Its The You For Me Collection

Tis’ the season to shower the one you love with gifts that ring true to the heart, and that’s what this collection was curated around. The struggle to buy gifts for your boo thang may not be a new one, but it sure can be a frustrating one. You know that all-too-familiar feeling of late-night scrolling to ensure you don't get a lackluster reaction from bae.

But don't worry, we got you sis! Whether you've just started dating that someone special or looking to impress your long-term love, this collection of gifts will lead you to that something special. You'll find romantic and thoughtful gifts spanning from health, wellness, skincare, fashion, and much more. Not only will you be presenting them with something thoughtful, you’ll be directly empowering the Black women-owned businesses, including Jam + Rico from SheaMoisture's coveted Shea List. A win is a win!

La Isla Necklace

La Isla Necklace

2 " Medallion Coin Necklace with iconic Puerto Rican images, the national flower, the fort, the cuarto guitar, banana leaf and plantain.

Jam + Rico

Beard Care Kit

Our Beard Care Kit is essential for a strong and healthy beard! It's formulated to cleanse, moisturize, and condition your beard as well as your face. These products are a simple way to keep your beard smelling good and looking fresh!

Eva Jenae Naturals

Uncle Nearest 1865 Premium American Whiskey

Uncle Nearest is astonishingly smooth, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite whiskey or bourbon cocktail.

Uncle Nearest

Conversations and Chill Game

99 Controversial Conversation Cards

This is the best conversation starter game to ignite epic discussions! It’s the perfect card game for parties, game nights, pre-games, a casual chill night with friends, date nights for couples and more.

Conversations and Chill Game

"Don't Be Good, Be Great" Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Make a grand statement with this unisex long sleeve tee.

Be Great Store

"River" Herringbone Chain

River is the perfect herringbone chain and lays beautifully alone or layered with your other Filosopher favs. It's available in 3 widths, 4mm being our most popular width for this style.


Men's Beanie

A warm and stylish beanie that looks good on everyone. The smooth satin-lining won't make your head itchy, will fight frizz, keep your hair moisturized, and preserve your hairstyle longer.

Grace Eleyae


Sunscreen’s good, but a hat’s even better. Embroidered and made of 100% cotton, it’s the go-to hat you’ve been looking for.


Fragrance Duo

Irresistible fragrances crafted by Russell Wilson & Ciara, held within two entwined, magnetic bottles. RUSSELL for Him boasts notes of bergamot and black tea blend with ambrosian while lavender, juicy pear and waterlily wrapped with patchouli, musk and vetiver for a sensual finish. CIARA for Her evokes Red berries, freesia and pink peppercorn captivate with a bouquet of white flowers and peony at the heart. the finish is musk and sandalwood blended.


"Clarity" Candle

The CLARITY candle has a warm, sweet, cozy aroma that reminds you of your grandmothers homestyle baking. This candle was created with taking you to a space of relaxation and comfort in mind. This unity of vanilla, sweet almond, cinnamon, ginger and hints of cherry is sure to make you fall in love.


Kai Shoulder Bag 

The Kai Bag is a year-around off-duty must-have. The compact and practical design makes this chic piece the perfect on-the-go essential. The style is embellished with an alloy Milano Di Rouge logo plaque, a front-zipped compartment, and detachable card holder perfect for accessibility while traveling.

Milano Di Rouge

Deluxe Beard Kit

The Koils by Nature Beard Kit is an all-natural and certified vegan line of skin and hair care products developed exclusively for men. Gentle enough to use every day, and infused with soft, fresh scents, the kit includes the dual-action beard and face cleanser and shaving foam, a moisturizer, beard butter, and oil.

Koils By Nature

Christelle Sunglasses

This combination frame essentially encapsulates our brand identity. It brilliantly blends acetate with metal to accentuate minor details on the temples. The square design and clear water frame equally exude vitality at every angle.

Coco And Breezy

BeSeduced Couple's Beloved Box

A seductive blend of floral and spicy notes is sure to stimulate your passionate side. Seduction. It's an art form. That every couple should explore. Fully. Choose This Fragrance Family If You Enjoy Fragrances That Are Clean, Sultry, and Mysterious.

Beloved Box

Coptic Cross Cufflinks

Coptic Cufflinks

The Ethiopian Cross is one of the most detailed of all crosses. Its intricate lattice work represents eternal life. The three parts that terminate its points represent the holy trinity, a common element Coptic Style crosses.

Omi Woods

African Net Sponge

This African Exfoliating Net, also know as a Sapo, or bathing sponge, is perfect for bathing and is used to gently exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells.

Cee Cee's Closet

Journey Backpack

Journey Backpack

The calfskin leather for the bag was tanned in Morocco naturally; without the use of harsh chemicals. The bag is handmade with the utmost attention by trained master artisans. It is accented with brass buckles and closures.

Made Leather Company

Golden Brownstone Set

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Words by Courtney Simpson

Featured image designed by Qori B.

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