The Best G-Spot Vibrators, According To Sexperts

The Best G-Spot Vibrators, According To Sexperts

In a world full of uncertainties, the one thing that rarely fails the female or male anatomy when put to the test is a handy-dandy vibrator–I think we can all attest to that. Perhaps the low failure rate has something to do with our playthings being made to specifically target certain areas or the fact that we usually know our bodies and what we derive pleasure from more than others – at least as it pertains to the more vanilla spectrum of things. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect time to mention the lesser-known fact that different vibrators can stimulate different parts of your anatomy. Some are meant for your g-spot while others focus on the clitoris.

Your g-spot can be found a couple of notches into the vagina and is formally known as the Gräfenberg spot. If you’re someone who prefers your toys to penetrate you, this may be one pleasure point that keeps you yearning for more. As an FYI, the g-spot is typically (based on anatomy at birth) located in the anal cavity and known as the prostate for cis-men. With that in mind, you would look for prostate toys to engage this erogenous zone.

The experts below provided us with a list of toys that hit all the spots, namely the g-spot. But I noticed a pattern of many of the experts enjoying toys that were multifaceted. Not only does this give you more bang for your bang, but it also gives you more bang for your buck.

If toys-r-us, then these 5 vibrators are the ones you must add to your wishlist.

Danielle Simpson-Baker, MA, RMFTI


"My favorite g-spot vibrator is a Rabbit, especially one with a curved head/top portion crafted especially for g-spot stimulation. The Love to Love Hello Rabbit by Spectrum Boutique is my absolute favorite and it made me love Rabbits again after not using them for a while. It’s the best kind of silicone so it’s a good material, the shape targets the g-spot directly and they somehow got the rabbit ears in the perfect spot."

Kiarra Sylvester, MSW, M.Ed


"Currently, my favorite g-spot vibrator is the AirVibe by Bellasa. It’s multifunctional, with the touch and power of a bullet while also providing the relatively 'new' suction option that creates an oral sex-like sensation. Personally, the suction function alone is never enough for me and I prefer the duality that is created with this Bellasa option. But, it also has the ability to stimulate the clitoris!"

Kaci Mial, M.Ed., CSC (she/her), Sex Educator and Certified Sex Coach


"My favorite g-spot vibrator is the LeWand with curve attachment! The LeWand Curve Attachment and Vibrator is my favorite because I love pleasure tools that serve multiple purposes. The long handle of the wand makes reaching the g-spot more accessible during pregnancy or for people with a variety of body types, and it can be used by yourself or with a partner to stimulate the g-spot. Decide you’re over g-spot stimulation? Pop the attachment back off and the wand can provide other types of pleasure on the clitoris and body."

Ashley Cobb, Sex Blogger and Writer


"My favorite g-spot sex toy is the Womanizer InsideOut. It is the best of both worlds! The InsideOut uses air technology to caress the clitoris and deep, rumbly vibrations focus on the g-spot. As someone who likes dual stimulation to climax, InsideOut is an automatic winner in my book."

Luna Matatas, Sex Educator and Host of Anal Sex Podcast: The Plug


In the previously published xoNecole article "Your Guide To The Wonderful World Of Butt Plugs," Matatas recommends the Vibrating Snug Plug for anal play. I added this as a bonus because it came highly recommended, and hits that sweet spot like the rest of the recommendations on this list. Perfect for prostate people!

Whether you choose your latest gift to yourself from this list or not, you will want to make sure any vibrator you purchase meets the basic body qualifications such as being labeled as "body safe" and made with non-porous materials.

Outside of that basic guideline, have fun with it and explore what brings you true satisfaction. Different angles, add some pillows, and apply extra pressure! The sky's the limit!

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