Ashanti Is In Her Ownership Era And Leaving Negativity, Drama Behind
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Ashanti Is In Her Ownership Era And Leaving Negativity, Drama Behind

Ashanti has been in the music industry for over 20 years, dropping classic after classic and giving the people what we need to be giveth on an annual basis. Our girl has always been known for her soulful R&B music, but these days, she is taking more creative control than ever before by writing and producing every track on the album, something new for her since being signed under Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. This level of control has given Ashanti the ability to create the music she wants to make and share it with her fans in the way she wants (come through, flex!) and listen, we are here for it.

But after dealing with a yappy ex and his seemingly obsessive need to tell the world her business (see: Drink Champs interview), she is making it known that old news is just that and that she's leaving that whole saga in 2022.

In fact, in a recent interview with Black Enterprise, when directly asked what she promised herself she would leave in 2022, she referred to just that. "[I'm leaving] people with negative energy and baggage who are always down. If I can’t help you out of that funk, I will support you from afar. I’m in a space where I’m good, and I will always want to help you. Whatever you need from me and whatever I can do for you, I’m there to help. But sometimes, if that’s not enough, I’m going to pray for you, and I’m going to wish everything is amazing."

She continued, "Some people like drama, and I had my fair share last year. So that energy, I’m cool on that, and you can’t allow that to let you get upset and take you out of character. You have to let it be."

Ashanti also went on to discuss her upcoming projects, how she defines success, and getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On how her upcoming movie 'No Address' challenged her:

"This character is extremely different from anything I’ve ever done. I’ve never been in a position to be homeless or displaced. Seeing Violet fighting her struggle and coming from her background to cope with her environment and where she is now, it’s been a very dramatic thing. For me to tap into that when I first read it, I said, 'This is really very deep and very different for me.' It was something so creative and so far left from who I am. I wanted the challenge, and I’m excited about it."

On how she defines success:

"I think success is super-succeeding and living out your dreams, being happy, and being rich at heart. Success is about setting your goals and attaining them or going past what you ever thought you would do. I’m super humbled and grateful for all my success in music and film, and it’s a blessing."

On the impact of her first album (which holds the Guinness Record for the fastest-selling debut ever for a female artist):

"I never knew the album would be a staple for R&B music, especially with women. I wrote from my heart about what was going on in my life. The beauty is so many people could relate, and that’s what transcended so much. I’m in a position now where I understand the business. The passion, creativity, and reaching the people is a totally different feeling.

"I’m rerecording the first album, so now, as a business owner, going into it owning my master’s and understanding all of the business sides that come with it is a beautiful thing, too—especially for women to understand and take ownership of their own."

On what song from her catalog defines where she is now:

"...A few songs pop into my mind, but I say “Living My Life” from the album Chapter II. The words are super deep, and that record talks about the struggles of going through things, making it, and then just living my life. Right now, it’s between “Living My Life” and “Happy” from my debut album."

On what the remainder of her 2023 will look like:

"So many things going on. I’ve already spoken about the rerecording, which I’m very excited about. In addition, I’m dropping new music. We’re still talking about my children’s book, My Name Is a Story, which I released last year, and I have several events coinciding with it, such as partnering with the school districts. I have two tours set up, one in Australia and the other in the U.K. A lot of good stuff is happening."

Love seeing her live unapologetically on her terms. Read the full story here.

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