What The Year Of 4 Has In Store For Your 2020 Energy

The energy of this year serves to help us find our footing in a new reality.

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The turn of a new decade can stir up a mixed bag of emotions as we close one chapter of our lives to enter into a new one. Anticipation is high as we crave the thrill of a new adventure and the promise of potential. Simultaneously, the dread of "What's next?" or the grief lingering over what's been left behind still hangs over our heads. Last year required you to get clear about what does and doesn't belong in your reality. In the past year, you may have experienced major shifts in your life encouraging you to toss out distractions, the old narrative, incompatible connections. If you felt like you were being forced out of that job, relationship, environment, etc. then rest assured that you're headed in the right direction.

As disorienting as change can feel, it is necessary for our personal expansion. As we move into 2020, the energy of this pivotal year serves to help us find our footing in a new reality.

The Meaning Of Numerology Year 4

In Numerology, the essence of the number 4 (2+0+2+0=4) embodies stability, discipline, and patience. The masculine nature of this number extends a take-charge attitude to anyone willing to grab hold of the baton and go the distance. And that's exactly what 2020 will challenge us to do, granted the influence of this energy along with some powerful transits taking place astrologically. With a heavy emphasis on planets in Capricorn, the year ahead motivates us to get more serious about our dreams and the legacy we're creating for ourselves (and the generations to come). There's no coincidence that the poster child for homebodies is getting its fair share of action. As Cancer continues its transit through the North Node, we are guided to identify what we need in order to experience emotional security in the world.

Throughout 2020, we're invited to master the eternal dance, the balance between the masculine (Capricorn) and feminine (Cancer), the divine father and mother. Which brings up another theme—parenthood. For many, the energy of the year ahead will emphasize family planning, home buying, and rising up in the professional ranks. Last year was all fun and play, and as exciting as the energy of 2020 is, there still exists an unexplainable need to buckle down. As boring as it may sound, this year doesn't have to be a buzzkill if you're willing to take a slow, steady approach towards building the foundation for a promising decade ahead.

How To Figure Out Your Personal Year Number

Now that you've got an idea of what the universal energy is for 2020, you're probably wondering how this personally affects you. Just add the number of your birth month, day, and the current year. For example, if your birthday is on June 12th, you would add up the following:

6 (birth month) + 12 (birth day) + 2020 (current year)


(Now it's time to condense)




Once you figure out your personal year number, check out what energy is in store for you in 2020 by scrolling below.

Your 2020 Numerology Personal Year Number Guide

Your Numerology Personal Year 1


The number 1 in numerology always entails a new beginning after closing some major chapters in 2019. You still may be in a phase of letting the dust settle as you get used to this fresh start. This year, your focus is on redefining who you are as an individual. If you've been spending a lot of time focused on other people, 2020 invites you to be a little more selfish as you get clear on what really matters to you. Don't be afraid to take risks and pave your own path in the year ahead. You're encouraged to embrace what makes you different. In the year ahead, you may feel inclined to roll solo more often but bear in mind that your self-assuredness will attract a following that's looking for a leader just like you.

Your Numerology Personal Year 2


2020 is all about relationships for you after spending the last year going through a rebirth process. Now you're more clear about who are and what you value. Now it's time for you to experience connections with people that share similar goals and values. You may not necessarily be into the crowded networking events as this energy prefers to interact with others in a more intimate environment. In numerology, the 2 energy is just that—two peas in a pod. You could find yourself meeting your dream partner, long lost best friend, or the perfect business collaboration in the year ahead. You'll experience your greatest lessons by learning how to cultivate more balanced relationships.

Your Numerology Personal Year 3


This is one of the more exciting numbers of the bunch. The 3 in numerology is all about creativity, socializing, and fun. You may find it even more challenging to stay focused in this universal 4 year. You may find your mind wandering a lot more frequently than usual. No need to beat yourself up about it though. It's equally as important for you to prioritize play as it is for you to stay focused on the practical matters, too. One of your biggest assets in the year ahead can be an accountability group. This could be as simple as a group of friends, people you admire professionally, or your gym buddies. When it comes to pushing your goals forward, you'll need all the help you can get in 2020.

Your Numerology Personal Year 4


The year ahead is all about growing your roots. The seeds you planted a few years ago are starting to come into fruition although you may not experience the fullness of them quite yet. Last year, you got a chance to flow a little more freely as your creativity went through a revitalization phase. Now that you're equipped with some genius ideas, it's time to lay the groundwork for the vision. Where you found yourself too distracted to get anything done, this year's energy makes it easier for you to focus on what you're building whether that's your business, self-esteem, or bank account. Simply showing up and making the effort will take you far this year.

Your Numerology Personal Year 5


Change is the name of the game for you. If you've been hung up on a person, habit, or situation, 2020 will likely grant you the freedom you've been seeking. Don't be surprised if a little chaos is the catalyst for the shifts you're undergoing. The year ahead requires you to be more flexible than you had to be last year. Sudden changes may take you to completely new places and foreign experiences. This energy will test just how open you are to the cosmic dance of surrender. Control issues will come to a forceful head, encouraging you to assess your fears and doubts. In what ways are you lacking faith in the unknown? As unpredictable as the number 5 can be in numerology, the universal energy of the 4 will assist you in stabilizing with grace and ease.

Your Numerology Personal Year 6


The year ahead encourages you to nurture yourself, your talents, and goals. This motherly energy loves to extend herself to others, oftentimes at the detriment to her own needs. It's important that you exert the same amount of effort, if not more, into improving your own quality of life. 2020 may highlight some imbalances within your daily routines, habits, and relationships. It's important that you use discernment to avoid being manipulated by those that may take your compassion for weakness. As much as you care, you can't do the work for other people. It's time that those around you learn how to stand on their own while you become more self-reliant as well.

Your Numerology Personal Year 7


The energy of the 7 invites you into your inner world. 2020 is about reconnecting with God, the Universe, or whatever Higher Power you resonate with. The year ahead will call for much quiet time and introspection. As you prioritize more stillness, you'll be able to sift through the mental chatter that inhibits you from receiving clear communication from your Higher Power. During this one-year cycle, you're encouraged to spend time studying and refining your beliefs as they are the building blocks for the material success you'll be manifesting next year. Remember—"As above, so below."

Your Numerology Personal Year 8 


Your professional life is getting all the more solid this year after you spent the last year figuring out what purposeful work is for you. Now that you've got a clear vision, you're ready to execute and the universal energy of the 4 is giving you even more assistance to materialize your dreams. The number 8 in numerology is also very karmic—as in "what goes around, comes around". If you've been putting in the effort, then you can expect the reward. If you've been procrastinating, well, you can expect a kick in the ass to do better. 2020 isn't necessarily about exerting maximum amounts of effort but instead invites you to work smarter, not harder.

Your Numerology Personal Year 9 


In a universal year of new beginnings, you'll be processing some of the remnants of the past. You may be feeling more nostalgic than usual as you look back on the past 9 years. What lessons did you learn? What do you still have regrets about? What loose ends need to be tied up this year? These are just a few of the questions that you want to ask yourself in the year ahead. Emotions may be a bit up and down this year but you have a lot to be grateful for. Your experiences, your heartache, your failures have made you all the wiser. Your lesson this year? Learning to surrender with grace.

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