3 Things You Should Be Doing On Sunday To Prepare For A Better Monday
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3 Things You Should Be Doing On Sunday To Prepare For A Better Monday

Yes, we enjoy our jobs but the anxiety that comes along with it…not so much. Like many of you I too work in a fast paced environment. There is very rarely a slow moment in the office and on Sunday night I find myself worrying sick about how Monday will go. #MondayBlues are not unusual. Many people experience anxiety, worry, and sadness when anticipating the work week ahead. Not to worry though! Here's what to do on Sunday night for a better Monday morning!

So make a cup of tea, grab your favorite blanket, curl up in bed, read this post, and get ready to decompress and reenergize yourself. Monday, here you come!

1. Make a list of things you are excited about.

I discovered this ritual in a Forbes article about stress associated with work and decided to try it out. On Sunday night, I make a list of all the things I’m looking forward to during the week ahead. Whether it’s drinks with a girlfriend or hearing back about a new opportunity, I write it down. I whip my list out on Monday before work just to remind me what I have to look forward to throughout the week. It may seem silly but it’s really effective. During the day, we are consumed with work-related tasks. It’s good to have a friendly reminder that you DO have a life outside of work and that Monday won’t last forever. The list has made a HUGE difference in my outlook on Mondays. I no longer dread Monday morning because I remember that it’s just a challenge to be met and the reward for a hard days work is written down on my list.

2. Complete one Monday task.

Tackle one of your Monday tasks a day early. By clearing your desk of one thing you’ll feel less anxious about the amount of work waiting for you on Monday morning. I like to check my email on Sunday to see if there are any tasks I can knock out ahead of time. Also, try checking your email and making a list of tasks that are priority for Monday. Just getting organized a day early will help you have a better handle on your work week. The list will help you identify where most of your attention should be allocated on Monday, so you don’t succumb to the pressure of a ton of emails.

3. Journal + Read.

Unwind. I’ve found that journaling is SOOOO decompressing. On Sunday night, your head may be buzzing with ideas, solutions and even worry. You are already trying to gear up for Monday, and your thoughts can become scattered. Unplug from your laptop and your phone. Spend sometime with yourself. Journaling allows you to expel all of those ideas, thoughts and worries swimming around in your head. Writing it down and expressing it can be so relieving. Read over what you wrote, many times you’ll find that what is worrying you isn’t even a big deal. Also, reading over your thoughts could kick up a solution to some of the things your anxious about.

My favorite reads!

Also Read. Curl up in bed with some snacks and some music and read a good book. I always like to think a lesson can be found anywhere. A professor once told me: “All the answers are hidden in a book.” We just have to read to find them. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, find something that you enjoy reading -- magazines included!

You're all ready for Monday morning! Just wake, pray, and SLAY!

What strategies do you have for tackling #MondayBlues? Share in the comment section below or tweet us @xoNecole

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