10 Black Podcasts About Healing You Should Be Listening To Now
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10 Black Podcasts About Healing You Should Be Listening To Now

These listens provide major keys to cultivating calm in your daily life.


With an ever-growing list of to-dos, responsibilities that have no chill, and personal obligations, it’s no wonder so many of us are looking for ways to cultivate calm in our daily lives. That goes double for me. In the pursuit of inner work and inner peace, I have found myself gravitating to podcasts that exude self-improvement, self-development, and most importantly, self-care. Listening to podcasts has become a daily ritual and instantly makes me feel as though I am actively pouring into my own cup.

If you are looking for podcasts to help you on your healing journey, look no further. Keep scrolling for podcasts about healing by Black people that absolutely need to be in your rotation.

1.Sensual Self with Ev’Yan Whitney

Sensual Self

Previously titled "The Sexually Liberated Woman," Ev’Yan Whitney’s beloved podcast has since evolved to make space for their new identity and is now called Sensual Self with Ev'Yan Whitney. As a nonbinary sexuality doula, Ev’Yan prides themselves with helping all people to thrive in the message that sensuality is an innate part of their being. You just have to dare to put in the work for self-pleasure and your self-relationship. One of the cornerstones of their work is the question, “What do I need in this moment in order to feel good?” It’s a question of self-reflection we could all afford to ask ourselves a little more.

Start here:“47. Pleasure-Centered and Unfuckwithable”

2.Black Girls Heal

Host Shena Lashey acts as the trauma-whisperer in her Black Girls Heal podcast, addressing topics like self-worth issues, healthy and unhealthy attachments, and intimacy. Her goal is to give Black women the tools they need to seek and thrive in connections that truly serve them. She does this by providing women with the tools they need to understand what they are worthy of and what is beneath them.

Start here:“93. Healing Your Mother Wound”

3.Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl

For a weekly dose of wellness, this one is a tried-and-true personal favorite. Hosted by Les, Balanced Black Girl is a podcast centered on approachable health, self-care, self-improvement, and holistic—sometimes imperfect—wellness. A force on her own, she also invites guests from time to time who are industry experts on various topics rooted in Black self-care and Black wellness. Through her podcast, Les makes it clear that wellness can look different to different people, but we can live well and thrive all the same.

Start here:“68. Setting Boundaries and Protecting Your Energy”

4.Black Girl Burn Out

Licensed therapist Kelly Bonner is the host of Black Girl Burn Out, a podcast dedicated to helping Black women navigate the stress of day-to-day life. Feeling overworked and undervalued is something many Black women experience in life, in work, and in love. Years of internalizing being everything to everyone can do that to you. Episodes either focus on a pain point or on something to either “opt into” or “opt out of” that can help usher in a more healed version of yourself. Black Girl Burn Out provides a 15-minute reset of how to heal from the various forms of burnout we can encounter.

Start here: “Opt-Into Living A Full Life”

5.The Self-Love Fix

The Self-Love Fix

The Self-Love Fix is a popular podcast catering to women of color and helping them tap into their highest selves. Through a combination of expert guests and personal experiences, host Beatrice Kamau offers a relatable and resonating take on all things personal development, self-love, self-care, and self-worth. Be it mental health, relationships, friendship, astrology, worthiness, or self-doubt, Beatrice offers a weekly dose of insight that is absolutely what the doctor ordered.

Start here: “72. Embodying Your Worth”

6.Black Girl Existing

Black Girl Existing is a space where Black women can come to heal themselves. The mission is clear: to remind Black women of their power in a world that seeks to shrink them and make them feel like they are not enough. BGE is a podcast that fuels its listeners mentally, spiritually, and emotionally while ensuring that they instill them with a framework for healthy self-care.

Start here:“Self-care: Releasing the stress in our bodies”

7.Manifest Daily

Manifest Daily

A spiritual and lifestyle podcast, Manifest Daily is hosted by content creator Dheandra Nicolette. In it, Dheandra talks about affirmation, self-love, self-care, and of course manifestation. As with other podcasts mentioned on this list, I love Dheandra’s personal takes on different pain points she has encountered in her growth journey, how discipline plays a role in her relationship with her higher self, and the different manifestation techniques she has tried and found success in. Her podcast is most definitely a must-listen.

Start here: “S7 Ep145: IMPOSTER WHO // Addressing Imposter Syndrome In Your Life + Career”

8.Self Care and Chill With Maui

The girlfriend in your head that you didn’t know you needed, the Self Care and Chill With Maui podcast is all about the kiki while revealing to you the real. Always a breath of fresh air, Amirah Morris’ candid talks about love, sex, and self-love offer a more down-to-earth approach to healing conversations. From co-parenting dialogue with her former partner to reminders to listeners that they are indeed the table, there is an episode for everyone.

Start here:“Loving Yourself Is Boring EP:37”

9.Self Care IRL

Self Care IRL

If self-care was a person, it would be best-selling author and blogger Ty Alexander, the host of the popular podcast, Self Care IRL. In each episode, Ty blesses listeners with strategies that have helped her evolve into a better person and the wellness gems she has collected along the way. Despite the cards that life may have dealt you, there is power in knowing that you are ultimately the architect of your world. Ty provides ways to cope and coexist with trauma, circumstances, and grief while laying down the building blocks of living your best life as you see fit.

Start here:“8. Listen to This When Life Gets Heavy”

10.Brown Girl Self-Care

How could you not tune into a podcast hosted by a self-proclaimed “Self-Care Pusher”? I’ll wait. Through her work with Brown Girl Self-Care, Bre uses her experiences to be a guiding light for listeners who are on their own self-care journeys to a place of healing and wholeness. The Cali native is all about helping you elevate physically, spiritually, and emotionally and equips you with the health and wellness tools to do so. Self-care is a must—not an option—and she wants to empower her listeners to know that, too.

Start here:“You Don’t Owe Anyone Your Essence 24/7/365”

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