How To Manifest Your Next Relationship
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How To Manifest Your Next Relationship

Manifesting is a power that we all have that we can use at any time throughout our lives. In fact, we are manifesting at every single second and every single moment through the thoughts we are thinking the most. People are brought together through what they are manifesting for themselves and what type of energy they are attracting into their life. By directing more of your attention to the things you want and the fact that you are worthy of them, you can begin your journey of manifesting in love.

When it comes to manifesting someone into your life or manifesting a romantic partner, there are a few steps you can take to recognize your power here.

1.Develop your relationship with yourself.

A common factor in why people aren’t receiving the things they want is that they believe they are not worthy of them. You can have strong desires, but if you don’t have the self-belief and self-love to support them, then what you want will always feel far away from you.

A key to manifesting someone in love is being the type of person you love and that you fall in love with. Take yourself out on dates, treat yourself to something nice, love yourself unconditionally, tell yourself how loved and valued you are, develop a self-love ritual, and commit to loving yourself first and foremost.

Love will match you where you are. This part of manifesting is where you heal. You may have already reached this point on your journey of manifesting, and if so, skip to the next step. However, this part of the process can take months and even years and is the most important part of this whole thing, so don’t cut it short. Knowing and believing you are worthy of what you want is how you get it.

2.Figure out the type of person you are looking to manifest.

Who do you want to be with? How do you want to feel in your dream relationship? What type of people inspire you and bring out positive emotions in you? Set your intentions, write a list of the attributes and characteristics of the person you see yourself with, the way you want to feel with them, etc. If it’s difficult to think about the details, then write down how you want to feel in the relationship in general.

If you are trying to manifest a specific person, think of the person when writing down who you want to be with and say “This or better.” If they are for you, they will be, and if not, what is for you (better) will replace it.

Manifesting someone into your life is allowing your energy to meet someone else’s in the middle. It should not feel like you are doing all the work or that you have to put in more effort than what you are receiving. If you are on the right path with manifesting the right person into your life, it will be a good experience for you, and you will be met where you are emotionally.

3.Work on your manifesting power in all areas of your life.

Manifesting works in all areas of your life, and strengthening these different areas can help you in love as well. Focus on manifesting other things in your life so that you can show yourself that you can do it. Whether it be small things or big, working on this power is like a muscle, and the more you use it, the stronger it is. By honoring your spirit, your power as a creator, and the gifts you have within you, you create space for magic to happen in your life and in love.

Strengthen your intuition so you can notice the signs. When working on manifesting someone or something, you will begin to see signs that you are on the right path. Whether it's a song you hear, a horoscope you read, a person you see. Journal these moments of synchronicity, and remember to congratulate yourself for the recognition. Ask the universe to show you a sign, and be prepared to receive them.

4.Open up to receive.

Make space for what you want to enter your life. You have set everything in motion, now it’s time to let go. I know, “What do you mean let go?” you may ask. Well, tightening your grip on something you want doesn’t make it come to you any sooner. In fact, it pushes it further away. If you want to manifest someone, you have to let go. Have you ever wondered why as soon as you’ve forgotten about them, they text you randomly, or you run into them somewhere? It’s because you finally let go. Letting go is opening up to receive.

Know that as you let go, your intention and desires do not go as well. The universe knows what you want at all times, and there is no misunderstanding here. The discord of not receiving what you want comes from getting in the way of yourself through overthinking and acting more than trusting. You have already set the tone, and now is the time to believe and trust that it will happen for you.

5.Practice gratitude.

Gratitude is the final and significant part of manifesting. You really cannot manifest without gratitude. When you wake up in the morning, journal down what you are grateful for. Be around people that put you in this space of gratitude, and be in your happy places. Perspective is everything, and by directing your attention to the things you are thankful for, you create more of them in your life.

Work on bringing more gratitude into your life and focus on what is making your heart happy right now. Gratitude is felt in the same space love is, and when manifesting love, this is where you will meet it.

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