How Each Of The Zodiac Signs Get Over A Break-Up

How Each Of The Zodiac Signs Get Over A Break-Up

Have you ever wondered how some people tend to get over breakups easily, and others have more of a difficult time? The zodiac signs are always telling a story, and the story of love is written in the stars. Some signs naturally follow their emotions more and live by the heart. Others signs focus on balancing their head with their heart and can rationalize this type of change in their life, such as a breakup. People get over breakups in their own way and in their own time, but wouldn’t it be nice to understand more about how you process this experience yourself, or how someone you know or have been involved with gets over a breakup?

Mutable signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the type of people to go with the flow and adapt to change more than most. Even if they are emotionally still tied to someone or feel that energy within, the overall change of pace and environment will not be that difficult for them to move through and they will change their life pretty quickly post-breakup. A fixed sign, however, such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius prefer stability over change and will take some time readjusting their world and their focus. This can often lead them to spend too much time in relationships that they should let go of, but they eventually figure it out as well.

Looking at your sun sign and Venus sign can give you more clarity as to how you get over a breakup and move on.

How an Aries Gets Over a Breakup

Aries gets over a breakup by moving on immediately. It takes a long time for Aries to finally call it quits but once they are emotionally not in it anymore, they will move on no questions asked. They will do things like changing their entire daily routine just to avoid even thinking about a break-up or the person that is no longer in their life anymore. An Aries bounce-back game is strong and they are always looking for the next challenge, making them people who can more easily have a better life all around after a breakup. Aries is also the friend you want to call if you have just gone through a breakup as they will be that friend that reminds you who you are and that you deserve better.

How a Taurus Gets Over a Breakup

Taurus takes their time getting into relationships and also takes their time getting out of them. Taurus values commitment, loyalty, and stability over anything else, and going through a breakup is usually very life-changing for them. A Taurus needs time to process their emotional world and they might not let anyone in emotionally for a while. Indulgence is part of their post-breakup strategy and you can typically find them either on the couch watching romcoms, having a spa day and treating themselves, or spending time with friends and close loved ones. They may not indulge in anything too serious for a while, but they will be hitting up a crush or two.

How a Gemini Gets Over a Breakup

A Gemini can move on faster from a break-up than most of the zodiac. Their attention span isn’t long enough to dwell in misery and they would rather be in a new experience than sulking about an old one. Gemini is the type to be more likely to do something physically dramatic after a break up like dye their hair, change their career, or move cities, than spend a day sad over a breakup. You could find a Gemini circling around again, however, as Gemini is the type to text an ex if they feel like it because they quite literally don’t care about appearances. If they think it, they feel it, and they often are more impulsive in love. Overall, Gemini gets over a breakup by letting their freak flag fly.

How a Cancer Gets Over a Breakup

Cancers are emotional souls and will feel every step and level of a breakup. They will go through the motions looking to explore the depths of their heart and what the relationship has taught them. Cancer has a little bit of a harder time letting go than most of the zodiac. They tend to hold onto people, situations, and experiences more tightly and they are the type to believe in forever. When their vision of a relationship doesn’t turn out to be what they thought it would, it feels like more of a shake-up to their world and their plans, and they move on by rest, letting it out, and by taking things day by day. They often channel their energy into something else and look for new areas to give their love and energy.

How a Leo Gets Over a Breakup

With Leo being a fixed sign, they tend to hold onto their relationships until something major or dramatic happens. When they are in love they see the best in their partner and their relationship and have more ego adjustments going through a breakup. They tend to self-identify closely to their relationships so there is a lot of pride they feel they are losing going through a breakup. A Leo will make it their mission to have as much fun as possible post-breakup, however, and you can find them out and about, enjoying their life nonetheless. A Leo going through a breakup can be very up and down, but overall, they move through life confidently, knowing they deserve the best in love and will make sure they have just that.

How a Virgo Gets Over a Breakup

A Virgo going through a breakup is an overthinker, but this is also where their power in healing and emotional regulation comes in handy. A Virgo will go over everything after a breakup, analyzing what went wrong and what they can do better next time. A Virgo mentally processes events more so than emotionally and they will want to lay down the facts first and foremost. A Virgo moves through a breakup with the perspective that it will get better from here, although they can be a little hard on themselves in the process as they often expect perfection from themselves. Looking at a breakup as a personal failure should be watched out for, but at the end of the day, a Virgo will move on knowing what they are bringing to the table is valuable.

How a Libra Gets Over a Breakup

When a Libra is going through a breakup- they are going to talk about it. They are going to call every friend, family member, or co-worker that will listen, and will want the advice and perspective from others to move on. A Libra after a breakup spills the tea, and they will want everyone to know what went down. This is their way of getting over things, and once there is nothing left to discuss they will be ready for their next experience in love. They mentally need a release to emotionally resolve what occurred. With Venus being a sign all about love and relationships, however, you don’t find Libras going through a breakup often, but they will not give up on love after it.

How a Scorpio Gets Over a Breakup

Scorpios go through a rebirth when they go through a breakup. Scorpios take their commitments seriously, and if they have gotten to a point where they were able to be vulnerable with someone and they showed them a part of themselves they don’t show many people, then they will take their time in letting go. Even if they 100% don’t want to get back with the person, they will still take their time with their emotions and will not rush the “getting over it” process. Scorpios give a part of themselves when they are in relationships, and will spend time healing, renewing the heart, and standing in their self-empowerment. A Scorpio going through any type of change is an awakening experience for them, but they always evolve and move into better experiences regardless.

How a Sagittarius Gets Over a Breakup

A Sagittarius is hard to pin down and they aren’t one to let a breakup change things too much for them. They try to keep an open perspective and will find new truths and purpose through their experience. A breakup for a Sagittarius is more about what they’ve learned, their new philosophies in love, and what they don’t want to go through again. With Sagittarius being a mutable sign, emotions tend to fluctuate, and they are flexible not only with themselves after a breakup, but with others as well. They are more the type to remain friends with exes or mutual, as they don’t carry feelings of negativity with them towards that person. They can move on pretty quickly and a vacation or trip away definitely doesn’t hurt.

How a Capricorn Gets Over a Breakup

Capricorns are in it for the long haul when they get into relationships, and would usually rather work things out than go through a breakup. If you find a Capricorn in a breakup then something serious has happened, and they may not want to even talk about it. A Capricorn internalizes a lot of their emotions and people around them may not even know they were having challenges in their relationship, to begin with, or the breakup as a whole will be surprising to others. Capricorns love a solid foundation and they will spend their time rebuilding after a breakup and not letting their emotions get the best of them. Finding ways to emotionally release, talk about what’s going on within, and allow yourself to feel is key to moving on for Capricorns.

How an Aquarius Gets Over a Breakup

Aquarius gets over a breakup by mentally processing and coming to the conclusion of why it is smarter to move on than to stay. An Aquarius does what makes sense to them, regardless of if it is understood by others as well. Aquarius isn’t the most emotional sign of the zodiac and so they tend to have less of this energy tied up in their relationships, making the moving on process a little bit easier for them. The biggest thing they tend to miss from a relationship is friendship, and depending on how the relationship ended, will typically have exes that still see them fondly or as a friend. An Aquarius going through a breakup is going to hang out with friends, come up with new dreams and schemes, and analyze.

How a Pisces Gets Over a Breakup

A Pisces going through a breakup can go back and forth and is quite an emotional experience for them. Pisces is all about compassion and unconditional love which is a positive thing, however, it can also tend to keep them in situations that do not serve them and relationships where they are giving more than they are receiving. They will still see the other person in the best light after a breakup and will take some time to recognize some of the patterns and behaviors that didn’t serve them. A Pisces loves with rose-colored glasses on and taking off those glasses isn’t easy. Pisces can love a person for years whether they are with them or not, and overall should use this energy to channel their emotions into creating art, and their spirituality.

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