Your August 2020 Horoscopes Are All About Bossing Up

The month ahead inspires you to boldly take our place in the world.


The month ahead inspires you to boldly take your place in the world by kicking things off with the Full Moon on the 3rd inviting you to transform the narrative of your destiny. Once Mercury enters Leo, you'll have the confidence you need to unwaveringly pursue your vision. On the 7th, Venus gets cozy in Cancer, sweetening up your relationships and home life. Around the middle of the month, Uranus joins the retrograde party, inviting you to embrace your changing value system. The New Moon on the 18th encourages you to embrace the healing power of creativity and play. Mercury shifts gears on the 20th, helping you streamline your routines so you can stay on track towards those big dreams of yours. When the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd, the cosmos tests how disciplined you are in balancing self-care with how much you're serving others.

Check out what's in store for your zodiac sign in the month ahead.


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The beginning of August encourages you to expand your social network which you shouldn't have any problem doing with Leo season amping up your charm factor. The Full Moon on the 3rd is a perfect time to launch that online business, blog, or project you've been working on behind the scenes. You're in the mood to spice things up romantically and creatively when Mercury moves into Leo on the 4th. The planet of love creates a steamy effect when she enters Cancer on the 7th, making the next few weeks the perfect time to call out of work for a staycation. Indulge your senses by cooking your favorite comfort foods, cuddling up with a blanket (or bae), and watching your fave rom-coms from the comfort of your home.

On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde, making this a good time to check in with yourself. Are you making money doing what you love? These next several months will help you get clear about your personal values and how to align those with opportunities that are truly a match for you. The New Moon on the 18th has you inspired to get back into the dating scene or start that new hobby that recently caught your interest. Towards the end of the month, Mercury and the Sun meet up in Virgo motivating you to whip your butt, and your work routine (or lack thereof), into shape. Hit the gym, try that detox, and organize your environment to help you stay clear-headed and grounded.


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The month begins with a Full Moon on the 3rd creating a little friction between you and an authority figure—whether it be your nosey dad, micromanaging boss, or the "institution". You're ready to go your own way and this lunation could give you the push you need to strike out on your own. The next day, Mercury enters Leo and conversations with family or in the home can get a little heated if you don't keep your ego in check. However, this transit can serve as the fire beneath your ass to make some changes in your living environment if you've simply had enough with your current circumstances.

Your ruling planet, Venus, attempts to smooth things out when she enters Cancer. Spending some quality time with your siblings can be just what you need to bring you back down to earth. On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde in your sign, inviting you to reconnect with your inner wild, child. Embrace what makes you unique (and even a little rebellious). The New Moon on the 18th could suggest a relocation, the beginning of a renovation project, or a new addition to the family. When the Sun meets up with Mercury on the 22nd, the energy becomes more harmonious for you. Indulge in some creativity, play, and romance to bring some balance into your world.


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The Full Moon on the 3rd is an exciting time for your big reveal, whether you're launching that novel, a workshop, or that blog. It's time to showcase your expertise and receive the acknowledgment you deserve for your forward-thinking approach to life. On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo which could result in sudden emotional outbursts if you feel like your intelligence or beliefs are being challenged. Choose your battles, wisely. As long as you're confident in your truth, there's no need to convince others to believe it, too. Venus, planet of love, enters Cancer on the 7th and you're receiving tons of support (and possibly some gifts and money) from people who want to nurture you.

Around the middle of the month, Uranus goes retrograde, making your psychic sense all the more sensitive. Divine inspiration, and some million-dollar ideas, are bound to come your way during this transit. Make sure to connect with your spiritual allies for assistance in growing your finances during this transit. On the 18th, the New Moon is a good time to start a new creative project that pushes you to express yourself more authentically. Towards the end of the month, Mercury and the Sun enters Virgo, encouraging you to get your home life in order by decluttering and getting organized. As family comes into greater focus, make sure to practice more compassion in your interaction instead of passing judgment so easily.


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The beginning of the month is a little more quiet for you thanks to the Full Moon illuminating your psyche—including the limiting beliefs that inhibit you from embracing the weird qualities that people have criticized about you. This is a powerful time to break free from the chains of "normalcy" to allow yourself to truly blossom. On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo, motivating you to get to the bag in ways that highlight your natural gifts and talents. A few days later, Venus is bringing the blessings––and the affection––when she enters your sign. Bask in the love, babe! You deserve it.

On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde, inviting you to reconnect with your friends or make some new ones that reflect the changes you've been making in your life. Sometimes we grow together and sometimes we grow apart. Give yourself, and others, grace during these times of transition. The New Moon on the 18th invites you to plant the seeds for a new source of income that will require you to develop confidence in yourself. Consistency is key and maybe a new outfit that will help you feel the part. On the 22nd, the Sun links up with Mercury, making this a good time to get your thoughts organized for that business plan, brand, or website you're working on. It's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!


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Happy birthday, goddess! The month kicks off with a Full Moon highlighting your relationships and any contractual agreements. This a great time to renegotiate the terms of any existing partnerships to make sure you both are still on the same page. On the 4th, Mercury enters your sign, making you the talk of the town. You live for a little drama and you may very well find yourself at the center of it during this transit. Venus attempts to soften the energy when she enters Cancer on the 7th, encouraging you to balance out all of that playtime with some rest. The spirit world often communicates to us through our dreams but you can't receive the messages if you're not getting quality sleep.

Around the middle of the month, Taurus goes retrograde which could present some career changes that will gift you with a greater sense of individuality and freedom once the dust settles. On the 18th, the New Moon invites you to blaze a new path that aligns with your truth. Can you say that you're truly proud of yourself or do some of your wins feel empty? As much as you care about making your loved ones proud, it's time to assert more of your authority by living a life that you can be proud of. Towards the end of the month, Mercury and the Sun shift into Virgo, inviting you to build up your self-esteem so you won't be easily swayed by the opinions of others. When it comes to your finances, this is an opportune time to revamp your budget and strategize new ways to gain income.


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Your health and wellness are top priority at the onset of the month due to the Full Moon revealing a troublesome area that could use a little improvement. Don't fall down the trap of diagnosing yourself with WebMD before you consult with your doctor. On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo which is sending your dream time into overdrive. This placement could also make you the center of some gossip due to your rising affluence. However, this is a powerful time to release an old narrative that requires you to dim your shine so others aren't intimidated by you. On the 7th, Venus enters Cancer where she'll be sweetening your friendships and providing the space for any healing that's necessary.

Around the middle of the month, Uranus goes retrograde encouraging you to be flexible when it comes to your beliefs. There's a possibility to hold space for multiple truths at once and this transit can help you better embrace how connected everything truly is. If you're in school, you may decide to switch your major or go in a completely new direction with how you choose to share your wisdom with the collective. On the 18th, the New Moon in Leo reminds you that every accomplishment starts with a dream. Plant the seeds for what you'd like to manifest—specifically by the Full Moon in Leo six months from now. On the 20th, Mercury enters your sign shortly followed by the Sun on the 22nd. All eyes are on you, birthday girl! It's time to celebrate your growth over the past year and the new heights you'll be reaching in the year to come.


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The Full Moon on the 3rd lights up your life with some much-needed romance and creativity. This is a supportive time to reveal your more artistic side. Even if you're no Van Gogh, it's important to flex your creative muscle from time-to-time. Organize a Sip & Paint with bae or your girls to give your inner child a little love. On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo, making you the life of the party. So many moves to make but so little time. You're in the mood to network and connect with your friends. Host a Zoom mixer to get some of your faves together while still practicing social distancing. Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into Cancer on the 7th, helping you attract more support when it comes to your career endeavors. You don't necessarily need someone to provide you with solutions to all of your work problems. Sometimes you just want to enjoy a glass of wine with a friend while venting about your annoying ass boss. Let that be enough, my love.

On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde which could shake up the power dynamics within a close relationship or someone you share finances with. In matters of intimacy, this is a powerful time to shift your narrative related to experiences that negatively impacted your self-esteem. The New Moon on the 18th encourages you to expand your friendship circle. It's OK to meet new people that you vibe with more organically. Use this energy to also set an intention to boldly (re)commit to a dream of yours that has gone neglected. On the 22nd, the Sun and Mercury meet up in Virgo, inviting you to rest up and reflect on the past year as you prepare for your birthday season. Reassess what needs to be purged from your life so you can step into your new year feeling lighter, happier, and more at peace.


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The month begins with a Full Moon on the 3rd which could stir up some tension on the home-front. You're feeling an intense need to assert your individualism while your family's expectations attempt to overshadow your desires. When Mercury enters Leo on the 4th, you'll have the confidence you need to express yourself without fear of your family's disproval. During this transit, you'll be adjusting your relationship with authority as you come into your own power. On the 7th, Venus gets cozy in Cancer in a part of your chart that has you longing for home which could easily be some far off place that you've always dreamt of traveling to.

Relationships may be a little strained around the Quarter Moon on the 11th. Do you want to be right or do you actually want to compromise? Make sure to hold that standard to others as well to discern whether this matter truly deserves your energy. On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde, giving you a chance to establish more freedom for yourself within your relationships. Sudden "a-ha" moments about codependent tendencies will come to the light. The New Moon on the 18th invites you to shine more authentically in the work that you do. A few days later, Mercury and the Sun link up in Virgo, encouraging you to take an honest assessment of your social circle to weed out who you don't click with and reprioritize your energy for those that you're more compatible with.


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August kicks off with a Full Moon on the 3rd, encouraging you to speak life into your dreams! There could be cause for celebrating a recent win that affirms how much it pays off to just be yourself. On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo, enticing your wanderlust that much more. If you're dealing with travel restrictions, you may find a little relief in getting lost in travel blogs or TV shows that give you a little taste of culture and adventure. A few days later, Venus moves into Cancer, inviting you into deeper levels of intimacy within your connections. You deserve softness, Saggie. Let other people take care of you, too.

On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde which could cause some sudden changes in your daily routines (but you're not one to complain about switching things up). This could be just the shift that you needed to reinvigorate your drive. Your health and wellness also take the front seat during this transit, making this a supportive transit for revolutionizing the way you take care of yourself. The New Moon on the 18th is a great time to start writing that book, organizing that workshop, or looking into options to further your education. On the 18th, Mercury enters Virgo followed by the Sun a few days later, making your career the center of your focus over the next few weeks. It's time to buckle down and handle your responsibilities like a boss. More success and influence is coming towards you. All you have to do is meet it halfway.


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The Full Moon at the beginning of the month helps you break through any financial barriers by providing you with the perfect strategy for increasing your flow of abundance. It's not just about the money you make but HOW you're making the money. With the Moon in Aquarius, it's important to prioritize authentic ways of aligning with wealth. What do you actually enjoy doing that you can make a profit from? On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo which could be triggering some soft spots related to your confidence and ego. Owning up to your insecurities can actually lessen the effects of them. A few days later, Venus moves into Cancer to sweeten up your relationships. Just make sure you're available to receive the love being offered to you.

On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde, stirring up some changes in your dating life and creative expression. If you're suddenly overcome with the burning desire to hire an acting coach, learn photography, or invest in some new sketchpads and pencils, go for it! Your inner child needs some attention from you. What your parents may have not been able to do for you in the past is something you have the ability to do for yourself now. The New Moon on the 18th is a great time to apply for a loan or to reconsider that offer from that sugar daddy that's been hanging out in your DMs. On the 20th, Mercury enters Virgo and the Sun follows behind on the 22nd, making it a good time to expand your knowledge through going back to school, attending seminars, or reading books to sharpen your expertise.


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The spotlight is on you at the beginning of the month, thanks to the Full Moon in your sign. This lunation could have you feeling on edge especially if you've been repressing some emotions lately. Remember—"The truth shall set you free." Communication may be even more difficult once Mercury enters Leo but try to look at any uncomfortable moments as opportunities to grow. On the 7th, Venus invites you to adjust your routine if you've been feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes less is more. Say "no" to any invitations that don't feel like a complete "yes". Get into some gentle forms of exercise to soothe any anxiety.

Be mindful of squabbles with family, roommates, or a landlord around the Quarter Moon on the 11th. On the 15th, Uranus goes retrograde, bringing some changes to your household dynamic. A sudden relocation may be on the horizon for some while others of you are breaking through the chains of your family's expectations to create a life that you can be happy with. The New Moon on the 18th has you signing your name on the dotted line for your new condo, work contract, or business partnership. When it comes to romance, talks of the next level of commitment may be on the table. On the 20th, Mercury enters Virgo followed by the Sun on the 25th, bringing your attention to intimacy blockages. How are you overthinking your way out of getting close to others?


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August kicks off with a Full Moon enlivening your dream world with the clues you need to actualize a long-term vision of yours. You could even receive intuitive insights about who will play a key role in helping your manifest your dreams into reality. On the 4th, Mercury enters Leo, motivating you to get your eating habits and body into shape. Luck is on your side when Venus enters Cancer where she'll be sweetening up your world with an abundance of romance and creative inspiration. You could even be making some extra money from a project you've recently launched.

Around the middle of the month, Uranus goes retrograde, encouraging you to speak your mind. Oftentimes, you're a little too considerate of other people's emotions to the point that you water down your truth. This transit will challenge you to let people know how you really feel and what matters most to you. On the 18th, the New Moon invites you to make some changes in your routine or work environment that cultivate more adventure and creativity in your busy (and boring) schedule. On the 20th, Mercury moves into Virgo with the Sun following behind. Important conversations about your close relationships and business partnerships are on the table. It's time to address what isn't working in the connection or detox it out of your life entirely.

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