'Insecure' Star Yvonne Orji Says She Had Beef With Issa Rae Over Molly’s Ending
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'Insecure' Star Yvonne Orji Says She Had Beef With Issa Rae Over Molly’s Ending

"I told Issa I have beef for the first time in six years."

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HBO's hit show Insecure has been heralded as one of the best and most authentic shows on TV by fans thanks to its real-life depictions of friendships and romantic relationships. One of the friendships that keep fans tuned in is between Issa Rae's character Issa Dee and Yvonne Orji's character Molly.

Viewers have seen the best friends experience a rollercoaster of emotions in their personal lives and in their friendship and after five seasons, we still may not know where their friendship will end up.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Yvonne revealed she was feeling some kind of way about how Issa and Molly's story ends.

"I told Issa I have beef for the first time in six years, but I think she did a great job," she said.

"I think Molly's happy. I hope the fans are going to be happy. They didn't even call that that was my last scene. I just felt it and I think they knew not to call it because it was already so heavy. In the scene is already emotional, so I'm trying to get through my lines. I'm crying and Issa's crying I was like, 'oh this is going to be a long night,' but we got through it, we hugged it out and it was just a beautiful experience."

The comedian has become accustomed to a lot of online hate as her character Molly. Many Insecure fans have accused Molly of not being a good friend to Issa, but during an interview with CNN, Yvonne says she "don't fight on Twitter" or "in real life" and she believes Molly has been a good friend to Issa.

"Can we go back to season one though? Can we go back to season one where she definitely saved Issa from Daniel and Lawrence meeting? Can we go back to season one where she drove to Malibu? Where do you want to start?" she said.

Yvonne may be right about that, but viewers witnessed their friendship make a turn for the worst after (Spoiler alert) their fight at the block party in Season 4, but based on the season five premiere, their friendship seems to be getting back on track because according to Yvonne, their relationship is based on authenticity.

"You know, when you can actually be honest and be vulnerable and authentic, like authentically you. They get each other because they've known each other for so long, but they also understand how each other vibes. And even in your friendships now, like you have to appreciate their quirks."

The fifth and final season of Insecure comes on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

Featured image by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO


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