These Frozen Cocktail Tiktok Recipes Are Giving All Of The Summertime Vibes
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These Frozen Cocktail Tiktok Recipes Are Giving All Of The Summertime Vibes

With temperatures and the number of pool-day invites rising, there’s no better feeling than taking a sip of a refreshing summer cooler. From classic cocktails to creative concoctions, the summertime is the perfect time to put a new spin on our favorite libation — only this time, they’re getting blended.

Frozen cocktails are the perfect remedy for beating the summer heat. Whether lounging at the beach or having a rooftop function, these thirst-quenching elixirs are essential for turning even the simplest summer day into a mini-vacation.

Not only are these blended mixes versatile, they’re perfect for your beach day selfies on the ‘gram. Experiment with layered blends, added candies, and cool-shaped ice cubes to take your summer refresher game to the next level. From fruity punches and zesty lemonades to tropical mocktails and boozy slushies, these icy treats will have you sipping all summer long.

You may not be at somebody’s Caribbean resort this summer, but your drinks will taste like it. So look no further because we’ve got all the inspiration you need to dive into the frosty world of frozen, satisfying summer cocktails.

The Best Frozen Cocktail Recipes

Juicy Aperol Spritz Freeze 


½ of one frozen orange or peaches

3 oz Prosecco

2 oz Aperol

1 oz soda water

1 cup ice


Allow me to reintroduce myself, the self proclaimed CEO of Spritz Season 👋🏼 at your service Pro tip: for a frozen Aperol Spritz, use frozen orange slices. Makes for a super fresh and creamy frozen spritz! Let’s make it at home: 1/2 of one orange, frozen 2 oz Aperol 3 oz Prosecco 1 oz soda water 1 cup ice Blend until smooth Pour into your favorite glass Garnish with an orange slice! Xoxo, cheers #aperol #aperolspritz #frozendrinks #summerdrinks #cocktailrecipes

Strawberry Mango Rum Delight


For Strawberry Blend:

4 large frozen strawberries

1 cup ice cubes

2 oz rum

¾ oz strawberry syrup (such as Torani)

For Mango Blend:

1 ½ cups frozen mango chunks

1 cup ice cubes

2 oz mango-infused rum

Fresh mint leaves to garnish


Frozen Strawberry Mango Rum Cocktail 🍓🥭 one of our favorite drinks this summer! How to make it at home: 4 large frozen strawberries 1 cup ice 2 oz strawberry rum 0.75 oz strawberry syrup @Torani Blend 1 1/2 cups frozen mangos 1 cup ice 2 oz Mango rum Blend Add blended drinks together Garnish with mint ENJOY! 🤩 #frozencocktails #frozensummerdrinks #cocktails #easycocktails #cocktailrecipe #easydrink #easydrinkrecipes #tropicaldrinks #drinkrecipes #summerdrinks #mixeddrinks #mixologist #dioandiris

Bubbly Cherry Cola Fizz


1 can of Cola soda, freeze into ice cubes

¾ cups of frozen cherries

3 oz of rum

1 oz of lime juice


like a boozy (& less sugar-y) slurpee🍒 #olipop #frozendrinks #cocktails #summerdrinks #cocktailideas #cocktailrecipes #cocktail #fyp #fypage

Melon Frost Margaritas


2 oz of lime juice

¼ chunk of watermelon

1 cup of ice


Frozen Watermelom Margaritas 🍉 The easiest & most delicious summer drink! #watermelonmargarita #fyp #margaritas #frozenmargarita #blenderrecipes #frozendrinkrecipe #easyrecipes #fypage #fypppppppppppppppp

Chilled Espresso Elixir 


4 frozen espresso ice cubes

3 oz of vodka

½ cup of Kahlúa coffee liqueur


Frozen Espresso Martini’s are the drink of the summer 🫢🍸 Tag someone who needs to make these asap #frozenespressomartini #espressomartini #summercocktails #summerdrinks

And remember to sip responsibly.

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