How Tonight's Rare Super Blue Moon Will Impact Your Sun & Rising Sign

How Tonight's Rare Super Blue Moon Will Impact Your Sun & Rising Sign

We have a rare occurrence happening at the end of August, and that is the Super Blue Moon in Pisces. This Full Moon is rare because it is a Full Moon, Supermoon, and Blue Moon all in one, and is the biggest Full Moon of the year. The phrase, “Once every Blue Moon,” comes from this moon cycle, as it signifies the second Full Moon in one month, the first one being on August 1st in Aquarius.

What Is a Blue Moon?

Blue Moons are a symbol of spiritual and emotional renewal and a time when you gain the insight you have been looking for. A Blue Moon like this won’t occur again until 2032, so this is the time to do the inner work and experience a true refresh in your life.

Nourish your world, let go of what doesn’t serve, and reconnect to your dreams.

When is the Super Blue Moon of 2023?

The Super Blue Moon will be occurring on August 30th at 9:35 p.m. EST. Because the Super Blue Moon occurs in the water sign Pisces, this time will be an emotional one for the collective. Full Moons in general, are more focused on acceptance, letting go, and bringing attention to the gratitude in your life. This Super Blue Moon is awakening the heart and transforming what happens moving forward. With the Sun and Mercury retrograde currently in Virgo, opposite of where the Super Moon and Saturn will be, we are being asked to find our balance between what’s working and what hasn’t been and to create more space for emotional blessings and stability to enter.

This is a good time to declutter, open the heart, focus on gratitude, and be more vulnerable with others. Light a candle, be near a body of water, create art, and do the things that bring you closer to the universe.

There is strength in your emotions if you honor them rather than let them overwhelm you, and this Super Blue Moon is a rite of passage to the next phase of your dreams. With Mercury and Venus both in retrograde right now, things aren’t as clear as we’d like them to be; this Supermoon is a helping hand and the insight that makes all the difference. Don’t get discouraged. Move on to better.

Read below to see how this Super Blue Moon will be affecting you. Look at your sun and rising sign for deeper insight.

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What the Blue Super Moon of 2023 Has in Store for Your Sign


This Super Blue Moon for you, Aries, is a time to slow down. The Supermoon will be occurring at the very bottom of your chart, giving you the space needed to experience an emotional renewal. You are doing a lot of contemplating, and you are opening your eyes to the past, present, and future and how they are all intertwining for you now. Own your voice, and trust your intuition. You do not have to hide your truth for the comfort of anyone else, and you are free to communicate, honor your peace of mind, and create boundaries where needed.


Life comes full circle for you during this Blue Moon, Taurus. This Blue Moon is a chance for you to take a look around and to accept and process the joy and inner discovery you have found as of late. There is emotional fulfillment, support, and friendship in your life, and you are getting the opportunity to see that all a little clearer right now. Jupiter, the planet of blessings and expansion, has been in your sign since May and goes retrograde a few days after the Supermoon. Take this time to let things come together once and for all before you have to take a few steps back again.


You are moving through a time of transformation this Supermoon, Gemini. Things are changing, and your guidance for this time is to flow with them rather than to fight this change. Know that what is falling apart for you right now is showing the cracks that need to be mended in your life so that you can walk on more solid ground and loving foundations. Career and professional life are experiencing some shake-ups, and it’s time to let go of one dream to build a new one that feels more freeing and fulfilling for you now.


This Supermoon is happening in a fellow water sign, giving you an extra boost of magic and positive energy in your life. This time for you is about finding your balance between the adventures you want to go on and the newfound stability and safety in your life, Cancer. Know that you can do both and have it all and that sometimes the big adventure is doing something fun in the environments you are comfortable in, with the people you are comfortable with. Inspiration is high for you right now, and you have the power to decide what you do with it.


You are moving on to bigger and better things, Leo. This Super Blue Moon is an emotionally heightened time for you and one where you are looking at the commitments, intimacy, and vulnerability in your life. Your emotions are transforming, and you are going through a rebirth. Overall, this Full Moon for you is about moving forward and away from what’s been holding you back from living your truth and honoring your happiness. Notice what partnerships enlighten and inspire you and which ones leave you feeling more drained. Know that there is love on the other side of the fear you are walking away from right now.


This Super Blue Moon is all about aligning with harmony, Virgo. You are receiving the blessings, love, and peace that you have been looking for, and there is a good balance in your life this Full Moon. With the Sun currently in your sign and the Moon in your opposite sign, Pisces, relationship matters are becoming clearer to you now, and the work that you have been putting in is coming full circle for you. Honor what’s leaving your life and what is coming in, and notice how everything works out for your highest good, even when you are least expecting it.


Honor your divine intuition, and make the decisions that resonate with your heart, Libra. You are letting go of the past and recognizing that what you are letting go of is being replaced with something better. This Super Moon for you is about taking care of your health and well-being, taking care of your responsibilities, and supporting yourself regardless of who is by your side. You have the power to move forward, and you are divinely protected as you do. Listen to your heart and your mind, and notice the gift you are in this life, Libra.


This Supermoon is a chance to let go of any heaviness you have been carrying in your life, Scorpio. You are getting an opportunity to regroup and lighten your load so that you can move forward with less emotional baggage than before. You are nearing the end of an important cycle in your life, and this Super Moon for you is a time of closure, culmination, and moving into your happiness. Get creative with where life is headed, take note of the spark you have found, and trust that the paths you are paving in your life right now will show fruition for you in the future.


This Super Blue Moon, for you, is about trusting the divine timing of your life and where things stand right now, Sagittarius. There can be some impatience you are feeling in your life around the time of the Full Moon, and you are being asked to trust that everything is unfolding exactly how it is meant to, in the timing it is meant to as well. A little bit more faith in the universe is required now as you wait for more answers to come and for the path to clear. Focus on the healing you can do now and on gaining a renewed perspective.


Your strength is needed during this Supermoon, Capricorn. Important revelations are coming in, but there could be some harsh reality checks you are experiencing in the process. Give yourself the time and space to connect to your heart and the duality that is showing in your life, and know that magic will come from this. Communication is key right now as you dive deeper into what is really going on in your mind, body, and soul. Use your inner compass to move you forward, and stand your ground when it comes to what matters to you most.


It’s time to invest in yourself, Aquarius. This Super Blue Moon is highlighting where you have been feeling stuck and what limitations you may be putting on yourself both consciously and unconsciously. The energy that is flowing through your life now is helping you to create breakthroughs by recognizing some of the mirrors of the life experiences you have been through recently. By getting to the bottom of things, honoring your self-worth, and planning accordingly, you can unleash your true potential. Financial matters are more pressing now, but you have the power within you to turn this into a blessing.


The rarest Full Moon of 2023 is in your sign, and this is fitting for the rare type of energy you are, Pisces. This Super Blue Moon is a time of your blessings falling down on your lap and when you can finally take a deep breath of relief. Life is coming full circle, and you are loving what you are seeing right now. Write down lists of gratitude, congratulate yourself for how far you have come, and look in the mirror with more appreciation. The spotlight is on you right now, and you are free to be who you are or who you want to be.

This is a self-fulfilling and abundant time for you, Pisces. You are worth it.

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