in and cause zits. (This is why moisturizing and staying hydrated are so important.)
  5. Doing a lot of traveling which can result in your skin experiencing climate changes can sometimes trigger pimples too.

OK, so now that you know five of the other leading causes of breakouts, hopefully, that has given you a few other ah-ha moments when it comes to why you and your skin may be going through what you all are going through.

And while things, like washing your face twice a day, changing your bedding on a regular basis, keeping your hands off of your face (because they carry quite a bit of bacteria on them as well), moisturizing and wearing sunscreen (sunscreen helps to protect your skin from outside elements that may try and irritate your skin) and also giving your face make-up, breaks from time to time (check out "8 Solid Reasons To Go Make-Up Free At Least Once A Week") is also super beneficial, something else that can definitely work in your favor is to have sex more often.

And just why is that? That is also a really good question.

What Is It About Having Orgasms That Can Make Skin Better?

OK, so earlier this year, I wrote an article for the platform entitled, "10 Irrefutable Reasons To Have An Orgasm A Day" (married folks, I encourage y'all to check out "Having Sex Every Day. For A Month. Straight. Can Transform Your Marriage." as well). While all of the reasons are quite solid, something that I didn't really get into is what having orgasms can do to keep your skin looking flawless and amazing.

The reason why this is the case is that, whenever you have sex (and especially when you orgasm), that causes your blood circulation to increase which results in more oxygen getting into your cells and pores. As a direct result, that can reduce tissue damage (including acne scarring). Not only that but since sex decreases stress levels and since stress is linked to an overproduction of sebum, you can see how having less stress in your system is always a good thing for your skin.

Even outside of pimples, sex and orgasms are great because when you participate in sexual activity, it automatically increases your estrogen levels. When that happens, the elastic fibers in your skin become stronger which helps to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Not to mention the fact that a good sex session can cause you to sweat and sweat is one of the ways that your system releases toxins; fewer toxins fewer breakouts.

So, even if you were someone who was initially leaning on the cynical side when you first read the title of this piece, I'm thinking now that you can see that there is some bona fide evidence to support the fact that if your skin isn't quite where you want it to be, sex — and again, especially orgasms — is something that could get it closer to the flawless lane. Personally, I can't think of any other method for treating acne, scarring, and signs of aging that is more enjoyable than copulation but hell, if y'all do, let me know. I'd really like to hear it. #wink

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