The Guilt-Free Pleasure Collection

Life is overwhelming at times, and when they are - it's time to turn inward. Our homes, clothes, and personal finances aren't nearly as important as our health and wellness. One of the most valuable lessons learned from last year was the importance of taking care of yourself. Whether it's your mind, your immune system, or what you're putting into your body, the emphasis on wellness is at the forefront.

It can be a sweet treat, a nice cocktail, or a CDB gummy; whatever helps you get through, we approve. Below is a wonderfully curated list of health, wellness, and food brands that will continue your #blackgirlglow all summer long.

GLOW Luminous Facial Serum

The GLOW Luminous Facial Serum is a lightweight, hydrating, and high potency face oil that is a must-have this season. On many wishlists of your favorite influencers, this serum can be used on fresh skin or as the last step to your skincare routine.

Brown Girl Jane

My Happy Flo

Rewriting the narrative around painful periods is the plant-based supplement My Happy Flo. The supplement is self-care in a bottle with benefits that include an energy boost, hormonal balance, and of course PMS relief. With a tagline of "a better period. Period," this vitamin will come in clutch during our hot girl summer, whether our menstrual cycles have entered the chat or not.

My Happy Flo

Weekend Flush Juice Cleanse

For the health-conscious hot girl, the 1987 Weekend Flush is just what the doctor ordered. The three-day cleanse is available in a variety of flavors and recommended for anyone, but especially those who don't juice regularly.

1987 Juices

SHERO Tea Blend

Formulated for the SHERO in all of us, this tea blend is the boost of energy you need to conquer all your summer goals. With additional benefits like improved brain function and increased stamina, this is a must-have for a #girlboss summer.

WOMY Wellness

French Champaign Macaron 6-Piece Gift Box

Handcrafted with no preservatives, the French Champagne Macarons are the cherry to your luxurious black girl summer. Using an authentic French recipe and available in over 50 flavors, you'll want to pick one up for you and a friend!

Macaron Cafe Cleveland

Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

Take your healing to the next level with the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg; the epitome of self-love, friendship, and peace.

Essential Wombman

Me Time Box

Serenity in a box, The Black Leaf Tea & Culture shop's Me Time Box has self-care and your name written all over it. We all are in need of a little me time from time to time, so why not indulge with the help of this intentionally crafted box of sage, honey sticks, a juice mask, a candle, and Black Leaf Tea's very own Woosah tea blend?

The Black Leaf Tea & Culture

Cute & Calm Vitamin Bundle For Less Stress, Calmness & Restful Sleep

This vitamin bundle was created to help you feel like yourself again and to ease your stress, mood swings, and anxiety. You can do a one-time purchase or, if you're a fan of the product, get a subscription with the product delivered right to your door.

Pretty Healthy

CBD Sour Wiggles

If you're in need of a quick pick-me-up throughout your workday, look no further than CBD gummies from K'Dara. There's a variety of flavors to choose from and even pet options, if your furry friend needs relaxation, too!


Welcome To Trade Street Gift Set

Think of your granny's jam, but vegan and delivered straight to your doorstep. The Trade Street gift set is a dynamic combination of vegan-friendly jams that includes flavors like strawberry chipotle and blackberry mulled merlot.

Trade Street Jam & Co

Black Girl Magic 2020 California Rosé

Rosé season is upon us, ladies! The Black Girl Magic California Rosé has aromas of raspberry and orange blossom, and pairs perfectly with fish dishes, holiday feasts, or chocolate-covered strawberries.

McBride Sisters Collection

Cocktail Subscription Kit

Whether you're an avid drinker or dipping your toe into the spirits pond, the range of cocktail kits from The Bourbon Bohemian can satisfy all needs. Each month, a specialty cocktail is curated and distributed with fresh ingredients/garnishes.

The Bourbon Bohemian

Tooty Fruity Dozen Donuts

What else is there to say about a virtual donut shop? If you have a craving or a desire to indulge in a sweet treat, look no further than Hungry Bunny. The Tooty Fruity Dozen is a magical variety of special edition flavors like Lavender Lemonade, Bluebird, Cereal Killer, and Flower Power.

Hungry Bunny

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

A perfect vegan and allergy-friendly snack ideal for long (or short) road trips all summer long. You can do a one-time purchase or subscribe for more goods (and save 10 percent)!

Partake Foods

San Marzano Tomato Seeds

Who doesn't love a fresh, juicy tomato on a hot summer day? These San Marzano tomato seeds will give five-star quality tomatoes without the hassle or money. With several seed options and detailed instructions, even if tomatoes aren't your thing, you can find whatever you want to start your own at-home garden.

Seed Mail Seed Co.

Ancestral Food Kit

The Ancestral Food Kit is an excellent way to introduce wholefoods and grains into your diet. The Ancestral Food Kit is the perfect snack kit for summer road trips or late-night kickbacks.

Adda Blooms

Taste of Chatt Box

A food tour experience delivered directly to your door. The Taste of Chattanooga Box is a collection of amazing local food artisans from Chattanooga, TN. Five to eight Local businesses. One box. The Taste of Chattanooga Box makes supporting local businesses easy and created with the intention of supporting local businesses in Chattanooga during the lockdown.

Chatt Taste

Words by Courtney Simpson

Featured image designed by Kyra James

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