The Dope Abodes Collection

Our homes are some of the most sacred places we'll ever lay our heads. From the artwork adorned on the walls to the linens draped over the beds, every product and piece of furniture adds to our overall well-being - whether we know it or not. After the world shut down and many were all forced to work and live from home, it's shined a light on how important a peaceful home really is. And every once in a while, it's never a bad idea to take inventory of the pieces and spaces we give our energy to.

We often think of our homes as our temples, our refuge from the world, our safest among safest places. And in this day and age, we are reminded just how fragile our space can be. And how important the pieces that reside in it, match the person who does as well.

With the help of SheaMoisture, we've curated a list of the top home decor picks by Black woman-owned brands. Make yor abode way less humble and a lot more dope.

Speakeasy Candle

Speakeasy Candle

Indulge in notes of palo santo and tobacco swirled the gambling tables where men rorate between cocktails and cigars. Evoke the feeling of the dance floor, perfumes of swaying women infused the air, creating a sweet elixir of licorice and plum blossom.

Harlem Candle Co.

Black Girl Magic Rosé

This sophisticated dry rosé has aromas of raspberry and orange blossom with delightful acidity and a mouthwatering fresh stone fruit and citrus palate. A gorgeous, bright and fresh wine that pairs perfectly with chocolate covered strawberries, grilled fish dishes and your holiday feast.

McBride Sisters

Petite Porcelain Vase

Petite Porcelain Vase

Ideal for showcasing small floral arrangements, this vase becomes a pedestal for one or two beautiful flowers. In elegant form, exquisitely made in matte white porcelain, the flower provides a little focal point of color in the ensemble.

Mahogany Home Essentials


Woven Natural Wall Mirror

The woven natural wood wall mirror is handmade in South Africa. Traditional African weaving techniques are used to create its unique contemporary design. The wall decor is partially wrapped using colored wax cord. Hang this natural wood wall mirror in an entryway or hallway, behind a runner table or bench. Two mirror brackets are included on the back for hanging. Available in two sizes.


Olivewood and Bone Inlay Salad Servers

Handmade of olive wood and dyed bone, these salad servers will add a global flair to your dinner for two or party of five. Sustainably harvested bone inlay accents are dyed from organic plant extracts, making each set a true one of a kind. Enjoy these throughout the years, and watch the wooden tones deepen with age.


Summer Hook Pillow

The Summer Hook pillow, designed by Justina Blakeney, is all about spending some much-needed R+R in the sun and sea, we all need a lille sunshine!


Luxury Tic Tac Toe Set

Luxury Tic Tac Toe Set

This stylish board game will bring a sense of luxury to any decor where this unique game is displayed.

HVS Home

Chasing Waterfalls Candle

Chasing Waterfalls Candle

Bathe in the aura of Lil Kim, Solange, Rihanna, and Lisa Bonet.

Forvr Mood

Glass Spice Jars w/ Wood Lid

Glass Spice Jars

These beautiful best-selling handmade glass spice jars come with an airtight seal and wooden lid. The size of the jar is 55mm diameter x 67mm height (2fl oz, 5-7 g, 18-pack), includes a standard pack of labels, and a mini olive wood spice spoon.

The Muted Home

Colored Wine Stemware

These hand-blown colored glasses are made by glass artisans in Poland and come in a variety of colors.

Estelle Colored Glass

Healthy Home Kit

The first step to a healthy home is to clean it with products that won't harm you or your family. The Green Laundress's Healthy Home Kit gives your everything you need to cover the basics and more! Your Healthy Home Kit includes the following: 24-ounce laundry soap w/scooper, 16-ounce tub scrub, and 16-ounce multi-purpose cleaner in our new eco-friendly and reusable tote.

The Green Laundress

Sahara Tortoise Candle

The only thing more seductive than the tropical coconut mango aromas of this candle is the stylish tortoise jar that you can repurpose once the wax is out.

Whitney J Decor

Ceramic "Plant Shawty" Planter

Show your plants some love inside and out.

Plant Economy

Sukoshi Mug

An alternative to the brand's four-finger Nagai Mug handles, the Sukoshi Mug features a smaller handle and a sophisticated look. Natural stoneware ceramics, like wood or metal, vary in color and patinas with age. This makes each piece unique.

Utility Objects

Pastel Eucalyptus Classic Dutch Oven

This cast iron dutch oven is pastel perfection. Simmer gumbo, bake bread, slow-cook braises, make a luscious pepper pot stew or serve your Sunday roast directly from this beautiful pot. Responsibly-made with 40% recycled cast iron, it's the dutch oven designed to inspire newcomers and satisfy pros.

The Black Home

Black Stoneware Vessel

Coil Built one-off/limited edition vessel. Hand-built in stages using a traditional coil-building technique. Black stoneware brushed selectively with white porcelain on the outside.

Naked Ceramics

Tea Towels - Set Of 3

Why shouldn’t your towels be as elegant as they are functional? Elevate the look of your kitchen or bath with these striped beauties. The pattern and colorways coordinate with pieces from the Admas Collection, creating a complete finished look for your home.

Bolé Road

Badara Coasters

The perfect accent to any space, these functional decorative coasters will keep your table, desk, and countertops free from drink rings while also adding a hint of global charm.

Expedition Subsahara

Washed Cotton Percale Minimalist Sheet Set

Includes 1 fitted sheet + 2 pillowcases. Top sheet optional. Mindful minimalism, meet practical comfort. This set skips the top sheet and includes one fitted sheet and two pillowcases so you can get creative with layering colors and textures in your bed-making, or not. Woven from 100% long staple cotton.

Kingston Goods

Words by Courtney Simpson

Featured image designed by Qori B.

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