How To Write A Letter To Your Future Husband & Attract Your Highest Partner

How To Write A Letter To Your Future Husband & Attract Your Highest Partner

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If you are in the search of your soulmate, or twin flame, affirmations of the heart can help in drawing that person closer.

Often times, we write down our dreams and intentions as a way to manifest our best lives. In a recent xoNecole article, singer and performer Ciara revealed that writing down her goals and aspirations helped her manifest her best life. In the end, she married her best friend, and had a beautiful baby girl.

After reading the aforementioned article, I realized that I had heavily focused on affirmations for manifesting abundance in finances, success, and self-care, but I never spent enough time affirming my highest partner. That desire has always been there in my heart, but I never fully let the walls of my present love drought down enough to embrace an entirely unknown future potential. As someone who is deeply connected to my soul, I do feel the presence of a twin flame, however, I also know that he is just one potential for future love.

Since everything we do is energetic, why not write a letter to the higher self of your future partner? Drop the expectations of what this person looks like, and just feel the essence of their spirit.


The best way to begin to write your letter is to close your eyes, still your mind, and enter a vibration of having already met your future partner. If you could cause these feelings to exist within your spirit, you are preparing your soul to experience them in real life.


Start by expressing your unconditional love of self. You can say things like, "I love me. I love myself unconditionally. I am prepared to receive unconditional and reciprocal love from another."


Imagine this future person bringing you into their arms and embracing you for the first time. Do they smell good? How does their body feel pressed against yours? How do their eyes mirror your soul?


Once you are in this vibration, let a feeling of gratitude emanate through your heart chakra. In this moment, think about every single thing you would like to say to the future love of your life. What could you express to their higher self that would melt your own heart if repeated back to you?


With this in mind, call on your twin flame or future soulmate and express whatever comes to mind. It could turn out as poetry, or perhaps creative, and heartfelt prose. You might feel like you want to envision a future experience with the two of you. An efficient and powerful letter will come from the core of your heart and desire for fulfillment in love.


Write down whatever comes through for you from this vibration. For an example of what came through for me when I did this meditation, read my open letter to my future husband below. I hope to inspire you to write one of your own and manifest your highest partner.

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