This Is The Difference Between A Twin Flame & A Soulmate

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In the spiritual community, many people have confused the concept of a twin flame with a soulmate. Because of the confusion between the two, some have fallen prey to detrimental belief systems that cause anxiety and teater along the lines of mental health issues. There is a clear distinction of the two that will help anyone on a journey to find either their twin flame or soulmate.

Twin flames are two people who share the same soul energy vibration. In simple terms, when any two flames were born, their soul was split into two bodies encompassing either the divine masculine or the divine feminine, aka yin and yang. This is an eternal connection that carries on through every single lifetime each flame incarnates into. Essentially, one twin flame is the other half of one soul.

A soulmate couple are two individual souls that have connected with each other through many lifetimes, in order to teach each other lessons and fulfill karmic debts. Soulmates usually feel like they have met before and play deep roles in each other's lives. A soulmate does not have to be romantic, rather you can have a sibling, friend, or parent be a soulmate in your life. Though twin flame pairs tend to be romantic, they could also be be platonic.

Read on to learn more about both concepts and the many differences between the twin flame and the soulmate relationship.

Twin Flames' Purpose Are Rooted In Humanity, Soulmates' Purpose Are Rooted In Each Other

When Twin Flames meet in person, this is a profound event because each twin would have had to undergo part of a major spiritual transformation where they remembered that they even had a twin flame to begin with. Since the twin flame separation is essentially an illusion, due to the fact that twin flames are never separated in spirit, meeting your twin flame in the physical realm is a pretty big deal! It is so powerful that it sends a ripple through the universe. Once twin flames are reunited, they embark on a shared purpose to aid humanity in transformative ways, which includes raising collective consciousness. There are many stages that each twin must go through individually before divine timing reunites the two in the flesh.

Soulmates, on the other hand, manifest in each other's realities as a part of the "Soul Contracts" that each person agrees to through their higher selves. For instance, after some past life regression sessions, I found out that my biological sister and I are soulmates because we have been through many lifetimes together where we have had to rely on one another to survive. Her higher self and mine are paired together through an agreement to each other to fulfill karmic debt on an ultimate road to discover each of our purposes. The higher purpose of a Soulmate relationship is the growth and evolution of one's own consciousness.

Soulmate Relationships Can Have An Expiration Date, The Twin Flame Dynamic Withstands Time

Soulmate relationships can last a lifetime, or just a few months. Depending on the contract between the two, your soulmate could only be in your life for you to uncover a karmic lesson. For instance, the first love of your life could be a soulmate. Even though you were highschool sweethearts, and eventually went separate ways, that person was in your life to teach you lessons you never learned before. The same goes for a best girlfriend, turned stranger. You both were connected so strongly for a period of time to teach each other valuable soul lessons. If you no longer talk, or have a relationship, it's possible that your soul contract with that friend ended. Still, wherever you needed to grow was likely mirrored in that person.

A twin flame, no matter if they are together or not, will never be separated in spirit. There will always be an energetic cord that keeps them tied forever.

Not Everyone Has A Twin Flame, But We All Have Soulmates

Every soul incarnates on earth to fulfill a unique purpose. Some people incarnate having a twin flame. This does not make them better than those that do not have one. In fact, being a twin flame is no easy feat. It is often romanticized by people in the spiritual community who don't have a complete grasp of the Twin Flame Dynamic.

Whether you are a twin flame, or have a soulmate, every human being has an opportunity to raise their consciousness. Someone with a twin flame has a counterpart that catalyzes the process of Spiritual Ascension. As a twin flame begins to awaken, the remembrance of the other half of their soul appears. Through the stages of twin flame reunion lie an intense and sometimes maddening emotional, mental, and energetic roller coaster. A twin flame must undergo a spiritual transformation to be in a healthy relationship. Soulmate relationships don't require the same experience to exist in a healthy bond. Think of the twin flame relationship as a profoundly amplified energetic connection.

How To Tell The Difference Between Whether You Are Connected To A Romantic Soulmate Or Twin Flame

Sometimes people get confused about whether they're in a Twin Flame, or a Soulmate relationship. In my opinion, being someone who has not met their twin flame yet in person, I believe that you just know. Still, it's good to be educated about how to decipher the difference.

*As a disclaimer, it is my responsibility to also say that just because you are in a separated Twin Flame Dynamic doesn't mean you should wait around for them to show up. Continue walking in your purpose, and if it is meant to happen in this lifetime, it will.

Check out a list below of the signs of being in a relationship by ForeverConcious.com:

Twin Flame Relationships:

Feel fated or "destined" in some way. The relationship does not need to be romantic, but there is often a connection felt on all levels.

There is a strong connection that feels constant and stable.

There are challenges but they are more about the "self" than the other.

The relationship brings about a desire to team up together in order to create.

The relationship almost forces you to respond with love as a way to survive together.

There can be a strong past life connection together and if highly advanced, it could feel as if it is both your last lifetime on earth.

Whether you are romantically involved or not, you will always feel a strong connection to this person, but you don't need to be around each other to experience the connection.

The relationship helps to prepare your for ascension into another dimension and helps to instill a higher consciousness for the planet.

Soulmate Relationships:

Feel fated or "destined" in some way.

The relationship does not need to be romantic, although it can be.

There is a strong connection that may change or fluctuate in intensity.

They are often challenges presented in order to change or shift things in your life.

The relationship brings about a strong life lesson or a change in your life path.

The relationship can uncover and release past pains, hurts, and traumas so healing can occur.

There can be a strong past life connection.

The relationship may not last or may feel different once the lesson has been learnt.

The relationship helps you to awaken to a higher level of consciousness or spirituality.

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