Everything We Know About Solange’s New Affordable Furniture Line
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Everything We Know About Solange’s New Affordable Furniture Line

In a recent feature with Apartamento Magazine, the one and only Solange sat down to discuss her creatively curated abode that she’s owned since she was just 19 years old. It’s a loft in the hills of a bustling Hollywood, which the publication described as a mix of “organic modernism, her own furniture designs, and Black art and vernacular objects she has collected over the years.”

And now, Solange and her creative agency, Saint Heron, are gearing up for a new furniture collection so you can bring a piece of her home too.

It all started when Mama Tina boasted her pride in her youngest’s latest interview:

“Solange bought this loft at 19 years old. She totally remolded it and decorated every corner of it! She designs the most gorgeous furniture that is so artistic! She is an awesome furniture and home decor designer. Everything in her furniture line will be available soon! Look for it!”

Here’s what we know:

The line is in collaboration with IKEA (or at least it was). 

Back in 2018, IKEA announced its highly anticipated collaboration with Saint Heron, and slowly released details over a two-ish year span. In a press release, they introduced the collaboration as a forthcoming series of home goods that “explores how inspiration from music, arts, fashion, urban culture, architecture, sounds and aesthetics can come alive and be combined with functional home design.”

Solange and Co. have been tight-lipped about updates since the originally scheduled release in 2021, but whether the partnership remains is unclear.

There have been a few delays.

Press, news, and updates surrounding the rollout of the furniture line, initially began in roughly 2018. Over the course of 2-3 years, there were new updates, but never a release date or debut, which, based on IKEA’s website, was scheduled to be presented in 2021. The frequent delays are the root of the IKEA partnership uncertainties.

The furniture collection will be a Saint Heron Project, not a Solange project.

Saint Heron describes itself as a cultural hub, working to build an inclusive community based on artist and artisan collaborations and collective work such as sculptures, ceramics, music, visual art, and performance art. It is reported that Saint Heron will serve as the face of the partnership.

But the furniture collection will still be heavily influenced by Solange's aesthetic and vibe. 

According to Armina Mussa, Co-Art Director of Saint Heron, we can expect "design objects with multifunctional uses. In this collaboration with IKEA. We hope to empower imagination and deepen the thought behind usability."

*internally screaming*

Not much else is known about when we can expect to empty our bank accounts on whatever Ms. Solange has up her sleeve. But we’ll damn sure be ready to purchase one of everything when we find out.

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