Mid-Week Slump? Try These Motivational Quotes From Amazing Black Women
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Mid-Week Slump? Try These Motivational Quotes From Amazing Black Women

Never take for granted the power of a good motivational wordto speak life into your mind and spirit. I know things can get a bit corny and cliche when you see motivational speakers or quotes on social, and maybe you're on that de-motivation train. But sis, it's good to pour into ourselves with positive words, affirmations, and truths.

While I'm not too keen on self-help or the hell-fire preaching type of motivational speeches, I absolutely love wise, encouraging, and thought-provoking insights from women based on their experiences, education, training, relatability, or life story. For me, it's all about who the message is coming from, the context and energy behind it, and the actual impact the women have made on the world. Here are a few motivational quotes that I often reference when I'm feeling that mid-week slump:

"I don't ever see myself in a position of controlling how other people think or how other people view me... What's most important is how I see myself." —Actress and Educator Phylicia Rashad
"That's how I go into every situation. I treat it as if nothing is impossible, so I don't let anything limit me, let anything stop me, let anything scare me." —Rapper and Producer Megan Thee Stallion

"I hate to lose, but I think losing is what brought me here today...And some of them are extremely painful, but I wouldn't take any of them away because every time I lose, it takes a long time for me to lose again because I learn so much from it. If you lose, learn from it. Don't live in the past. Live in the present. And don't make the same mistakes in the future." —Tennis champion Serena Williams

"We all have an idea of our plan, like, 'This is how it's going to work out.' And then we all see that the plan is not always what we think it will be. ... Never more have I learned to bet on myself. You have to bet on yourself." —TV Host and Journalist, Tamron Hall

"I believe that nobody can be the best you but you. So you might as well show up and show out." —Author, Host and Actress, Bevy Smith

"How I choose to affect change is by speaking up, by being a first, and by being a domino. ... Being the domino for me looks like speaking up and doing the things that are really difficult, especially when they're really needed, with the hope that others will follow suit." —Author and Entrepreneur, Luvvie Ajayi Jones

"And finally I said, 'God loves me.' It still humbles me that this force, which made leaves and fleas and stars and rivers and you, loves me—me, Maya Angelou. It's amazing. I can do anything and I can do it well...any good thing... because God loves me." —Author, Actress and Poet, Maya Angelou
"Give yourself a thousand second chances. Realize that you've got a thousand times to get it right. Life is about practicing and replaying... Life is not about perfection." —Author and Speaker, Lisa Nichols

"Don't hate on yourself. Don't speak negatively about yourself. Don't be your own worst enemy. It's about just having the courage and knowing who you are ... This is a gift. Have the courage. Just do it." —Singer, Author, and Actress, Mary J. Blige

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