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LeToya Luckett Says Being Kicked Out Of Destiny's Child Helped Her Reconnect With God

Every loss is an opportunity to level up.

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Every loss is an opportunity to level up; just take it from LeToya Luckett, who said that one of the most devastating times in her life was only a blessing in disguise.

In moments of despair, we're quick to blame God, but it's important to know that God will never allow you to go through pain without purpose. LeToya learned this firsthand at only 19 years old after being suddenly removed from Destiny's Child after 7 years of performing for the group. On a recent episode of her Facebook Watch show If Not For My Girls, the singer opened up about the experience and proved that sometimes your loss is actually a win. She explained to her co-hosts:

"When I came out of DC, out of Destiny's Child, there was a moment of 'OK, what do I do next?'"

Although the news sent her life into a tizzy, it was proof that sometimes God will push you into your pain for the sake of your purpose. It wasn't until later in her life, when she met a friend who encouraged her to reconnect with her spirituality that she was actually able to find peace. The woman, who LeToya described as a "motherly, nurturing spirit", is a prime example of how God will sometimes speak through others to get to you, you just have to be ready to listen.

"[She] comforted me and told me, 'Dust yourself off. Let's go to church. Let's go to these women's conferences. Let's pray together.' She helped me to build my prayer life. I got a better understanding of who God was to me."

God puts people in your life to be either a lesson or a blessing, and if you're lucky enough, you'll meet people who will be both. In the past, LeToya has been open about how her departure from the group left a number of lasting emotional wounds and said that although it "hurt", she's now able to see that everything that has happened has all been for the better.

"I feel that God places people in your life because I know that I've had so many different angels, as I like to call them, that I feel God perfectly — in His timing, in His perfect timing — placed these women in my life for a specific reason."

Today, LeToya credits both the people who have come into her life as well as her pain for allowing her the opportunity to be uncomfortable.

"I started to build a relationship with God and I found comfort in that instead of comfort in trying to figure out what I wanted to do next. I had to seek Him first before I could make any moves."

A devoted husband, a precious baby, and a platinum-selling album later, it's safe to say that LeToya is doing "So Good", and it's all because she let go and let God figure out the rest.

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