10 Weird & Random Things That Can Prevent An Orgasm

10 Weird & Random Things That Can Prevent An Orgasm

Not too long ago, while having a conversation with a wife that I know about marital intimacy, she shared with me something that her husband isn't even aware of. It's two things, actually. The first is that she's been faking orgasms with him, pretty much since they met (which is close to 25 years at this point; they've been married for almost two decades). The other thing is, the only man who has been able to make her climax, is a boyfriend from back in the day; someone she still talks to from time to time (chiiiiiile).

"Shellie, when you get married, you'll see that it's not all about sex or orgasms. There are more important things to focus on." Hmph. Spoken like a woman who doesn't have orgasms, right? Yes, I agree that sex is a part of a marriage and not the entire shebang. But what I absolutely disagree with is the fact that good sex—the kind that should include mutual climaxing as much as possible—does not play a pivotal role in a couple's happiness and satisfaction.

A while back, I penned a piece entitled "Can't Climax? 10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself". If you're someone who also has a challenging time "getting there" with your partner, those questions might help you to get to the root of the matter. But before you dive into that, maybe check out this list first. Although the biggest sexual organ is our brain—which means that making sure we feel safe and secure in our relationship is paramount—there are also some semi-weird and quite random things that could be keeping you from gettin' yours as well.

1. Cycling


Here's something to think about before you head off to your next spin class. There's a study that revealed that 7 out of 10 consistent female cyclists have either experienced pain or numbness in their vaginal region. And here's the thing—not only do both of these transpire right after they get off of the bike; they can last for up to a week. Now tell me, who do you know who has earth-shattering orgasms when they are experiencing discomfort or numbness down there? Sounds like there's no time like the present to go running or to do a little yoga instead, huh?

2. Your Diet


You can read articles like "How To Eat Your Way To Better Sex" to discover some foods that are proven aphrodisiacs. But did you know what there are foods that can work against you climbing the walls as well? Caffeinated drinks can pose a challenge because they have the ability to make you anxious. Processed foods (like fast food) aren't the best because they can destabilize your hormones. Please push back from soy more often; it mimics estrogen (you can read more about that here and here) which can also put your hormones on a roller coaster ride. Too much sugar can affect the dopamine levels in your system, resulting in delayed orgasms or (gasp!) not having one at all (sugar can trigger vaginal dryness too). Also, while I know this is a weird one, try not to have cantaloupe every morning. It naturally contains a carbocyclic polyol called myo-inositol; in women, it can decrease testosterone levels by as much as 75 percent. Low testosterone, less orgasms.

3. Being Too Quiet


So, what are the conversations like in your bedroom? From what I've read, 81 percent of women actually wish their partner would talk dirty too them more often. It makes sense because there is tons of data to support that that kind of communication, relaxes the body, stimulates the mind and inspires both men and women to take more sexual risks. Case in point—I know someone who absolutely loathes the word "p—sy". But when she is ready to cum, that is the main thing she wants to hear.

There's something about dirty talk that gasses us up to attempt truly great things. If your bedroom is silent or y'all are up in there talking about bills during coitus, I'm actually impressed if the orgasms are high on the shook-meter. Real talk.

4. High Heels


On one hand, high heels can make your butt look amazing. On the other, it can cause your orgasms to tank. How in the world can that happen?

Well, when you wear your favorite pair of pumps, they tend to put stress and strain on your psoas muscles (those are muscles that are close to your spine and also line your hip and thigh bones). When they become deformed, that can hinder your body from receiving the message that orgasm arousal is taking place.

I know some of y'all are like "What the hell?!" but sometimes you've gotta make hard decisions—is it gonna be non-stop Stilettos or earth-shattering orgasms? Report in the comment section, please. I'm dying to know.

5. Not Kissing Enough


Back when I was in college, I always found it to be, "odd" is the word I'm going to go with, whenever a woman would say to me that they were offended when a man would have sex with them without kissing them. Personally, a man wouldn't be able to get to base 2, 3 or anywhere else without a smooch session going down but, at the time, I chalked it up to youth. Then, about three months ago, I spoke with a man in his late 30s, who also said he was not big on kissing. About two sentences after that, he then boasted that he satisfies all of his partners. Eh. The jury is out on that because I haven't polled those ladies. What I do know is if he's as "bomb" as he claims, he can only make sex better if he would do more kissing—on the mouth.

Yep. Another reason why some people struggle with climaxing is because there's not enough mouth-to-mouth kissing going on. When saliva is exchanged, a boost in oxytocin occurs. When oxytocin is surging throughout our system, it stimulates and relaxes us simultaneously. And that sets the "perfect storm", as far as orgasms go.

6. Too Much Alcohol


Alcohol is weird. On one hand, while it can get you in the mood to have sex, there are also studies which indicate that it can pose all types of barriers when it comes to how your genitalia responds to sexual stimuli. A part of the reason is because it can inhibit your central nervous system (you need that in order to have an orgasm). Another reason is because it can dehydrate you (you need to be hydrated in order to get wet). As far as guys go, alcohol can also delay ejaculation (which could be a good or bad thing, I guess).

So if, for some reason, you thought that getting drunkety drunk drunk was what you needed in order to have a great night, push the bottle back and think again. Drunken sex may start off cool, but it usually doesn't result in the kind of fireworks you're probably looking for.

7. Youth


If you're someone who hates aging with a passion, maybe this will give you a reason to look forward to putting another candle onto next year's birthday cake. According to a medical expert who shared a study on climaxing as it relates to age, the older you get, the easier it is to have an orgasm. How easy? Reportedly, 61 percent of women between the ages of 18-24, and 65 percent of women in their 30s claim to have had an orgasm the last time they had sex. Meanwhile, a whopping 70 percent of women in their 40s and 50s did. With age comes wisdom and experience. This data confirms that that is more than just a popular saying.

8. Being a Control Freak


OK. How many of y'all remember the early 90s movieStrictly Business? It started Halle Berry, Tommy Davidson, Samuel L. Jackson and a woman named Anne-Marie Johnson who was dating a character played by Joseph C. Philips. Anyway, there's a scene in it where Anne-Marie and Joseph were having sex and she was shouting out instructions. Literal instructions—"left…right…move…there." Ugh.

If you're a control freak in other areas of your life, there's a chance that you could be one in the bedroom. No one wants to have sex with a drill sergeant. And you know what? When you're all tense from overthinking and bossing your partner around, you significantly decrease your chances of having any real or lasting pleasure too.

9. Condoms and Lube


By no means am I saying that you shouldn't use condoms. If you are not in a mutually exclusive relationship and both you and your partner aren't getting tested on a regular basis, you most certainly should. All I'm saying is, not every man—including Black man—in America needs a Magnum brand. In fact, since the average size of an erect penis is a little over 5", it's important for a man to know what size condom he can comfortably wear. Otherwise, the condom could be too tight, preventing him from having an orgasm or too loose, resulting in it coming off (condoms that are too thick can hinder climaxing too).

As far as lubrication goes, I'm pretty sure you know that the wetter, the better. If there's not enough foreplay for natural lubrication to flow and/or you're not bringing some other form of lubrication into the mix, not only do you decrease your chance of having an orgasm, but intercourse can become really uncomfortable as well. So yeah, make sure you're using the right condom and that there's enough lubrication.

(Oh! If you agree that your man needs a better-fitting condom, you or he can read more about how to get "sized" for one here and here.)

10. A Non-Jealous Man


Nobody is saying that you should go out here and get a raging lunatic stalker. Please don't. But there isn't anything wrong with being with a man who keeps his guard up, just a bit, around your male associates. Don't take my word for it. There are studies to support that when men perceive other guys are potential rivals, they tend to up their sex game, just to make sure their partner is fully satisfied and stays put.

So, if your man isn't bringing the fire like you want him to, perhaps introduce him to a fine male co-worker. According to the research I've done, that just might be what he needs to get you to climaxing—over and over and over again.

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