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12 Foods That Can Make Your Butt Bigger

With articles out in cyberspace like "Jada And Willow Smith Both Reveal They've Considered Getting A BBL In The Past" and "The 'BBL effect': Plastic surgeons say they're seeing record numbers of patients as people look to lift their bodies — and their booties — out of the pandemic", there's no way around the fact that the desire for a bigger, fuller and/or rounder butt, for a lot of women, isn't going away any time soon.

Still, with all of the risks that can come with getting a BBL (bruising, blood clots, infection, heart issues, and even death in some cases), I thought it was important to remind our audience of something that more and more people seem to be losing sight off — there are natural ways to enhance your derriere too. Ones that are much healthier, far less expensive, and can benefit your health and well-being in other ways as well.

One way to get your butt to where you want it is through exercise. Glutes, squats, and lunges are classically effective when it comes to building muscle mass on your backside. And you know what? Something that can make this easier to do is eating certain foods that will literally "feed your muscles."

12 Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt

If you want a bigger butt, here are 12 foods that can help to make that happen while doing your body a lot of good from head to toe in the process. So, where's your grocery list at, sis? Let's do this.


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1. Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt: Avocados

Avocados are one of my favorite fruits and ever since I've learned how easy it is to make guacamole — chile, you can't tell me a damn thing! As far as health benefits go, they contain more potassium than bananas; are full of fatty acids; are considered to be an aphrodisiac thanks to all of the vitamin E (which helps to support sex hormones) that are in them; can help your body to better absorb nutrients and are packed with antioxidants — ones that especially are great for maintaining your vision.

As far as your backside goes, avocados are bomb because they've got healthy fats that can help to reduce bodily inflammation while reducing the stress and strain that your body can sometimes go through when you're in the process of trying to build muscle, including your glutes.

2. Nuts

If you're looking for a way to get some fat and protein into your system without consuming any meat, eating nuts is certainly one way to do it. Since nuts are also full of fiber, they can be a good way to stay regular as well. Aside from that, nuts are good for you because they're a solid source of copper, manganese, and selenium, and they can assist with lowering your cholesterol levels. Also, some medical experts believe that they support heart health too.

Butt-wise, nuts are great because all of the fat and protein in them can help you to develop strong and solid muscles while still causing your butt to have some "movement" (a lot of BBLs do not).

3. Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt: Oatmeal

If nothing makes you happier than having a hot heaping bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, you're actually doing your body a lot of good because this is a food that's considered to be incredibly nutritious. Oatmeal is off-the-charts when it comes to how much manganese it contains (around 190 percent of the recommended dietary intake), plus it's got fiber, protein, phosphorus, copper, zinc, iron, vitamins B1 and B5 and so much more.

Some other things worth noting are the antioxidants in oatmeal can help to reduce inflammation and lower your blood pressure, there are properties in oatmeal that can also balance out your blood sugar levels and some studies even say that feeding a baby oatmeal can reduce their chances of getting asthma up the road. If you want a fuller butt, oatmeal is the lick because it's also got micronutrients in it. The cool thing about that is those are great when it comes to increasing muscle mass over time.

4. Brown Rice

Looking for a way to up your dietary fiber intake? Brown rice has your back (pun intended). Good thing too because the combination of the fiber and magnesium that's in brown rice can help to lower your risk of having a heart attack or stroke up the road. It's also a great source of protein and several forms of vitamin B. Plus, it's gluten-free if that's the kind of diet that you're after. If you're looking for a kind of food that is easy to digest, contains amino acids like glutamine, glycerin, and GABA to help manage depression-related symptoms and you want some extra energy as you're exercising so that you can get your butt just where you want it to be, brown rice has you — all the way around.


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5.  Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt: Bananas

You might've heard that if you've got a muscle cramp, you should probably snack on a banana. That's because it's a good source of potassium and potassium is what helps to slow the contractions that cause the cramping down. Bananas are also a beneficial fruit because they have vitamins B6 and C in them, along with copper, manganese, fiber, and protein. If you want to balance out your blood sugar levels, have a banana.

If you want to improve your digestive health, have a banana. If you want to get more antioxidants into your system, have a banana. And, if you want to snack on something sweet that can help you to lose weight, feel fuller longer, and also give you the energy to get your butt into shape — you already know…have a banana.

6. Eggs

I'm kinda thinking that it comes as no surprise to any of you that eggs are an amazing source of protein. That's not all, though. They're also a good source of selenium and various forms of vitamin B. Also, the yellow yolk of the egg is loaded with choline which is awesome for the growth of your baby if you happen to be pregnant. Choline is also helpful when it comes to providing your cells with the fat that they need in order to fully develop.

Not only that but the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin are awesome for your vision and word on the street is they can even do their part to decrease your chances of having a stroke. And since eggs are one of the greatest sources of protein per serving there is, I'm sure you get why they're another food that can feed your glutes, so that your butt can appear bigger and fuller (with exercise, of course). Where's your omelet at?

7.  Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt: Mushrooms

Something that I really like about mushrooms is they have a kind of "meaty texture" that makes them a good substitute if you're trying to eat more vegetarian or vegan meals (check out "10 Foods That Make Eating Less Meat...Easier"). Aside from that, mushrooms are cool because, nutrient-wise, they've got vitamin D, antioxidants, zinc, potassium, and loads of other vitamins and minerals in them. All of these nutrients work together to boost your immunity, maintain heart health, and support gut health.

Anyway, mushrooms can help you get your butt to where you want it to be because they also are high in protein and again, protein is good for muscle development. And since mushrooms are a vegetable, consuming them is how you can build muscle mass without relying on animal products to do it.

8. Beef

Sometimes, nothing brings me more joy than a juicy hamburger or a T-bone steak. Lawd, have mercy! And so long as you consume beef in moderation, there are some solid health benefits that come with eating it. First, meat is definitely a strong source of protein. Also, it's got vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, iron, and phosphorus in it. Something else that's cool about beef is it has the antioxidant glutathione in it. That's dope because it helps to strengthen your immunity, fight aging signs, and even increase longevity.

When it comes to beef getting your butt to where you want it to be — whew. First, the organic compound creatine that's in it helps to give your body the energy that it needs in order to build muscle mass as the protein in beef helps to increase muscle mass. In fact, beef contains all of the amino acids that are required for a food to be categorized as being a "complete protein". So, if you like nothing more than steak fajitas on the weekend, dig in, sis! Your taste buds will thank you. Your backside will too.


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9.  Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt: Quinoa

Initially, I wasn't a fan of quinoa at all. Then, I learned that it's all about how it's prepared. Now, I dig it. As far as health benefits go, it's a protein-filled and gluten-free seed that is classified as being a whole grain. Quinoa is high in amino acids, fiber, iron, B-vitamins, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, copper and a host of other nutrients. A really great thing about quinoa is it can help you to manage your blood sugar levels.

Not only that but it's loaded with antioxidants, can assist with you shedding a few pounds (because it is able to boost your metabolism levels) and it contains anti-inflammatory properties too. Butt-wise, because it has so much protein in it (around eight grams a cup), it's a great building block for muscle mass and tone.

10. Greek Yogurt

Nothing will give you a protein, probiotic, vitamin B12, and calcium fix quite like a serving of Greek yogurt will. That said, if you've always wondered what the difference is between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt, Greek yogurt contains less sugar and more protein while regular yogurt has fewer calories and more calcium. Anyway, Greek yogurt can give you a metabolism boost, help to keep your bones strong and it's also great for your butt because it can also help to build muscle mass (thanks to its protein) while keeping your gut in good shape (thanks to its probiotics). This ultimately means a nice ass and a slim waistline — naturally so.

11.  Foods To Eat for a Bigger Butt: Salmon

I can honestly eat a homemade salmon Caesar salad, at least a couple of times a week. Salmon is great for you, one because of all of the fatty acids (omega 3s) that are in it. Fatty acids are good because they are a "healthy fat" that helps to fight inflammation, lower your risk of heart disease, lower your blood pressure, keep your skin and hair moisturized from the inside out and so much more. Besides that, salmon also contains protein, B vitamins, potassium, selenium, and the antioxidant astaxanthin which reduces oxidative stress.

And if you want to have a little jiggle to your booty, salmon can actually help to make that happen. The reason why is because something that a lot of people with a big butt and thick thighs have in common is they are high in omega-3s. Now this is no reason to go overboard or anything. Still, it is good food for thought, next time you're baking some salmon for dinner.

12. Lentils

Even though a lot of people consider lentils to be beans, they are also seeds— seeds that are a huge source of protein, fiber, folate, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and potassium. The polyphenols in lentils have anti-inflammatory properties, its tannins help your system to absorb iron so that your blood can remain healthy and the phytic acid in these types of seeds has powerful antioxidant and anticancer properties in them.

And all of this helps your body to increase more muscle mass which ultimately can include a bigger butt. So, the next time you're in the mood for some lentil soup, now you've got another reason to indulge. You're just a few bowls away from building a bigger butt. And oh, what a delicious way to do it, right?

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