Unleash The Power Of The Energetic Orgasm

Unleash The Power Of The Energetic Orgasm

If you listened to episode 4 of xoNecole Happy Hour on sexuality, then you probably heard our fave managing editor say, "You can have an orgasm through your mouth; did you know that?" And if you're anything like me, your immediate reaction was probably, "In your mouth, Sheriden?"

But, y'all, our sis is on to something!

According to sexual healer and empowerment coach Catherine Hale, we can experience an orgasm in any part of our bodies: mouth, stomach, hand, wherever. And sometimes it can be in all parts of our bodies at the same damn time. When this happens, it's referred to as a full-body or energetic orgasm.

Now, this orgasm is completely different from the more centralized clitoral and vaginal orgasms. Instead, full-body orgasms cycle sexual energy throughout your seven chakras from your root chakra up to your crown and back down again. This means you can experience prolonged pleasure, including body convulsions. And you can reach it without the assistance of a partner or a penis.

Los Angeles-based Aila Rose, one-half of the tantric sex and Love Gurus duo, goes a bit more in-depth on chakras and energetic orgasms on a recent episode of the Listen Hunnay podcast. Host Jeannie Mai asks Aila to explain what all of you may be asking at this point: So how do you achieve this full-body orgasm?

Aila first recommends setting the mood, like dimming the lights, lighting some scented candles or playing soft music because you don't want to be distracted. Next, you want to lie down somewhere comfortable. Of course, that can be your bed or even your sofa, perhaps. Also, if you practice yoga or meditation, those skills will surely come in handy. She then suggests following a "breath, sound, movement" process to achieve orgasm:

How To Have An Energy Orgasm



Take deep inhales and exhales. You want to get out of your head––dismiss random thoughts and not overthink things––and into your body to build sexual tension.


After a few minutes or so, you may want to start with soft moans. They will play a huge part in the process as the energy flows through your body. Sensual sounds help to facilitate momentum and movement.



Here's where things can get real tricky and rather alarming if you aren't prepared. You want to begin by imagining the energy moving from one chakra to the next. (You can read more about the locations of your chakras here.) If it helps, think of how you shift your focus from one area of your body to the next during yoga and meditation and use that as your technique to awaken your chakras. But keep in mind that the energy can get "stuck" in a chakra and you may need to physically, but gently, move or gyrate your body to unblock that energy.

This is the alarming part and how you can tell when energy is blocked: The energy will manifest as the emotion that's associated with that chakra at that moment. For example, if you're holding anger in one of your chakras, you may very well start to yell. Or if you're carrying sadness, you may start to cry. But by releasing these pent-up emotions, you're opening and balancing those wounded chakras so the energy can continue to flow freely and transform into the pleasure that you're seeking. This can take upwards of 20-30 minutes.

The Orgasm

Aila describes an energetic orgasm as electrical currents spiraling up and down her body. She goes as far as to say that she felt like she could "shoot lightning bolts from my fingers." She also describes what happens when the free-flowing energy lingers at the crown chakra. You'll enter what is called a cosmic orgasm where you feel like you're in a euphoric or meditative state, lying completely still, literally forgetting every care and concern you have, only breathing.

Consequently, the full-body orgasm is considered to be much more fulfilling than the traditional orgasm because you can still feel its effects, sort of like aftershocks from an earthquake, throughout the day, sometimes longer.

"It can last for days," Aila says.

I don't know if I should be scared or intrigued. On the one hand, you can be shuddering on a Saturday evening and then suddenly out of the blue, be tingling and trembling during a Monday morning meeting at work. But on the other hand, I suppose it would make the meeting that more bearable. Just tell your colleagues you had a chill.

Catherine warns that it's rare for anyone to experience an energetic orgasm on the first try, though. More than likely, you'll encounter blocked chakras on your first few attempts.

"What generally arises for people in the first few sessions are the emotions associated with their sexual conditioning, such as guilt, shame, and fear, as well as the emotional stories of their life," Catherine says. This includes any ingrained misconceptions about sex (like sex is dirty), as our fave founder, Necole, pointed out on the xoNecole Happy Hour episode 4––and any sexual trauma.

It takes a minute to rewrite these narratives and it can take even more time to heal. An energetic orgasm is one way to heal and overcome.

It's also another way to explore sensuality and to experience the full power our bodies can harness. All we have to do is lie back, catch, and ride that wave.

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