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8 'It Girl' Podcasts To Help You Level Up And Elevate Your Thinking

Black folk love a good podcast, and the numbers don't lie: A report found that a whopping 43% of the U.S. Black population are monthly podcast listeners. Among those listeners, 55 percent are women, and 75% overall, Black listeners are drawn to shows that focus on our unique stories and perspectives.

Listening to a good podcast can leave you feeling energized, seen, and understood, especially when Black women hosts are at the lead. And if you're a lover of multitasking motivation, they're perfect to enjoy while doing your household chores or driving to your next appointment.

Since xoNecole, in partnership with Hyundai, has launched its inaugural ItGirl 100 List—a celebration of fierce, ultra-creative, Black women, across industries—here are a few podcasts to add to your list for leveling up in all aspects of your life and career:

1.Therapy For Black Girls With Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Addressing mental health issues and redefining wellness in that area is a great first start for leveling up, whether personally or professionally. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is keeping the momentum going this year, offering insights on subjects including finding "purpose in profit," healing from grief, and more.

2.Healed Girl Era With Gia Peppers

Known for making her own amazing boss moves in media, Gia Peppers is expanding on the impact she had with her previous podcast, "More Than That," with "Healed Girl Era," a show that focuses on topics including self-love cultivation and candid conversations with other successful women we love like author and speaker Luvvie Ajayi, Oscar-nominated actress Danielle Brooks (The Color Purple), and entrepreneur Jovian Zayne.

3.The Mama's Den

For all the moms holding down the house while loving on their pride and joys, this is a great podcast that talks about issues ranging from pop culture snafus to friendship maintenance. The conversations also affirm Black women's identities that go beyond being "mommy," and how women can truly embrace self-care as parents.

4.The Light Podcast with Michelle Obama

The former U.S. First Lady taps into her network of friends and family to drop jewels on friendship, marriage, relationship building, and some of her own personal experiences of life post-White House. What's great about this is if you loved any of her books, you can get even more elevated inspiration.

5.The Scottie & Sylvia Show

Media personalities and best friends Scottie Beam and Sylvia Obell got rave reviews and built a robust community of supporters with Okay, Now Listen during the pandemic but ended recording episodes of the super-successful show in 2022. They came back strong, launching their latest podcast, The Scottie & Sylvia Show, via Issa Rae's Raedio, addressing topics on romance, colorism, and vulnerability in the engaging way that’s made them a crowd favorite.

6.Money Talk With Tiff

Can't level up with talking about personal finance, and Tiffany Grant, an accredited financial counselor, shares realistic tips on subjects like how to tackle debt and the best approach to having the money talk with your bae. The show also features interviews with entrepreneurs and experts on real estate investing and entrepreneurship.

7.The Thought Card

Danielle Desir Corbette meshes her passion for travel with personal finance advocacy with this podcast. She offers insights on "travel hacking" and content about unique travel experiences that put Black culture and enlightenment at the center of the adventure.

8.Just Us Podcast

This podcast is hosted by besties who are lawyers by training, and co-host Tashira Halyard (who left a career in law to go full-time as a content creator) boldly holds space, offering her very relatable take on social, economic, and personal topics that affect Black women in the workplace and society at large. This podcast particularly showcases the power of connection, understanding, and common ground that is magnified when two powerful millennials from diverse backgrounds actually talk, listen, and respectfully relate with one another in ways that are affirming and truth-seeking.

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As they say, create the change you want to see in this world, besties. That’s why xoNecole linked up with Hyundai for the inaugural ItGirl 100 List, a celebration of 100 Genzennial women who aren’t afraid to pull up their own seats to the table. Across regions and industries, these women embody the essence of discovering self-value through purpose, honey! They're fierce, they’re ultra-creative, and we know they make their cities proud.


Even though it’s my life, sometimes I look at it and totally trip out over certain things.

For instance, even though I am aware that both Hebrew and African cultures put a lot of stock in the name of a child (because they believe it speaks to their purpose; so do I) and I know that my name is pretty much Hebrew for divine covenant, it’s still wild that in a couple of years, I will have been working with married couples for a whopping two decades — and boy, is it an honor when they will say something like, “Shellie, we’ve seen [professionally] multiple people and no one has been nearly as effective as you have been.”