How DNA Results Inspired This Afro-Caribbean Travel Blogger's Journal For The Diaspora
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How DNA Results Inspired This Afro-Caribbean Travel Blogger's Journal For The Diaspora

Chanice Williams, an Afro-Caribbean travel blogger (@flywithqueenie) based in New York City, embarked on a life-changing journey after taking a DNA test in 2018. Determined to explore the African countries that were revealed in her genetic makeup, she set out on a mission to connect with her roots and inspire others in the diaspora to do the same. Today, Chanice has visited 10 African countries, with plans to explore two to three more countries by the end of the year.

For Chanice, traveling through Africa evokes a range of emotions that are difficult to put into words. The joy of being in the motherland, alongside feelings of anger, sadness, and pride, creates a unique and profound experience. "Throughout my travels across Africa, I felt that something was missing." As a strong advocate for wellness, she believes in the power of meditation, journaling, and taking time to reset. It was during months of reflection that she realized there was a gap in the market – a lack of travel journals specifically designed for the African diaspora.

Courtesy of Chanice Williams

"I took it upon myself to create a travel journal that catered to the unique needs of African diaspora travelers. This journal includes diaspora affirmations, checklists, budgeting sheets, and much more. It provides a dedicated space for travelers to jot down their thoughts and emotions as they navigate the continent, ensuring a holistic and transformative experience...this is something I wish I had when I started traveling to the continent."

With her wealth of experience traveling through Africa, Chanice has three valuable pieces of advice for those who are considering embarking on their own African adventure:

1. Join a group trip organized by a reputable travel brand like Urban Flight Collective.

These curated trips handle all the logistics, from transportation to accommodations, allowing travelers to focus on the experience rather than the details. This can help alleviate stress and ensure a smooth journey.

2. Doing thorough research is key.

Familiarize yourself with the political climate, weather conditions, pricing, and language barriers of your desired destinations. By being well-prepared, you can embark on your adventure with confidence and peace of mind.

3. Acquire a Roaming Reflections travel journal.

This invaluable tool allows individuals to quiet their thoughts and provides a dedicated space to document their emotions and experiences as they explore the continent. It not only serves as a personal memento but also fosters a deeper connection to African culture and heritage.

Courtesy of Chanice Williams

"It is crucial for the African diaspora to prioritize Africa as a travel destination, and by supporting local businesses and communities, travelers can connect with their roots and gain a firsthand understanding of the continent's rich history and culture." Chanice firmly believes that learning about Africa through textbooks written by Europeans is insufficient when compared to the transformative power of experiencing it firsthand.

Chanice's platform, Fly With Queenie, is dedicated to empowering the African diaspora to explore Africa, fostering a sense of connection and pride. Through her inspiring journey, she has proven that travel has the power to transform lives and bridge the gap between continents and cultures.

With her unwavering passion and dedication, Chanice Williams continues to inspire others to embark on their own African adventures and discover the beauty of the motherland.

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Featured image courtesy of Chanice Williams

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