This Travel Blogger Has Visited Over 40 Countries & These Are Her Favorite Destinations
Black Girl Wanderer

This Travel Blogger Has Visited Over 40 Countries & These Are Her Favorite Destinations

Black Girl Wanderer is a series spotlighting the travels and explorations of Black women journeying the world. Black women in all their magic and all their glory wander the earth, sprinkling the earth with their brown and their gold.

Romie Robertson, 26, is a travel blogger and a former English teacher who currently helps manage a nonprofit that supports professionals in becoming certified classroom teachers. She is also skilled in the EdTech and education policy space. Her travel content goes beyond the fluff and Instagram trends. Instead, it shows an in-depth view of what a place is like while sharing the history, culture, and traditions of destinations worldwide.

As a Black Girl Wanderer, she has visited over 40 countries and is based in Atlanta with her husband, who she met at Harvard University. She was first bit by the travel bug during childhood when she visited Frankfurt, Germany with family. From there and throughout her adolescence, she traveled throughout Europe. As a travel blogger, Romie bridges educational and inspirational travel content on her platforms to inspire viewers to travel deeply and with meaning. One of her most memorable trips was the two weeks she spent roaming Hawaii with her husband.

"I'm sad about the over-tourism situation in Hawaii because it's truly one of the best places on Earth, and people should experience it. However, I hope the state and local governments successfully implement policies to preserve Hawaii and prevent the inundation of tourists," she tells xoNecole.

Her best travel advice is not to compare yourself and your travels to the flashy content Instagram portrays because there are beautiful places to explore in one's backyard! If you don't have many resources to travel, start where you are.

Read more about Robertson's adventures and travel tips below.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Romie roaming the Batu Caves of Malaysia.

Courtesy of Romie Robertson

August 2022

"Kuala Lumpur (lovingly called KL) is so underrated. This city has something for everyone, and the best part about KL is its affordability! Amazing food, museums, attractions, cultural landmarks, and shopping exists. I truly was blown away by how much of a metro KL is. I learned that you don't have to spend much money to have a great experience. This was the second stop in a multi-city/multi-country Asia trip that my husband and I did. I decided to stop here because I saw amazing KL content from other creators online, especially when it came to places of worship and the KL skyline.

"A few must things to experience include Batu Caves (don't leave Malaysia without seeing it). Hungry Tapir (phenomenal vegan/vegetarian restaurant). Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. Petronas Towers. Masjid Jamek Jalan Alor (famous for street food). Jalan Petaling (Chinatown market)."

Pro Tip: "There are plenty of affordable Airbnbs and hotels with beautiful infinity pools overlooking KL's gorgeous skyline — book one! And schedule at least four days in KL, if you can. There's so much to do."


Courtesy of Romie Robertson

October 2022

"There is truly no place on Earth like Jamaica. The natural splendor, the famous culture, the people. My husband is Jamaican, so I've gotten the pleasure of forming a close relationship with this island. Every time I visit Jamaica, I learn more about appreciating — and paying attention to — the beauty of Earth. My most recent trip to Jamaica was in October-November 2022. I visited to support some business my husband was doing and then gallivanted around the island having fun with friends.

"There are infinite things to do in Jamaica. Here are some things off of the top of my head: Boston Jerk Center, partying in Kingston, Bob Marley Museum, 7 Mile Beach in Negril, bamboo rafting in Ocho Rios."

Pro Tip: "Try to see only some things during one trip. Plan to visit the island at least 3-4 times and explore a different region during each trip. I've been to Jamaica over six times, and there's still so much that I have yet to see."

South Korea

September 2022

"South Korea is definitely a bucket list destination because of its distinct culture and global impact. South Korea has something for literally everyone – outdoor/natural spaces, foodie culture, museums/cultural activities, shopping, and nightlife. The list goes on. One memory (out of many) is the last night we spent in Seoul. We sang our hearts out in a private karaoke room. I remember lots of Beyoncé songs. Then we walked outside to do a group photoshoot in our neon outfits, and rain started pouring down. We decided to do the shoot anyway, making for a cool photographic effect. Then we showered, stayed out all night partying in Hongdae, and ate some of the best take-out pizza at 3 a.m. It was a great night. "

"A few must-visit places in Seoul are Gyeongbokgung Palace, party in Hongdae and Itaewon, shop in Gangnam, Gwangjang Market, and Korean Karaoke. In Busan, check out Gamcheon Cultural Village, Haeundae Beach, Igdae Coastal Trail, and SpaLand Centum City."

Pro Tip: "Visit a traditional Korean spa. Talk about self-care! South Korea has an awesome spa culture that everyone who visits should experience. Once you leave, you'll feel like a brand new person."

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Featured image courtesy of Romie Robertson



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