7 Yoga Stretches To Relieve Your Lower Back Tension

7 Yoga Stretches To Relieve Your Lower Back Tension

Lower back tension is a common issue that many women experience. The lower back, also known as the lumbar region, is particularly prone to tension and discomfort due to various factors such as poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, pregnancy, and postpartum, as well as everyday stress — and all those knots and kinks have to get worked out someway.

We sit for long periods of time between working and commuting, and sometimes our posture can be an afterthought until we notice an ache that surfaces over time. This form of discomfort often manifests as pain or stiffness and can be a source of discomfort that can affect our daily activities, sleep, and overall mobility. By addressing and relieving the tension, you can experience a significant reduction in pain and lead a more active and fulfilling life.

It’s important to listen to your body when aches, soreness, and tension arise. Lucky for us, there are various methods to relieve lower back tension, including regular exercise, stretching, yoga, and massage. And to help you get on your way to tension-free living, we have included a set of stretches specifically designed to alleviate those aches in your lower body.

1.Sphinx Pose


Sphinx Pose for Day 3 of the #AffirmandAwaken challenge. It’s appropriate that today is hump day and that our affirmations today center around healing. I chose a baby back bend pose because it’s what my body needed today. Remember that yoga is not a competition. Affirmations for healing: 🙏🏾I am capable of healing 🙏🏾I can access tools and resources to support my healing 🙏🏾 My greatest healing comes from within 🙏🏾I embrace my healing journey Affirmations are statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. Research shows that positive affirmations can help change thought patterns and influence different behavioral changes for the better. 💡 Hosts: @sacredspacesyoga @raveenalexis @cryswic @_vibeswithjas @theliberatedyogi 💡 Pose Line Up: Hip Opener - Relationships Inversions - Self Love Backbend - Healing Balancing - Courage Heart Opener - Success It’s not too late to join us for this #AffirmAndAwaken challenge on IG. Come on! #liberationyoga #blackgirlmagic #blackyogateachers

2.“The Windshield Wiper”


Feel a release throughout the lower back - this will also create space across the thighs as your bringing movement to the legs - if you hear cracking keep going unless you feel pain, not to be confused with tension or pressure HOW Lay stomach down, arms in front of you with the forehead directly on the hands. Shoulder, hip bones and knees should all be in one line - bend the knee and bring the toes up to the sky - with light force drop the feet side to side . . . #hellobojja #fyp #stretchy #onthisday

3.Child's Pose


8 Step Child’s Pose Preparation #fyp #foryoupage #yogaforbeginners #childspose



a daily practice of cat/cow circles can do wonders for our bodies & here are a few reasons why! ✨ #catcowpose #catcowcircles #sacralchakraopening #blackgirlyogi #dailyyogapractice #dailymovement #spineactivation #movementismedicine

5.Downward-Facing Dog


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6.Needle and Thread


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7.Happy Baby

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