Your 2024 Career Forecast, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Explore your sign’s 2024 horoscope predictions to learn what is in store for you this year in love, career, and more. Check out the love compatibility of each sign to learn more about zodiac pairings and all things compatibility.

When it comes to what is in store for your career in 2024, the vibe is influential. The Astrology transits of 2024 are pointing toward musings, finding inspiration, planting new seeds, and nurturing your goals. It’s about taking your passions, hobbies, and interests seriously and turning an idea into material. This is a year of getting creative with what you are looking to go after within your professional world and about maintaining a confident sense of patience while they come about for you.

Jupiter will be in Taurus until May 25, and Jupiter in Taurus brings benefits financially, artistically, and when it comes to personal investments. The first half of the year is a good time to turn intentions into attainable goals and to create a new structure for yourself financially if needed. Jupiter then moves into Gemini on May 25 until June 9, 2025, and the second half of the year will be a good time for networking, putting your ideas out there, thinking outside of the box, careers that are based on communication, and opening your mind to what is possible for you within your career.

Your 2024 Career Horoscope Predictions, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Jupiter in Gemini is inspiring, and this energy is changing the way we look at things professionally. Something healing is happening when it comes to the way we work and the way we handle the workday or environment. Changes need to be made, and there is a shift happening in the world this year that is geared more towards rest, collaboration, taking intentional action, and having a good balance between personal life and professional life.

The North Node entered Aries in July 2023 and will be in this feisty sign until early 2025. With the North Node in a sign aligned with leadership, courage, and independence, there is a lot of motivation to go after your personal goals in life right now and to forge a new path for yourself. Self-awareness is highlighted, and there is a need to stand out from the crowd, to shine in what makes you unique, and to be the leader of your goals.

You will find success by not being afraid to be authentically you in whatever environment you are in. At the same time, Chiron, the wounded healer, is also in Aries, and we are also healing said matters and wounds related to the self. Ask yourself this year, “What do you feel empowered to create, to be, and to become, and does it align with the current path you are on right now in your career?”

Read on for your sun and rising sign below to see what 2024 has in store for your career.


You are learning a lot within your career this year, Aries. You are learning how to let go of things when you know it’s time to, how to plan financially so that you are not left feeling overburdened or restricted, and how to trust yourself and the dreams that are meant for you. The North Node is our direction in life, our goals, and our dreams, and with the North Node in your sign all year, you have a lot you want to accomplish and tend to right now. The vision is clear, but you are being reminded to go about things with more confidence and dignity rather than competition or fear of loss.

Jupiter, the planet of blessings, is in your 2nd house of finances and income until May, and the first half of the year will be a good time to experience gains financially and to set yourself up for future success.


There is a lot of positive and transformative energy flowing through your career world this year, Taurus. Jupiter, the planet of blessings, is in your sign until May 25th, and you are experiencing the benefits of this benevolent planet in your orb. You are seeing past goals and dreams come to fruition, your stature within your career is evolving, and things are overall turning around for you for the better here. On May 25th, once Jupiter moves out of your sign and enters Gemini, the energy then moves into your 2nd house of finances, and you get to end the year on an abundant tone.

You could be expanding your income this year or overall feeling a greater sense of financial stability. With Saturn in your house of community, you are learning an important lesson when it comes to working with the right people, sharing your dreams with the right people, and thinking big picture when it comes to your goals.


It’s all about perspective this year, Gemini. Maintaining a positive attitude while going after your dreams is needed, and there may be some ups and downs you are moving through career-wise this year. With the North Node and Chiron in your 11th house in 2024, you are learning more about who you want to work with and how to attract the right people into your life to help you reach success. You are also recognizing the right headspace it takes to feel emotionally fulfilled in life, and taking care of your personal life will help benefit your career a lot this year.

Once Jupiter moves into your sign from May 25th until June 2025, you enter one of the luckiest times in your life, and you end the year with opportunities falling into your lap. Remember to keep your focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want so that you don’t miss the gifts that are presenting themselves to you this year.


There is a lot to celebrate this year, and you are having fun with where things are within your career, Cancer. You are working with the right people and feeling a sense of love and emotional fulfillment with what you are doing in your career life and the people you are doing it with. You are finding yourself being celebrated and encouraged, and with the North Node and Chiron both in your 10th house of career, you are reaching some significant goals in 2024. This is a year of expressing yourself and your ideas freely, having more fun in the workplace, and coming together with others who share a common goal as you.

There is a New Moon Eclipse on April 8th, happening in a career area of your chart, and this is when you will see a turnaround and a new beginning come about professionally. There is friendship, creativity, and love in the workplace for you this year, Cancer.


This year is about going after what you want, showing up, and being fearless about your goals, Leo. This is going to be a more action-oriented year for you, and you are feeling confident in the things you are showing up for right now. Jupiter, the benevolent planet of blessings, is in your career, public life, and reputation area of your chart until May, and you are taking on new opportunities eagerly. Your world is abundant this year, and you are thinking big right now. With the North Node in your house of adventure, this is the time to get inspired about where life can take you and to expand your horizons.

You are a visionary, you are a leader, and it’s time to think long-term about your goals and intentions. Take inspired action, trust your instincts, and be confident in the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you this year.


When it comes to career life this year, you are working, playing, connecting, and creating. You are shining in your creativity this year and connecting with people who you professionally resonate with. You are in a creative zone this year and are putting out a lot of work or producing a lot of the things you have been thinking over. You may also find yourself in more group atmospheres in the workplace, as people are coming into your life to collaborate and help you succeed. Jupiter is in your 10th house of career from May until next year, and the second half of the year is going to be the most successful time for you as things move forward for you quickly and harmoniously in this energy.

Your expertise is needed this year, and you are shining and gaining financially in the things you excel in and have worked towards. You are being rewarded for your efforts in 2024, Virgo.


Career life this year for you, Libra, is about taking a step back, looking at the options in front of you, and deciding where you want to go from here. Your professional and career life may be put on the back-burner a little more this year as there are other more pressing matters grabbing your attention. There is a sense of more rest, clarity, and inspiration needed to feel confident enough to move forward again, and you need some time to plan your next steps this year.

With Saturn, the planet of lessons and restrictions, in your 6th house of health, work, and daily routine for the year, this is an area of your life where you are feeling more challenged and need some time to grow here. The New Moon Eclipse in your sign on Oct. 2nd will be a turning point for you and when you feel like you can take a breath of fresh air.


Career this year is about what you are saying yes to and what you are saying no to, Scorpio. There are a lot of opportunities presenting themselves, but you will want to make sure you are choosing from the heart and the head and not saying yes to things you will later regret doing. Aligning with the things you truly feel passionate about this year is essential, and you will see greater gains financially when you do so. The New Moon Eclipse on April 8th will be influencing your work and career life and will be creating a new beginning for you here.

Jupiter is in your 8th house of shared finances, taxes, debt, and resources from May until 2025, and this is a good time to see your finances increase, pay off debts, or feel a greater sense of abundance in your relationships and commitments. Overall, your career life this year is about choosing wisely, gaining financially, and experiencing a transformation.


This year is all about trusting your intuition in your career and letting go of what is not serving you while moving into what is Sagittarius. There may be some uncomfortable experiences you have to confront within your career this year, and you are being guided to trust your instincts more. If something feels too good to be true, or if something feels off while talking to someone in the workplace, trust yourself on it. Don’t be blinded by glitz and glamour; dive deeper into the opportunities that are presenting themselves.

Jupiter will be in your 6th house of work until May, helping you expand in your career and receive your successes- but not everyone may be happy for you in the process. Protect your energy, protect your assets, and focus on your future. With Pluto in your 3rd house of communication this year, you are communicating effectively, and feeling empowered to do so.


It’s all about your intentions within your career this year, Capricorn. You are already someone who is a more career-focused person, and you typically thrive in this area of your life. However, you also can lean more towards overworking yourself and burning yourself out in the process. This year is reminding you to work smarter and not harder and to release your grasp on unhealthy habits or work environments when they don’t serve you or your well-being.

You are gaining financially but may be feeling more restricted in the process if you don’t take the time to settle into and be grateful for what is- instead of always continuing to strive for more and losing balance on your other priorities. Pluto entered your 2nd house income in early 2024, where it will be for some time to come, and you are entering a new era financially this year. Overall, you are feeling a lot of empowerment and transformation here.


You are feeling in tune and well-prepared for career matters this year, Aquarius. This is a year of mentally moving through a deep space of growth, reflection, and wisdom, and you are putting this energy into your career and the people you work with. You may find yourself in more leadership positions this year, and people want to know what you have to say and what you are thinking about things. Pluto entered your sign at the beginning of the year, making you one of the power players of 2024- and you are truly a force to be reckoned with this year.

The Full Moon Eclipse happening on Sept. 17th will be in your 2nd house of income, and you will see some past goals and intentions come to fruition for you during this time. Your investments are seeing a return, and you are being heard and supported. You are closing one chapter within your career this year and opening the door to a new one.


This is a passionate and inspiring year for you when it comes to your career, Pisces. You have the right energy with your goals, and you are taking intentional action here. This is a year of feeling confident in who you are and what you bring to the table and being seen as a leader in the workplace. Jupiter is in your 4th house for most of this year, and you are looking to create stable and long-term financial gains in your life right now. Stability is everything for you this year, especially with Saturn in your sign now, and you are building new structures in your life that are meant to last.

There is an Eclipse in your sign on Sept. 17th, and you are coming full circle when it comes to your personal goals and are seeing fewer obstacles ahead to reach them. You are mastering your creativity and your world this year and are meeting successes, Pisces.

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