14 Affirmations To Say To Yourself When You Feel Like Giving Up

Speak life over yourself with these positive affirmations.


We are currently eight months in 2020 and as we prepare to enter this new season, I know you are present with your pen and paper writing out your list on what you've accomplished so far and what you still need to check off. Most of us were full steam ahead with our resolutions until Miss Rona knocked on our doors with a "hey, sis." As such, we are still adjusting to what the "new normal" looks like for us.

Some of us have used this downtime to revamp while others like me are biting nails as we watch the growing numbers of positive cases on CNN, and look around whenever we hear someone cough—dealing with anxiety and fear of the unknown. Intermingled with that worry, many of us are having concerns with balancing the home and work life as our regular routines shattered with challenges with creating new habits. At any rate, our lives were definitely shaken up to say the least and 2020 feels like the year that delivers blow after blow after blow. When met with anxiety and overwhelm, loss, uncertainty, worry, and financial stress, it can be easy to feel like giving up. To help combat those inevitable low moments, something that could prove to be beneficial is speaking life over yourself through affirmations.

14 Affirmations For When You Feel Like Giving Up

I will be present in every moment.

Focus on the task at hand. Sometimes we get excited about completing a goal that we don't enjoy the journey. When you feel overwhelmed or have negative self-talk, being present in the moment can shift your focus on what's in front of you.

I have the power to change my story.

That's the beauty of your life. It is yours, and you have the power to do whatever you want with it. That is the ultimate power and freedom. You can change your story within seconds. Realize that power and use it for good.

Everything I'm looking for I can find within me.

Have you ever asked your friend for advice but you already know what to do? Were you looking for confirmation? Ignoring outside opinions in lieu of trusting your gut and instincts, you will increase your self-confidence in knowing what you need to do and what it takes to get it done.

I love myself enough to push through.

Sometimes the most difficult tasks and decisions will test you and require you to dig a little deeper, stay up a little longer, or even get in one more squat for your summer body. It all boils down to the love and commitment you're willing to give to yourself.

Great things never come from my comfort zone.

It's time to say no to things that don't serve you and start saying yes to something that can elevate you. Nothing is wrong with being playing it safe. However, in order to grow, you must push past being passive in reaching your goals and start being active. Coming out of our comfort zones reveals a side of us that we didn't know existed. Let's be honest, "old ways won't open new doors."

Something amazing is about to happen to me.

You probably can't see it, touch it, taste it, or feel it, but you are so close. To reach any goal, you have to fake it until you make it. Saying it fifty times a day will give you all the confidence to embrace all the good that will happen in our life.

I thoroughly let go and trust in divine timing.

Things happen when they're supposed to happen, and not when you're ready for them to arrive. While attending to your goals, you are building your character along the way. Letting go and trusting the process will alleviate any anxiety and stress you may be feeling during this time. The point is that you have to keep going. When the time does arrive, you can and will appreciate it more.

I accomplish anything I focus on.

It's easy to get distracted during these current times. If we focus long and hard enough, we can get things done, whether it takes hours, days, or years. Setting time aside, meditating, and praying will impact your focus and motivation to complete your goals.

I choose prosperity over failure.

Don't allow Miss Rona to step on your toes and get in your way. You've come too far. Put those Pinterest boards to good use and hit the ground running. You can't fail, and you aren't giving yourself room to fail. You've come too far to give up now.

I release all negativity.

Are your thoughts motivating you or intimidating you to throw in the towel? What is popping up on your timeline? Sometimes to complete the tasks we deem necessary, we have to let go of something until the mission is complete temporarily.

I am always headed in the right direction.

When diving into something new, you will often second-guess yourself or jump in the pool of self-sabotage. But, everything you've worked for so far is leading you in the direction of your goals. The journey wasn't perfect; it may not have looked like your peers' journeys, but you are on the path to success as long as you know that you were forever in the right direction.

I honor my commitments and promises.

You've spent weeks and months conjuring up the plan to put things in motion to complete your goals finally. You've already made the verbal agreement with yourself. To keep your promises to yourself, you've signed your name on the dotted line and are committed to this journey.

I am running a marathon at my own pace and aim at the finish line.

Before you compare and contrast your journey with your peers, it is essential to recognize what sacrifices you're willing to make, to dig deep and to figure out what your goals indeed are. Other people's success can be discouraging and make you question your path. If you focus on the task at hand, the finish line can become apparent and more tangible. You are a winner for even trying, getting started, and executing.

I have the power to overcome hardships.

Let's face it. You'll endure more lows than highs during this time. The small wins and victories also come with epic fails and humps to get over. It would help if you reminded yourself that you would prevail. You will overcome this. You will win.

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