What About Your Friends?

Grab Your Girls For These Galentine's Day Date Ideas

The season of love is here, and when we think about true, unconditional love, one thing comes to mind: our girlfriends. Through breakups, life transitions, and every milestone in between, our homegirls have a way of showing up like no other. When we think about the friends that make our lives sweeter, we can’t help but get butterflies. They make us laugh, they’ve seen us cry, and most of all, they remind us that romantic love isn’t the only valuable form of care there is.

With Galentine's Day soon approaching, what better way to commemorate the bonds that brighten up our lives than to show love to the women in our circle? To our chosen sisters everywhere, we’re helping to make the day a little sweeter by providing a few gal-pal-approved date ideas to show our appreciation for the women who bring joy and understanding and make life richer.

Siri, play “Best Friend” by Brandy.

Pasta and Wine Night

It’s time to bring your culinary skills to the table. For the girls who are looking to host an intimate dinner party from the comfort of their home, a pasta and wine night just might be the plan for you. No matter the level of your cooking expertise, pasta is a no-brainer cuisine that’s going to hit every time. Grab your favorite pasta sauce, pick up the fanciest wine on the shelf, and drizzle over some extra olive oil, and your girlfriends will be in awe of your cheffing skills.


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DIY Matching Charm Necklaces 

If you’ve been anywhere on TikTok these days, charm necklaces are the latest hot, nostalgic accessory that the girls can’t get enough of. This trendy statement piece has become a crafty DIY project that makes jewelry-making that much more meaningful. Go for a personalized charms arrangement that you can create as your own personal treasure or lock in a matching piece so you and your bestie can twin together.

Host a Floral Arrangement Party 

Flowers are truly a girl's best friend. And there’s just something about putting your hands to work to create the perfect arrangement of lilies, hydrangeas, daisies, and roses. The art of crafting flowers in a thoughtfully arranged manner holds a universal language for expressing love, and if your friends are anything like you, they definitely deserve to be given their flowers. Go to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or your local flower market and gather a few different flower styles for you and your friends to get crafty and share in the beauty of your blooms together.


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Get Permanent Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have gotten a whole new upgrade with permanent bracelets. These permanent jewelry pieces are the perfect, low-stake representation of long-term commitment without the pain or pressure of regular tattoos. You and your bestie can seal the deal on your friendship with the permanent reminder of your love and commitment to one another. Plus, we can’t get over how cute they are.

Cocktail and Mocktail Drink-Off

We all know that a good time with the girls is not complete without the right libations. And if you’re looking to host a party of more than four of your favorite ladies, they can bring their personalities and flavors to life by whipping up their very own cocktails or mocktails. No matter if you’re a lemon drop kind of girl or a margarita lover, give your friends the task of concocting their own drink recipes and bringing them to the party. Bonus points for the competitive type: vote on whose drink was the tastiest.

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