Exclusive: Erica Banks Opens Up About Being Grateful In Her Career And How She Prioritizes Self-Care
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Exclusive: Erica Banks Opens Up About Being Grateful In Her Career And How She Prioritizes Self-Care

When the world was going through the COVID-19 pandemic a few short years ago, one thing that brought many of us together during a time of isolation was TikTok challenges and trends. One challenge that took over the internet was the “Buss It” challenge, named after the Erica Banks’s song. The Texas artist relived the viral moment while talking to xoNecole’s Kayla Walker in an exclusive interview.

“It was crazy. It was something I didn’t expect to happen,” she recalled. “I didn’t know what I was gonna do with ‘Buss It,’ so when I signed to 1501, they were like, you should put this out. So, I put it out. I woke up one day, and it was everywhere. I’m just grateful y’all like that song that much.”

The song catapulted her into stardom, and since then, she has released many more hits like “Toot That” and, more recently, “Ain’t Got Time.” The self-proclaimed “Flow Queen” also dropped numerous freestyles, and she is venturing into new territory, starring in season 11 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

With all the success she’s experienced as an up-and-coming female rapper, Erica continues to remain humble and expresses gratitude often.

“I’m just grateful. That’s probably my favorite word right now, you know,” she explained. “I have a lot of gratitude because everybody doesn’t make it, you know, so for me to have made it, I’m just grateful just to be here. I’m happy to be here.”

When Erica isn’t making hits, she likes to reserve some time for herself. One of her hobbies is cooking, and she even has an Instagram page dedicated to her meals. The “Throw a Lil Mo (Do It)” artist has also begun capitalizing on her cooking by hosting tastings in Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas.

Music and cooking aside, Erica also makes sure to prioritize self-care in her life. For the artist, self-care includes praying, meditating, eating, smoking cannabis, and relaxing with a drink in hand.

“Causal things, grown people things,” she concluded.

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