Ashanti On How Nelly Proposed And Says 'Personal Growth' Is What Makes Relationship Work This Time Around
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Ashanti On How Nelly Proposed And Says 'Personal Growth' Is What Makes Relationship Work This Time Around

Ashantistunned fans earlier this year by announcing monumental life changes, including her pregnancy and engagement to Nelly.

The couple initially dated for a decade before splitting in 2013. However, Ashanti and Nelly would spin the block and rekindle their romance in 2023 after reuniting at Verzuz, a webcast battle series. Since then, the "Body on Me '' collaborators' whirlwind romance has captivated those eagerly following their journey due to the love and happiness they displayed on stage and social media.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ashanti opened up about her unconventional proposal to Nelly, the couple's ideas for their dream wedding, and why their relationship is successful the second time around.

Ashanti On Her Proposal

During the discussion, the "Baby" vocalist revealed that she was surprised by the rapper's proposal because of the intimate setting and timeline.

“It was just such a beautiful, intimate moment. We were not dressy,” she said. “I definitely had on one of his t-shirts and his boxers. I had absolutely no idea.”

When asked if she expected the engagement to unfold the way it did, Ashanti shared that she felt it would happen.

“I felt like it was going to come soon,” she quipped. “I didn’t know when, and the way that it happened was just so funny. I’m sitting on the bed watching TV with boxers on; you know what I mean, it’s not really sexy.”

The “Happy” songstress also provided details on her response and how she broke the news to her family.

“I cried. I gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever. I FaceTimed everyone I know… Mom and Dad and my sister were actually all in the same city so it worked out really cool. I was overjoyed, and shocked and surprised, and happy. Kind of like all in one,” she said.

Ashanti On Her Dream Wedding

Further into the conversation, Ashanti discussed the couple's future wedding plans. The "Only You" singer disclosed that the only detail currently set is the month she wants the event to take place, as the pair is primarily focused on their baby's arrival.

“We’re both extremely busy obviously with the baby coming, you know, everything else takes a backseat,” she said. “I do know what month I want it to be.”

Ashanti added that she plans to give birth before walking down the aisle with Nelly and hopes to have a Caribbean-themed wedding, which holds a special place in her heart as she has incorporated this element into her life over the years.

“I think it's going to be a combination of fashion glam, Caribbean vibes. I have to have a beach, an ocean, and sunshine and palm trees,” she stated.

Ashanti On The Couple’s Personal Growth

Toward the end of the segment, the "Rock Wit U" crooner explained that their union works this time around because they have both grown personally, having worked on their communication and accountability skills, especially when faced with hardships.

“The growth has been superb on both ends,” she said. “We are both at a place where, like before, sometimes we would argue, walk out, slam the door, and not talk for a few days. Now it’s kind of like, all right, you good, you know, give me a kiss goodbye and It’s over. It's not like holding on and bickering. We find out what the resolution is, we apologize.”

At this time, no further information has been released regarding Ashanti's due date or pending nuptials.

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