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Monica Shares The Key To Repairing Her Friendship With Brandy & The Evolution Of Their Relationship

R&B icons Brandy andMonica's recent collaboration on Ariana Grande's reimagined "The Boy Is Mine" remix holds special significance for the singers, as it helped heal their long-standing rift.

The veteran performers, who have spent over three decades in the entertainment industry, initially worked together in 1998 on the original “The Boy Is Mine” track. The song became a massive hit, selling over 4.5 million copies worldwide and winning a Grammy Award for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group.

However, despite its success, reports surfaced of a feud between Brandy and Monica. Initially, the cause of their tension remained unclear, but over time, it emerged that competition in similar markets and rumors had strained their relationship.

Over the years, Brandy and Monica tried to mend their relationship by teaming up on the 2012 track “It All Belongs to Me '' and reuniting for a 2020 Verzuz battle, an online competition series. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Monica reflected on reconnecting with Brandy and how their relationship has evolved.

Monica On New Collaboration With Brandy

During the discussion, the 43-year-old disclosed that their collaboration on Ariana's single led her and Brandy to realize their long-standing rift had primarily stemmed from miscommunication.

"The process of the new collaboration did a lot of closing the gaps," she said. "When you properly communicate, something -- you can find not only the resolutions and solutions to problems -- but sometimes you find that there weren't ever problems, just consistent miscommunications. It made it a lot easier just to talk.”

Monica acknowledged that all parties involved had contributed to prolonging the feud.

"It was not something that I would say was anyone's fault. We all added to it, and after a while, it became real, " she stated.

Monica On How Her Relationship With Brandy Has Evolved

Further into the conversation, the “Love All Over Me” vocalist revealed that she and Brandy had learned the importance of nurturing their friendship away from external influences following their exchange.

"It's over now. And it took a very adult conversation. There's no shame in saying that,” she said. “We had to come to that place and to that moment that we had, that allowed us to sit here today. That had to happen first. We recognized that the key was to keep other people out of our relationship, both business and personal, and let it be between she and I, and that has changed everything. It's changed the trajectory of it in its totality."

Toward the end of the segment, Monica credited Ariana for helping the duo reconcile their relationship while highlighting another bonding moment she and Brandy shared on set.

"My son was in the hospital the other day and she was who I was speaking to while he was there, so I think that is what Ariana has done that she may not even realize. But this time, I thank God for growth and change and just becoming a mom and experiencing a lot of what I have and learning to properly communicate,” she stated.

Ariana’s “The Boy Is Mine” remix featuring Brandy and Monica is out now.

Ariana Grande, Brandy, Monica - the boy is mine (Remix) (Official Lyric Video)

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