4 Affordable Bucket List Travel Destinations You Can Do On Any Budget


Travel is often thought of as this super expensive, "boujee gang only" type of fun. In reality, travel is by far the most affordable luxury there is.

Before I set off on my first adventure, I used to think travel was for an exclusive and elite group that had money to blow. I applied for my passport as a gift to myself after hearing a good friend of mine speak so highly of her trip to Jamaica. This particular friend wasn't the boujee type at all. To hear her talk and show photos of blue water and beaches with people of our same complexion inspired me to take action. I believe that events like this are a subtle act of God, destined to happen and create shifts in our life. Shortly after, I took my first international trip to Turks and Caicos, spent under $500, including my flight, and never looked back.

Since then, I have traveled to several countries in Europe (Spain, London, Paris to name a few), Mexico more times than I can count, Canada, and my favorite island Turks and Caicos a few times. As you can see, the beach is kinda my thing.

If you've been dreaming of blue water and white sand, seeing timeless monuments, or experiencing things you never even thought were possible, and all within a price range that is totally doable for you... here's the only sign you need!

Check out these trips that will accommodate any price point and have you on a plane quicker than you ever thought possible.

Mexico: $1,000

I could lowkey drop the budget for this trip to $800, but I left a little room for things like emergencies. Mexico is the land of tequila shots and turn ups! It can also be a perfect place to have a wedding, or just get away for a weekend.

Flash sale flights from Atlanta to Cancun for around $250 are pretty easy to come by. My suggestion is to book your flight one to two months in advance to catch this kind of deal.

A few days in Mexico at a 4-star resort is cool but a 4-star All-Inclusive resort is like the cherry on a sundae! All-inclusive resorts are definitely the way to go in Mexico and a trendy beachfront stay will cost $150-225 a night depending on the time of year. If you like to party with a view, Mexico will definitely give you the most bang for your buck, can you say girl's trip?

My Recommendations:

Where to stay: Hyatt Ziva Cancun, a newly renovated all-inclusive resort with a private and public beach

What to eat: Anything at one of the 16 all-inclusive restaurants

What to do: Catch a $10 catamaran or party boat ride into the beautiful blue waters of Isla Mujeres, jetski on the resort for $35, or both!

How to get around: Canada Transfers (Try their upgraded champagne on arrival and departure option for $15 pp).

Featured image via Chelsea Waddy/Instagram

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